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    Hi Fellows,

    I am starting a new topic related to Health and Safety at WorkPlace. I want to discuss the various issues that are usually faced by workers working at hazardous wastes sites, chemical companies and professionals working in an unsafe and un healthy working environment.

    share your experiences and help other to avoid risks from getting sick at workplace.

    What security measures should be taken to avoid mishaps at workplace, what kind of gears should be worn or carried to while working at these kind of health hazardous wastes sites.






    Bitch, does this look like fucking OSHA to you


    I have a feeling that our friend jonathan may have misinterpreted the underlying reason for this forum, possibly by the similarity of the title “myconfinedspace” to the idea of “confined space training”.

    Jonathan, we have nothing to do with safety in the workplace. However we would be happy to be your friend and love you forever.


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    Someone tell Jonathan that MyConfinedSpace is a reference to a woman. This reference became effective about the week before myspace stopped being a thing.


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    I never knew that moderator has allowed abusing on the forum, I am disappointed.


    That was merely a quote from a news article found with a search of your username. The rest of the search result were for forums where someone working for a Search Engine Optimizer company in India has the same username. This user is spamming forums for fire services, nurses, confined space workers etc. with links to an online training site through domain names related to those forums, to make money from the training sites affiliate program.


    Well, the question has to be asked, who the fuck are you?


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    Just out of curiosity: Where does the name of our site come from?


    It’s like myspace, but smaller.


    I am not spamming guys, I dont know that indian guy as well, yes you would find my name talking about different industries is because I want to spread the word, if you want to learn whmis certification then is the best choice for you, F U all.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 134 total)

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