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  • Comment on sliced bread (2012-12-19 08:03:16)
    it's the greatest thing since...
  • Comment on if you're happy and you know it, clap your...oh (2012-12-19 07:19:42)
    he's a good sport, let's give him a hand
  • Comment on walmart - dignity for walmart workers (2012-12-19 07:07:49)
    went to college - doesn't know the difference between to and too... your claim of college education is invalid.
  • Comment on bubble lady (2012-12-19 06:50:58)
    well here's your not-exactly-sfw image right here...this'll do just fine
  • Comment on Baby, you had me at "bRAAAAAPP" (2012-10-09 03:36:13)
    sauce - but really what you see above is much better than the actual video...
  • Comment on Magnus: 99% (2012-10-05 03:17:14)
    I truly don't care about you or anything you say.
  • Comment on Magnus: 99% (2012-10-04 05:17:27)
    said the faceless anonymous douche...
  • Comment on Mitney (2012-09-13 04:40:44)
    giant douche or turd sandwich... also, "mittens" vote for Joe Walsh.
  • Comment on 8 Track (2012-09-11 02:52:12)
    of the cars that I've owned, one of my favorites was a '79 Chrysler Cordoba, with rich Corinthian Leather seats and stock 8-track player...also included were 4 Neal Diamond 8-track cassettes...damn I miss that car
  • Comment on proper way to poop (2012-09-08 17:18:29)
    if by pooping you mean snorting coke off the top of the toilet tank...
  • Comment on Did you know you could post comments? (2012-09-07 02:20:08)
    nerp...need 'edit' button now...
  • Comment on Did you know you could post comments? (2012-09-07 02:19:01)
    cool...perhaps I will comment more frequently now that I will be able to see my typos beforehand... and here's a link too: [youtube][/youtube] hrm, link does not show in preview, gonna hit post and see if link shows up.
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-05 05:00:59)
    haha wow you really thought I'd give up that easily? You may end up having the last word but not just yet... First off, some spelling/grammar nazi; it's too sensitive, not "to sensitive". also, tact and sensitive are synonymous so to use them together the way you did is redundant...but I see clearly now that I am dealing with an inferior intellect... calling someone moron is name calling. No matter how "scathing" the name, it's still name calling and shows immaturity. I responded in kind only because I felt I needed to stoop to your level so that you could understand... Albeit sophomoric they are, I like the 'I banged your mom' jokes, although in hindsight perhaps an 'I banged your ex-gf you pined for, for eleven years, before getting up the nerve to ask her out, and then spent the next four years figuring out that she is dishonest' joke would have been more fitting... Did you ever think that maybe it was just some twisted Cosmopolitan magazine type of test? Or maybe she was doing some old Star Trek trick on you (see episode: I, Mudd) "You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie, then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie, but you lie....." And yes, this is a forum about engagement and subsequently marriage, and you chastise me for making a 'banged your mom' joke in spite of the fact you start your original post with such gems as "no need for marriage" and "pre-nup" and proceed to sum up your post with your sob story about your own failed relationship...tsk-tsk aren't you just the golden ray of sunshine? I wouldn't know anything about tormenting a blind, deaf, mute quadriplegic as I am not a heartless creep like you clearly are. And again, grammar...the use of the oxford comma between 'mute' and 'quadriplegic' would have been appropriate along with the conjunction word 'and'... Finally, I just read an 'internet etiquette book' it was written by your mom and it sucked just as hard as she did.
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-04 16:55:57)
    right out of the gate you started with name-calling and now you want to criticize me for saying I had sex with your mother, whom you claim to be deceased but what you don't know is that you were adopted...sorry you had to find out like this. Anyway...I am no longer interested in exchanging insults with you here, so I say good day to you sir. You may have the last word and/or insult.
  • Comment on I got engaged today (2012-09-04 03:29:11)
    that's not what your mom said when I did my dismount this morning.DOUCHE.
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