Global Warming my ass

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    1. Hurr Durrr! Natural changes and cycles exist, so man-made climate change must be a myth. Hurrr durrrr! Poor underfunded coal and oil lobbyists can’t compete with the deep pockets of scientists and hippies, hurrr durrr!


    2. I really don’t know much about climate science, but 99% of people who do seem to think global warming is man-driven.


    3. Gotta love it when Conservatives haven’t a clue what they’re talking about and they insist on yammering on anyway.

      That chart is about 60 years old, scientists have known that temperatures have fluctuated for about a century. Remember hearing in science class about the ice ages and the Jurassic/cretaceous warm period and the Dinosaurs in the steaming swamps? Did they even have a science class in bible school?

      The issue is that since 1910 or so temperatures have been going up at an unprecedented rate, faster than anything shown on this chart. The temperature changes on this chart took hundreds of thousands of years, not decades.

      So scientists want to know what’s happening and what’s causing it. Because it might have a big impact on our future. And part of that is knowing if the current spike is man-made or natural. They’re studying ice ages too, because we want to know what happened there as well, but that doesn’t get a lot of coverage on Fox News because it doesn’t affect the Koch Brother’s business model.

      Conservatives don’t have to worry, anyway – Jesus and the rapture are coming in a few years to take you all to a better place – leave worrying about the long range future to the Liberals.


    4. On average, on any given spot on the map, the temperature change between the coldest part of any day and the hottest is over 10º Celsius. The difference between the coldest time of the year and the coldest is over 20º.

      How do the “climate scientists” do all those calculations about temperature? They average all collected temperature readings in a single day, then average those readings for the every month, then average those for the year. Why do they do this instead of dealing with the individual readings directly? Is is convenience? No. It’s because the standard deviation, and all other error-checking measurements go to hell if you use the individual temperature measurements. They’d be several times the value of the supposed “warming” occurring and anyone with any knowledge of statistics would immediately dismiss that warming as simply a glitch caused by the temperature oscillations that naturally occur during the day. They need to use average-of-average-of-average to hide all statistical error-checking values.

      There’s also the fact that there’s absolutely no reliable temperature measurements made anywhere in the third world (aka over 80% of Earth’s surface) before the 1980’s. None. Not a single one. All measurements, if they exist at all, were made by hand by a person who rounded up the number to the nearest integer, giving every single measurement a +/- 0.5º Celsius error. Notice that the “global warming” would fall below the error margin of the measurements.

      And last, the change in ambient temperature on any given spot on earth between noon temperature and midnight temperature is directly proportional to that spot’s ability to retain heat. If there was any temperature change due to an increment in retained heat (aka, global warming), the first telltale sign would be an reduction in the difference between noon and midnight temperatures. This would be considerably easier to measure and demonstrate that anything shown by the liberal idiots who support this nonsense. So why is it that you’ve never heard of this before? Because the few times anyone has tried to measure it, it has proven to be no change at all. If there is a change in temperature on Earth at all, it has absolutely nothing to do with the atmosphere’s capacity to retain heat.

      As a bonus, their “measurements” show that the arctic pole (North pole) has had the largest increase in temperature of any region on earth. This completely contradicts the notion of CO2-made global warming since there’s virtually no man-made CO2 there, no way for it to get there, and no ground “heat” to be trapped by it. The only way for the pole to become hotter is for the atmosphere to LOSE its capacity to absorb heat allowing more sunlight to reach there.


      • “there’s virtually no man-made CO2 there, no way for it to get there, and no ground “heat” to be trapped by it.”

        Hahah what. Except for gas equilibrium and major air currents, and also the, you know, oceans — which have been increasing in temperature too, and also have their own currents.


    5. Global Warming is a misnomer, that’s why it’s been referred to as Climate Change for the past couple of decades. Only people wanting to discredit it use the term Global Warming.


    6. Whew, that’s a relief. Nice to know that there’s nothing to worry about. Thanks Glen Beck. You’ve proven that my pursuit of multiple specialized degrees was a complete waste of time.

      Dumping the burned byproducts of millions of years of biomass into the atmosphere has had no ill-effects whatsoever. Thank goodness that Allah and Jehovah are up there regulating everything on this planet so it’s kept just perfect for humans. I’ve been so misled.


    7. Yet volcano’s, forest fires, and all other natural events don’t contribute to CO2 emissions. How arrogant are we to think we dictate the climate on this planet.


      • It’s like you don’t understand addition. More CO2 is worse than less CO2. Sure, natural events contribute, but so do man.


      • Do you think that we’re unable to measure these things? The aviation industry alone puts out more CO2 than worldwide volcanic activity.

        Half of the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed by man, we can absolutely affect what’s going on in the atmosphere, but I wouldn’t call it arrogance, I’d call it an admission of guilt.


    8. There seems to be a lot that we do not know about this global climate event. Some places are warming- others are getting colder. And we just don’t have the records needed to evaluate so many things ! CO2 levels, Temps, sea levels, etc. And Methane levels.

      I’ve read about Methane vents on the ocean floors. They pump it out constantly. And, I read a theory that Methane vents were the cause of all the ships going missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Massive venting occurs- the bubbles eliminate the vessel’s buoyancy- and it sinks. I read about caribou farts. Yup- caribou farts contain a LOT of Methane. And, apparently, so do termite farts. I read that they contribute a lot of Methane to the system.

      And what about sea level ? If the glaciers are all melting, and lakes and seas are all drying up… then where did all of the water go ? Lake Meade is WAY low. There’s a sea in eastern Europe that is almost dried up. But sea level remains the same ? And what about the three continent sized masses of plastic floating in our oceans ? Surely that displaces even MORE water, right ? It has to. And so does every ship that has ever sunk in a body of water. And garbage dumped into the water. Why hasn’t sea level changed ?

      People keep pointing at receding glaciers and yell: “SEE! That’s proof of Global Warming !” But, it isn’t. Glaciers are rivers of ice. They flow downhill constantly. They do it very slowly most of the time- but sometimes they “gallop”. A glacier has X amount of ice in it- and when it runs out- it’s gone. They were created during an Ice Age, and our normal snowfall just isn’t enough to sustain them.

      The only way we’re going to find out what’s really going on is by letting the scientists do their job and figure it all out.


      • Your conclusions are faulty, not because what you read is wrong but because you didn’t read more. Dig a little deeper into the facts and you’ll see that. More information leads to greater understanding.


    9. What this chart shows is that, like the Carboniferous creatures, we’ll all end up as somebody’s future coal supply.


    10. Why would the person that wrote the original text lie in such an obvious way? The graph in no way shows that we’re experiencing cooling. What it does show is some ice core data that doesn’t include recent temperatures. Add this century’s data and we’d be going “holy crap, what’s going on at the top there!?”


    11. Here’s the close up on the last few centuries of your graph…


    12. I am glad the McS crew sorted out climate change. Shit had me worried.


    13. 1) There’s been no warming for 15 years.
      2) The climate models that all your fun charts are based off of have been proven to be junk – last 15 years of observable data is 300% less warming than the models predicted.

      But its fun to see the intellectual arrogance demonstrated on this page. In 5 years you’ll all be pretending you never believed in the Climate Change scam.


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