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    5 star post!
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    "were all feminists portrayed as irrational an manipulative…..and were all the men portrayed as rapists?" No to both. Most people that regard themselves as feminists never openly declare it, and the definition of 'feminist' varies widely. Using some common definitions, the vast majority of characters in the show were feminists.
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    Wait... in Veronica Mars there were men depicted as rapists, and feminists depicted as being irrational and manipulative, but the problem with that show is how it portrays the feminists? Yeah, you must hate it when the group YOU belong to isn't depicted as being perfect.
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    The change is fine, but reducing the number of double and triple-posted NSFW entries would be a bigger improvement.
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    That's not what I said, Fink! He brought up abortion twice without anyone else mentioning it (which didn't really bother me, I was just being facetious), I didn't throw my two cents in until the thread was mostly about abortion. If I'd tried to force the topic onto say, gun control multiple times, THEN I'd be a hypocrite.