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  • Comment on the new German president and his wife (2010-07-16 12:29:42)
    I'm from Australia, and he's more attractive than my Prime Minister.
  • Comment on Orange Conspiracy (2010-06-28 00:53:44)
    PROTIP: American orange juice is watered down sugary crap. If you squeeze an orange for juice, it is orange.
  • Comment on Life is a sad dream (2010-06-24 09:17:53)
    This one is so much better than the other one...
  • Comment on Most beautiful woman in World (2010-06-22 03:58:42)
    The most generic white woman in the world, maybe? I'm not the kind of guy who goes for conventionally attractive women, and this picture is only taking into account yep, white American actresses. Say I'm in denial, say I'm a mental gymnast, say whatever you want, but women are so much more enjoyable to look at without surgery, makeup and photoshop... race is also a matter of taste, and this is just white chicks. I see Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern girls at my university all the time who absolutely make my jaw drop at how beautiful they are... yet would you ever see them starring in a movie or TV show? Probably not... because they don't fit into middle class American ideals. And generally anything middle class Americans think is ideal, pretty much isn't for anyone else in the world... yet you think what applies to you applies to everyone. TL;DR please die America.
  • Comment on girls are icky (2010-06-13 20:34:21)
    "What are these squishy things she's pushing against me?" And what is that brown hand reaching for? Has he not had his daily meal of white wimminz?
  • Comment on Crowbar - valve logo (2010-06-12 22:47:32)
    *haed asplode*
  • Comment on america ferrera (2010-06-09 04:40:48)
    The problem with Ugly Betty is that she's not all that ugly...
  • Comment on chain pants (2010-06-09 04:40:20)
    Those pants are aesthetically bankrupt!
  • Comment on library slope (2010-06-09 02:12:18)
    The point flew about a hundred metres over his head...
  • Comment on alexis bledel wallpaper (2010-06-08 07:35:57)
    Why is it that she looks amazing in photos, but when you see her on TV she looks like a bug eyed freak?
  • Comment on Reservoir Dogs (2010-06-08 03:15:26)
    People often tell me I look like Quentin Tarantino. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Comment on Urinal Trough Blues (2010-06-04 06:13:06)
    I've been "slipping on my own vomit in a pub toilet" drunk, but I've never been THAT drunk....
  • Comment on If Computers were cars (2010-05-29 10:12:18)
    As a Mac user, all I can say to any of this is *yawn*
  • Comment on If Computers were cars (2010-05-29 10:08:11)
    Only people who don't know how to use them think they can't play games ;)
  • Comment on Vietnam (2010-05-29 09:59:12)
    *sigh* this is what I wanted the next Call of Duty game to be... a full blown fucking Vietnam Epic... But of course they couldn't do that, Activision wouldn't stand for any kind of creativity, not unless EA did it first. It's all got to be weapon attachments attached to more weapon attachments.
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