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    yeah guys dont be amused by my step sons's doucheness.. he takes it to a whole new level. he has been infatuated with trying to be a real boy like Pinocchio. his mother hung herself when she realized that this kid would grow up to be the biggest douchebag on the internets
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    son dont lie to friends on the internets, you where up all night with that fat little skank on the phone. i could hear your tweezers slipping off your pecker while attempting phone sex and i hope those are not the same tweezers you pluck your eyes brows with.
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    he has to respond to ALL negative replies.. he wouldnt be casedouche otherwise. you speak of class to a kid who drives a jimmy and thinks putting the shittiest Fry's radio on sale last week is doing shit. the respect you never had is gone casedouche.. your mom wanted me to tell you to grow the fuck up already. oh and your going to have a little (half) brother soon
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    Chef bitch up in this casemod.
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    what kind of looser participates in coupon fraud? ...I guess casedouche does