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  • Comment on PC Versus Mac (Person Edition)
    Yeah, the captions are switched.
  • Comment on Extreme Storm
    Defanitely real. Its from National Geographic magazine. For those who don't know, NG is famous for using undoctored photos. That means no photoshop touch ups. And lightening during tornado storms ARE common, AdmDraconis.
  • Comment on Ruuun!
    I've always wanted to do this. Its basically only in zoos in asia where you get to drive up to the tigers and pay money to throw out a chicken. And if you pay alot, they will unload a cow for you!
  • Comment on Cos Players
    Hey, i was just at the comic con. Well, was anyways. I actually saw orange lady in person. and zombie person on right.
  • Comment on Yet Another Mac Vs. PC
    lmao. so true.