Spaceship Lego Goodness!


I’m not sure what show this particular ship is from, but I would bet it’s a space anime type show. I was just really damn impressed with the beauty of it, seeing that I love both space ships and lego!

Anyone know what show it’s from?

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    Starblazers. 80’s Anime. It’s one of the Earth fleets crusiers. I could be wrong, I was a lot younger then, and it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen it. (Time to go google down memory lane.)

    Nice work on the site by the way. Found you randomly, and appreciated the time spent here.


    Indeed it appears that you are correct! See more here :

    The guy that made this is a damn genius!

    Weyrleader Zor

    I think that is the Spacehip Yamamoto from the anime series of the same name.

    Big Daddy Pimpster

    No, that is incorrect. The name of the program was “Star Blazers”. The ship was called the “Yamato”. It was supposedly a resurrected battleship from the sea floor retrofitted as a spaceship in the future. Yes it was old anime.

    tiki god

    From the guy’s website : Named Dragonstar, “capturing the heavy Star Blazers influence” it’s actually a unique take on space ships, with “heavy” influence by the Star Blazers


    Id say battle star galactica or w/e

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