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  • Comment on The Ultimate Choke Method
    not how you spell flaccid tho.
  • Comment on Seeking The Herp
    umm afaik with herpes you have like outbreaks every now and then and that makes your junk look like it has leprosy - most the time they look normal. i doubt anyone would want to have sex while having open sores on their genitals. so no, this is actually someone trying to get laid, which is good, and trying to do so without spreading the eww.
  • Comment on Another Tron Poster
    the original had the brains not to try to make itself seem plausible.
  • Comment on Lab grown pork, the pork of the future?
    i think my source is like...the daily show... but they did a bit on this and a scientist working on a project like this said they called the meat "shmeat", because it tasted like a mixture of shit and meat. lets hope they get it right tho.
  • Comment on 25 Fucking Years Man!
    i saw this movie. one of those movies that would have been better off w/o any words in it. could have droned daft punk twice as loud all the way thru instead.