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  • Comment on mechs
    Hey I had a model of this exact mech when I was a kid. It wasn't quite robust enough for my enthusiasm...
  • Comment on Know your gnosticisms
    That's not true at all. If you're unsure as to whether a deity exists, you do not hold a positive belief that a deity exists... and that's the entire definition of being an atheist.
  • Comment on munn
    Who needs fur to feel beautiful... when you have photoshop?
  • Comment on Global Corps
    "and attempt to micro manage the lives of their citizens. Something you retarded liberals keep trying to do here" Yeah, damn liberals championing the recreational drug prohibition and trying to stop people from getting abortions. Those liberals should stop trying to micromanage people's lives. In case you missed my point: liberalism inherently values civil liberties. People in the US tend to use 'liberal' or 'conservative' when they mean Democrat or Republican, but both of those parties have agendas that don't line up that way.
  • Comment on Bullet resistant protective blanket for children and adults
    The biggest flaw is that the gunman isn't going to patiently wait for everyone to get them out of their lockers (that's assuming that these are in fact what the title suggests). Seriously, where are these stored that kids can suddenly whip them out in an instant when the bullets start flying?