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  • Comment on Anonymous in the News
    i fuckin hate anonymous. i mean, i hate scientology too, but these anonymous assholes need to get lives. to devote yourself towards destroying one pathetic organization may be even more pathetic. stupid mother fuckers. creepy sons of bitches.
  • Comment on Mandy Moore - Green Cargo Pants and Heels
    i think the heels with those pants is kind of cute and endearing. rest of her ain't bad either. i kind of have a funny mandy moore story. my ex and her friend happened upon mandy moore whilst in 7th or 8th grade and moore goes "so like do you want my autograph or something?" the two girls just looked at each other, laughed, and walked away.
  • Comment on WTH?
    if i ever learn that this is photoshopped, staged, or not genuine in ANY way, shape, or form, I'll cry. just cry. i'll cry more than i did when i first saw this cause i was laughing so hard.
  • Comment on Awesome Staircase/Slide
    "Weeeeeeee! I'm a jackaaaaass!"
  • Comment on Already Met The Twins
    I'm sorry, we haven't met...