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  • Comment on The Collector likes Eggs
    is that the gift billys bringing to the white wedding? and really...beads? a cosmic elder of the universe who collects flora, fauna and artifacts from the far edges of reality itself, and hes wearing beads from claires boutique and sunglasses (!) from sunglass hut in downtown schenectady? absolutely wretched, sorry. unforgivable.
  • Comment on Wonder Woman
    agreed. which is why they should remove caps stupid mask. everyone knows hes steve rodgers. i know its a helmet, but does he need it while blk widow, hawkeye, falcon, ect, seem fine without one? besides, it looks goofy...big fuckin "A" and teeny birdy wings...for fucks sake.
  • Comment on Close Call
    hes her offspring powered traffic force field. jumped pretty high. must be a regular thing.
  • Comment on TNA Wrestling
    oh noes!
  • Comment on Wonder Woman
    because bright colors look silly when youre trying to be serious.