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  • Comment on Doing the work of... (2008-05-07 15:19:43)
    Tiki, you know it's a shop, right? Or are you just putting it up to get people yelling at each other? The flag is in the right position, the other flags are added, ps, you know this, right?
  • Comment on 10,000 Posts (2008-03-26 17:24:21)
    A prick I used to work with showed me the site. Only thing good he did in the 8 years he was here. Thanks, JP!
  • Comment on Bridge House (2008-02-26 13:19:47)
    And I thought I had a wet basement......
  • Comment on Leelee Sobieski - Silver Dress (2008-02-25 13:14:09)
    I've got that same necklace!
  • Comment on Guacamole (2007-12-11 14:23:57)
    The first time I tried avacado I thought it tasted like grass, I couldn't stand it. It took at least 4 years of exposure to this "new vegetable" for me to decide it's one of the best things in the world.
  • Comment on Johnny Cash (2007-12-11 14:19:43)
    You, sir, are wrong! Chuck Norris compensates for his tiny peener by pretending to be tough. Mr. Cash is so manly he doesn't have to show it at all.
  • Comment on arnold schwarzenegger headshot (2007-11-30 12:57:06)
    "w00t! Racism FTW!" Racist? No. Xenophobic, maybe.
  • Comment on Nintendo Zapper Gun (2007-11-26 16:05:15)
    Quack! Quack!
  • Comment on Map of Florida (2007-11-25 14:40:11)
    Gaexion, have you learned how to spell yet? I'm from Meriden, CT I think it's the best state to live in. Close to the salt water, easy drive to Boston, NYC, no problems with crazy weather, decent standard of living.
  • Comment on Roland Deschaine (2007-11-14 09:55:28)
    I'm like that, I can't read any other of his stuff either, except for the one he wrote for his daughter. The Eyes of the Dragon is a pretty neat read, just enough of his dark humor to make it a SK novel, but light enough for those of us who can't do the harsher stuff.
  • Comment on F-14 Tomcat (2007-11-09 14:28:42)
    F-14 Unit cost US$38 million in 1998 -Wiki $38 million dollars would buy 190 million school lunches in the third world - $38 million dollars would buy 76000 cows through Heifer International $38 million dollars would buy 25 million school books in Indonesia. This jet is an ugly piece of technology.
  • Comment on Sarah is hot (2007-11-09 13:39:54)
    She looks like she has a chocolate milk moustache, her right side, our left. I don't like mean humor.
  • Comment on don't make me get out of this chair (2007-10-24 12:05:40)
    I decided the other day that the funniest thing in the world would be if the rapture happened and the only two people who were raptured out of here were Pamela Anderson and Stephen Hawking!
  • Comment on jeff goldbloom with scarf (2007-10-16 12:04:47)
    I think he is quite handsome in a sophisticated manner, and would not turn him away at the door.
  • Comment on drunk football fans (2007-10-08 10:42:06)
    People are so busy checking out how bombed these three are that you aren't noticing that none of the three has an actual shirt on. It's all paint!
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