the difference in cheating

the difference in cheating.jpg


Betting against your own team though, that’s much more serious than letting out .75 psi from a single football.

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    This is stupid……..Pete Rose never got caught cheating, he got caught betting on games, big difference.


    Or maybe your team just sucks. You’re not the first grown-ass adult to claim that the only way the opposition could win was by cheating, with zero evidence that your side would’ve won if everything were on the level.


    I hate Tom Brady. Super smug douche cannon. That being said, had he just come out and been like, “Yes I did it, I am not the only one a ton of other QB around the league do it as well. My Bad” I would have not cared. But he lied. He said he had no idea, then tried to throw a bunch of other qbs under the bus. NFL appealed the ruling which means they will be able to get a court order to get his phone records. That is when we will find the truth. Oh and the pats cheat all the time.

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