Space pictures make me happy

Space pictures make me go crazy-go-nutz:


First, we have a rogue asteroid, which is cool, but scary, because it’s real, and present danger. We could find out tomorrow that a rock the size of the state of newyork is on it’s way to meet us from space. Luckily, we have either Bruce Willis or Morgan Freeman to save us all from certain and utter destruction.


Second, is something that’s just plain ol’ exciting: Space elevators!

A space elevator is a hypothetical structure designed to transport material from a planet’s surface into space. Many different types of space elevator structures have been proposed. They all share the goal of replacing rocket propulsion with the traversal of a fixed structure via a mechanism not unlike an elevator, hence its name, in order to move material into or beyond orbit. Space elevators have also sometimes been referred to as beanstalks, space bridges, space lifts or space ladders.

The most common proposal is a tether, usually in the form of a cable or ribbon, that spans from the surface to a point beyond geosynchronous orbit. As the planet rotates, the inertia at the end of the tether counteracts gravity and keeps the tether taut. Vehicles can then climb the tether and escape the planet’s gravity without the use of rockets. Such a structure could eventually permit delivery of great quantities of cargo and people to orbit, and at costs only a fraction of those associated with current means.

Both are from Mondolithic‘s website, which is friggin awesome and stuff.

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