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  • Comment on peoples minimalism image (2018-06-29 16:26:24)
    That makes way more sense.
  • Comment on peoples minimalism image (2018-06-29 11:10:26)
    Maybe, I had assumed this was commentary on the tiers of the class system. If so then the soldiers belong squarely on the bottom with the everyday joe.
  • Comment on peoples minimalism image (2018-06-28 09:05:31)
    Whoever made this has clearly never been to on-post housing or barracks. The standard of living for your average soldier approximates that of a trailer park. Source: I was a soldier and I grew up in trailer parks.
  • Comment on Anna Faith as a lamp (2018-06-07 13:51:19)
    I love lamp.
  • Comment on Big Gun (2018-04-28 12:50:40)
    You're right, blanks are much louder than live rounds.
  • Comment on Big Gun (2018-04-27 12:57:50)
    Good ole' M2 .50 cal It's got the Blank firing adaptor on. I don't recognize the optics mounted on it, but then I've been out for 13 years now.
  • Comment on Accelerando review (2017-10-05 21:38:18)
    I also really like his Laundry Files series.
  • Comment on Organic (2017-06-05 09:01:25)
    Is that Angela White?
  • Comment on Don't quit in the ceiling corner (2017-05-20 13:40:14)
    Everything's bolted to the 'floor' They must get frequent earthquakes there.
  • Comment on Tiki Asks : Have you been kicked out before? (2016-04-19 11:07:14)
    I was secretive about it at work but not so much on Facebook. I wasn't broadcasting it out there, but I was a member of a couple of groups who's names were not hard to interpret. As far as opsec goes that was over ten years ago. So not really opsec anymore.
  • Comment on Tiki Asks : Have you been kicked out before? (2016-04-18 14:01:20)
    I got fired from my last job for being an Atheist. I knew it would happen one day, I tried to hide it as long as I could. There were still tears of rage when it happened. The company was founded and still partly owned by a very religious man. I got promoted to a new spot and I think they took a closer look at my personal background when I asked for more money to go with the increased responsibility. My personal opinion was that it was unjustified. I did my work and I did it well. I learned to try and find cultures that better fit my own personality. I also once got kicked out of Canada. We were on our way to Afghanistan and we stopped over in Canada for refueling. They said we could get off the plane if we left our weapons on board. I forgot to take my sidearm out of it's holster. Even though it was disabled and could not fire I feel like that probably was justified. I didn't really learn anything because I already knew better, I was just groggy from sleeping on the plane.
  • Comment on 2015 Game of the Year (2015-12-22 03:21:00)
    PC Gaming Master Race bruh.
  • Comment on 2015 Game of the Year (2015-12-21 16:41:48)
    Any CMDRS want to wing up and go bounty hunting in E:D?
  • Comment on Doris (2015-07-09 17:46:23)
    I guffawed. Is there more of this?
  • Comment on Kitten resting on boobs (2015-06-18 17:34:08)
    This is the search I used
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