RWW News: Mike Pence Criticizes Theory Of Evolution


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    20 Responses to RWW News: Mike Pence Criticizes Theory Of Evolution

    1. What a moron.
      He doesn’t even comprehend what science is….


      • Sounds like he has a handle on how science works. We operate on current theory to expand the sphere of knowledge replacing outdated data with newer better data as we discover it.

        Moron? So, tell me again how these folks whose son is actively serving his country aren’t worthy of your respect?

        You really do come off as a servile, drippy, little nob end.


        • what those his son have to do with him being a moron?


        • And….you don’t understand science either.

          No surprise here.


          • sci·ence
            the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

            Sorry is my linear thinking too much to follow on this one too?

            I really would like to sit down and buy you a beer sometime and see if you are really as warped in real life as you come off online.


            • You say the words but make your conclusions as if you you don’t understand them.

              Evolution is a theory like gravity is a theory like quantum mechanics is a theory: the most accurate description of the real world we have at this time.

              Fits all the available evidence…and is updated and modified (slightly) to fit new evidence.

              That’s science.

              Creationism doesn’t fit the scientific evidence, and is not revised based on new data.
              It’s blind faith.

              Pence doesn’t know what science is if he thinks there’s some kind equality here.

              You don’t understand science if think Pence’s statements indicate he has any understanding of what science is.

              Are you trying to be a moron Numby?


    2. Yes, Trump running Mate and Creationist, enough said.


    3. We agree on the definition of science along with Pence. Yay!

      Science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive kiddo, look up Christian scientist sometime and see the great minds that had no problem reconciling a creator with the natural sciences. In fact let’s compare Christian societies and their scientific advancement to the Islamic, or Hindu societies. Those advancements came from people who were taught creationism didn’t stop them from changing how we see the world.


      • Yeah….science and religion kinda are mutually exclusive.
        At least Mr. Pence’s idea of religion.

        Either you follow science and get the big bang, self replicating RNA and mutation/evolution…or you believe the one about the snake, the apple and the nude chick made out of a guy’s rib.

        Squaring those two things in your head takes a few dishonest mental backflips.

        Of course, you could say you believe in God and science, but then you still have to pretend 99% of your bible is still fairy stories aimed at little children.
        Which isn’t exactly faith…believing the word of god and such…now is it…?

        Most of the “scientists” you are talking about lived in an era where religion was much more powerful than reason.

        I think you’d be hard pressed to find any top scientists today who think of religion as much more than a connectedness to the natural world.

        Certainly none that believe in the creationism nonsense that Mr. Pence is talking about.

        Do you enjoy taking undefensible positions…?
        Or do you really believe the nonsense you defend…?

        Oh…and as for your Islam scholar remark?
        It was Islamic scientists who made some of the first big steps that allowed Europe to enter the age of enlightenment.

        You should do more homework.


        • I don’t know Mr Pence’s views on religion enough to defend or castigate him, based off that video alone I don’t see how you can make such a statement. My personal view is God created the universe and all in it, perhaps one day through science we can figure out how things have progressed since that point, and better understand the nature of the universe God created.

          From wikipedia’s “Relationship between religion and science” page:
          “Events in Europe such as the Galileo affair, associated with the scientific revolution and the Age of Enlightenment, led scholars such as John William Draper to postulate a conflict thesis, holding that religion and science have been in conflict methodologically, factually and politically throughout history. This thesis is held by some contemporary scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Steven Weinberg and Carl Sagan, and some creationists. While the conflict thesis remains popular for the public, it has lost favor among most contemporary historians of science.”

          Thanks for telling me what I am allowed to believe, more regressive left fascism.

          Yet in that era where religion was more powerful than science advancements were made that brought us to our current state. By scientist who were largely religious.

          Wikipedia has a list called “List of Christians in science and technology”

          My position seems rather well defended. You on the other hand regurgitate the trendy modern atheist rhetoric and are dumbfounded that someone would question it.

          There have been and currently are some very intelligent muslims that contribute to the sciences, their culture is still more of an obstacle than a boon to scientific advancement, as anyone can discern from the current state of things.

          Your behavior is the epitome of what William Buckley was describing when he said. “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”


    4. It’s been known for a number of years now that there were many different species of humanity on this earth at different times. This does not disprove evolution. Mike Pence wants us to go back to an 18th century mindset. And what the hell does Mel Gibson have to do with any of this!?


    5. 1 – new studies contribute to, not replace, the theory of evolution.
      2 – scientific “theory” is built on factual data. It is not equivalent to idiot theories, based on beliefs.
      3 – For fuck sakes, lettersandnumbers – chill out. You have submitted so many dipshit comments lately, you are coming off as someone who thinks they are much smarter than they really are. I could point to a statistically significant number of comments, but instead I’ll quote the sage advice of Metallica… “the empty can rattles the most”.


    6. Odd how a (white) western leader who espouses Christian faith is a freak, but leaders who are Buddhists, non-white, Moslems, Hindus and the like are spiritual people of faith. Try mocking farrakhan or sharpton for their religious views and see how fast that becomes just ‘racism’. Ben Carson is a simple gullible bible-thumper while J Jackson is a spiritual leader. Odd. What could the difference be?


      • I don’t recall any of them pushing to have their religious beliefs taught in science class….have you skandy….?

        That is what we are talking about here, isn’t it?

        But you are correct…their gods aren’t real either.
        And their religious beliefs are only appropriately taught in our public schools in classes about cultural history.


    7. There is adaptive change, but no such thing as evolution.
      Science: If you believe science you will understand that something cannot come from nothing, thus, the “big bang theory” is null and void.


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