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Oh hello. I didn't see you come in. It's nice that you chose to visit my fine internet page. I appreciate you being here, and I hope you've gotten some lols or perhaps some rofl out of the site. I'm the owner/moderator of the Tiki Web Group if you have any questions, please contact me at the methods mentioned in the FAQ

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  • Comment on spider-man hover car (2019-08-25 21:59:17)
    ? That's an illegal character ?
  • Comment on spider-man hover car (2019-08-25 21:58:54)
    I love it!
  • Comment on DC Universe’s Harley Quinn – Official Behind the Scenes First Look (2019-08-25 21:26:44)
    Did you every play them games though?
  • Comment on DC Universe’s Harley Quinn – Official Behind the Scenes First Look (2019-08-25 19:10:09)
    I had heard that, but I was unable to get through the first game, got to a spot and just couldn't figure out how to move forward. not sure if it was a bug in the game or if I was just too drunk at the time.
  • Comment on Sony vs Disney (2019-08-25 19:09:21)
    marvel had no choice in the matter, they were bankrupt and had to sell off assets. At the time, they were making some really shitty movies like the original Fantastic Four movie or the Nick Fury movie with david hasselhoff, so they auctioned off the movie rights to many of their characters like spider-man, iron man, hulk, and the x-men. marvel still owned all the toy rights and all the comic books rights and all the television rights, they only sold off the movie rights. fast forward 30 years and now disney owns them and they've bought back nearly all of the movie rights, I'm pretty sure sony is the only third party that still owns movie rights to marvel characters. Honestly, I'm sure there's going to a resolution to this sooner than later, especially with the rumor that Lord & Miller are going to be doing a spider-man television show.
  • Comment on The Muppets Short-Form Series Coming to Disney Plus (2019-08-24 19:46:39)
    The last one was a real stinker with some real world crap put in that made it feel overly serious and not as funny or light hearted as the Muppets should be.
  • Comment on OFF ROAD (2019-08-23 14:19:08)
    I didn't see that until you said it, but now that's all I see.
  • Comment on Xbox Elite V2 exploded (2019-08-22 16:58:01)
    Did you have any favorite pieces from when you did that?
  • Comment on Presidential Standard (2019-08-21 12:31:30)
    you're splitting a mighty fine hair there. sure, your answer is "it's a mental health issue", but that's not the question that's being asked. the question being asked is "why are we giving mentally ill people guns" or more to the point "why are we not taking guns from people that say they're going to use them to kill innocent people".
  • Comment on 3 million Fortnite winner--and his parents--become latest swatting targets (2019-08-19 15:32:06)
    I agree with the anger, but small point of clarification, "swatting" is when someone calls the cops and impersonates you, telling the cops you're going to kill your own family and then yourself. No warrants involved in these types of emergency situations, for obvious reasons.
  • Comment on all jacked up (2019-08-19 15:22:45)
    you'll note there's no drive shaft there at all, which is goign to be a problem if they need to go anywhere
  • Comment on REPO MEN (2019-08-18 21:46:47)
    I guess I watched this before I started to do movie reviews, but this came out a couple years after "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and while neither of them really did it for me, I remember being exceptionally disappointed in one of them. Can't remember which one it was, maybe it was this one.
  • Comment on MICHELLE (2019-08-18 20:59:56)
    The Hollywood Knights!
  • Comment on Another Life (2019-08-18 16:41:35)
    The ageism in the show was forced and felt goofy as fuck.
  • Comment on The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience on Steam (2019-08-17 16:21:17)
    100% free
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