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    LOL I shaved my fat cat last week and just left a little poof on his tail. He seems strangely fine with this. I, on the other hand, cannot look at him without busting up. As an aside, I can go to sleep now knowing how awesome I am. Thank you, ducky, for this.
  • Comment on mental disorder
    Awwww shit it says I'm gay. Shockingly, I am.
  • Comment on Avatar Noses
    I think you're right. Weaver was the first one to make an avatar she 'wrote the book on it' they said, so it's probably older science with more human DNA or something. Worthington's got the newest one, so it's probably more advanced. 2.0 or something. What I don't get - it took them 5 years to get there from Earth, so it probably took 5 years for a trip back TO earth. So how come the other science nerd knew all about everything when Weaver had been on the planet for only 7 years (they mentioned that somewhere early on I think). Plot hole! Again. The movie looked amazing, but the plot had some GAPING holes.
  • Comment on Leech Farm
    I am a pharmacist and have had the pleasure of actually ordering these things from (wait for it...) and dispensing them to the nurses for applying them to the patients who needed them. Interestingly, at our hospital, the nurses who work the overnight shift tended to have limited English skills as a majority of them were from the Phillipines. I tried explaining that, according to the 'manufacturer', to destroy the leeches thay are to be dumped into a container filled with rubbing alcohol. This kills them by causing them to vomit up all the blood they drank, and then, the most "interesting" part... they vomit something that looks like their digestive system. It's very nasty. I feel bad for them. But then again, who wants to re-use a leech? I've taken SO many classes and seen SO many diseases.... Can you say bloodborne pathogens? But anyhow, this one Pinay nurse... she never quite got the memo on how to do this so she just put the poor creature back in the tank with the other leeches to be used on the patient. And then called ME to come take it out. Needless to say, it was a highlight of my employment at that hospital. These things can swim, crawl, and I wouldn't be surprised if they can jump.
  • Comment on check if your feces are healthy
    I'm a gastroenterologist. This is (mostly) bullshit. At least the colour bit. And the floating. And the weight (what goes in must come out, duh). And the smell. Ok, so yeah, so most of this is bullshit. Everyone should eat a well-balanced diet with sufficient fibre. Please don't weigh your turds and call me if you rack up 10 points on this stupid metric.