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  • Comment on Streamline
    Lets you transport your baby and cook it at the same time!
  • Comment on robin williams's heaven
    Also according to Christians that think the source texts are important, rather than a version based on a 20th-generation copy done by incompetent and unsupervised scribes being heavily influenced by dogma, based on translations by people that didn't have a full understanding of the language or context. (Oh, and almost everyone that isn't a mainstream Protestant)
  • Comment on art by ian miller
    Can't stand Ian Miller. They faces all always look more or less the same, and he can't figure out which parts should be hidden from view based on the angle you're seeing them from.
  • Comment on Swiss Guns
    There's a site like that for every major news outlet on the planet, Fink.
  • Comment on Deerkin Clearly unrelated to the New Age bullshit above... which most progressives hate.