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  • Comment on Obama Deception
    Its seems to me, from a non-American point of view, that you should all be grateful that you don't have that Bush creature as a leader anymore-- comewhatmay.
  • Comment on Religious Headdresses
    @dieAntagonista: The moral of the story here is, don't live in America.
  • Comment on Gabe Perez
    Is it my understanding that the logo (which I am assuming is the Devil) is their school Mascot?
  • Comment on Gay People, Your Business
    @hvymetal86: I'm sure your fat, sweaty, over weight arse has enough trouble trying to get a woman to touch it, so you've got no hope of ever getting hit on by a dude.
  • Comment on Happily Married Couple
    Shame on you all. Physical appearance should have nothing to do with how you judge a person. Sure she is physically unattractive, but who is to say she isn’t a wonderful, intelligent, caring or thoughtful person? And aren’t these the things that matter most? You people who are quick to judge a person by their appearance alone are the worst that the human race have to offer, her ugliness might be on the outside, but at least she doesn't have a black, spiteful and mean heart like all you loons.