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  • Comment on Octopi
    Also, Fail for using the incorrect plural form of octopus. Since octopus comes from a Greek root, the plural would be a translation of the Greek octopodes, or octopuses, in English.
  • Comment on Kiss Your Favorite Beatle
    @CathyLong: As a bass player and an ultimate Beatles fan, I am appalled at your statement. I don't know a single musician today that would not cite The Beatles as an influence and I cannot name a single musician/band who would cover a Beatles song and claim that they do a better job than the Fab Four. I judge every person's musical tastes on whether or not they like The Beatles. IMHO, you must listen to some shitty shit. No offense.
  • Comment on Some Pictures I Took
    Since it is too late to second that... uh... thirded??
  • Comment on Christian VS Atheist
    Keep in mind that there are two kinds of Jewish: cultural and religious. One doesn't have to be an ethnic or cultural Jew (i.e. an Israelite) to be a religious Jew. Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski, for example, was raised Polish Catholic but converted to Judaism when he married Cynthia, now his ex-wife.
  • Comment on Rachel Maddow
    She is also the first openly gay American to host a prime-time news program and the first openly gay American to be awarded a Rhodes scholarship. She is an incredibly humorous anchor and though she has voiced liberal views on issues, she approaches most topics quite a bit more moderately than most anchors on TV.

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rockin at the MTV store in Manhattan, wearing a Foo Fighters hoodie and my sisters scarf. Hot. Super Hot.