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  • Comment on Greek Dude
    Whoever he is, his helmet is WAY too big!
  • Comment on solve
    I don't trust the ability of someone that would write "Solve if you are Genius !" to tell whether I am a genius or not.
  • Comment on Frank Miller
    You're assuming that's dandruff, even though it's on top of his hat, too?
  • Comment on capitalism
    Don't get me wrong, socialism just doesn't work as the primary economic system (not that it's relevant, the original pic is about needing to more heavily regulate capitalism)... but the 21 million deaths attributed to Hitler had very little, if anything, to do with socialism. Perhaps they had something to do with trying to commit genocide conquer most of the planet. Also, about 1/3 of the 62 million deaths attributed to Stalin were killed fighting the Nazis! Hence, as ductile-logistics pointed out, wizjob's image is bullshit.
  • Comment on Streamline
    Lets you transport your baby and cook it at the same time!