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  • Comment on Well-Being
    He may have overstated it, but there is a real point there. As Bill Burr put it: "Every guy has a line, and if you cross that line, you get blasted in the face; totally acceptable." This system for the most part works between guys (though it gets pretty hazy when alcohol is involved) to keep everyone at a level of civility... but women want NO part of this way that men deal with other men.
  • Comment on Sitting at home
    "Women business owners make less than half of what male business owners make, which, since they have no boss, makes it independent of discrimination". Well that covers a chunk of it. Also, while they say they're accounting for occupation, unless they're VERY specific, you can have jobs with vastly different pay scales that will come under the same vague occupation heading. I've never seen an article that talks about the pay gap that actually references companies that have people in identical jobs but pay the women less.
  • Comment on Wonder Woman
    There's a lot of room between bright colors and this.
  • Comment on Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman should look like she could kick your arse without her powers, but instead they chose a skinny-ass model... and they put high heels on her. Lame but not surprising.
  • Comment on GOP Tetris
    It's amazing how much a party's politics can shift. The party which apparently stands for LIBERTY (in caps, no less) and personal responsibility is the party that started the so-called war on drugs.