Iraqi Sandstorm

Found this out in the vast wasteland that is the internet. I remember seeing this picture back when it was new, and there was a whole series of them. This is some serious stormage, but I wonder how it compares to a hurricane? It somewhat reminds me of the opening scenes of “ID4: Independence Day” where the alien spaceships are coming down, and the clouds are billowing towards the earth. On here, it’s mother nature that’s rolling across the desert, and she can be much more of a bitch then any spaceheaded aliens.

Look at that, my first double post! Looks like I had this up before.

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    this totally needs and OM NOM NOM NOM caption


    I remember seeing this in class…god…I’ve been trying to get my GED for 2 years???




    Bump because this is the first post I subbed.