Do we have a new President yet?

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Everyone’s calling it for Obama, but there’s been no concession speak from Romney yet.

Edit: Yes we do. The same one we had yesterday.


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  1. i didn’t vote for him, but i’m glad he won.

    washington legalised cannabis and gay marriage, and elected a democratic governor, all of which are good things, as well.

  2. The results from four states aren’t in yet, but Obama already has 20 more electoral votes than he needs to secure a win.

  3. Romney hasn’t conceded yet because he already admitted he only wrote a victory speech and needs time to cram this one out college style.

    • Such “presidental” planning on his part. Sounds just like the asshole boss that is always “right” about *everything* and blames *everyone* but himself for fucking up.

      Glad he lost. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when it hit him that all of this effort was for nothing.

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    • you make me sad 🙁

      bush had higher fuel prices, due to the de-regulation.

      cash for clunkers was a legislative branch program, not an executive branch program.

      • Cash for Clunkers also wasn’t supposed to be a profitable venture. When people are terrified of the economy collapsing, they hoard all liquid resources and thus stagnate the economy; when this happens during a recession, it tumbles into depression. The program was meant to get people moving liquid wealth around and feel comfortable doing so – it didn’t make money; it lost money … but it saved a whole lot more of it. It’s one of the most misunderstood efforts of our time.

        • Cash for clunkers destroyed cars, destroyed wealth, resulting in fewer used cars in the markets which resulted in higher prices for used cars which mainly impacted low income people. Ecoomics is hard. Especially if you’re an economic illiterate like those in charge of the executive branch.

      • Cash for clunkers was a omama failure,
        who are you trying to shit.

    • To address some of your points lets see.

      Government assistance is up not from Obama going jeezz let me throw some green at my bros, but because the country hit a recession under the Bush administration. That will go back down as people continue to get back to work. But lets look at the real numbers. In 2008 under Bush 44.4% of the country was receiving some form of government assistance. Under Obama it went to 49% due to the recession. Yep Obama is a wild man.

      Gas prices? I think old W Bush said it best when gas prices were over 4 dollars during his administration. “If there was a magic wand to wave, then I’d be waving it.” He knew then what anyone with more then a moth ball between his ears knows. It’s a free market. The President doesn’t control gas prices. The price of gas is set by supply and demand. The only way the gas price will go down again is one of two ways. Another economic collapse, or a drop in demand. So if you want to see lower gas prices, then stop using so much gas.

      As for Cash for clunkers. Yep Obama did that, but you know who did it first? Bush Sr in 1992. Bush did it then to promote a cleaner environment, by getting old cars off the roads, and Obama did it as part of the stimulus, to try to get the economy back off its ass by getting people buy more durable goods.

      Is Obama perfect. Nope. But he hasn’t flip flopped on EVERY issue unlike Reversible Mittens. Obama also hasn’t run a investment firm that tares apart struggling companies, selling off the jobs to China, while also saying he is going to be hard on China for stealing our jobs.

      Vote for who you want to vote for, just don’t think that everyone out there drinks the Fox News Kool aid.

    • Have a sit down and write to your Republican chums and tell them to stop this anti-cooperation front and find real solutions that they can all work with. Their sole purpose was to stop what happened tonite and it failed. They have it on tape that it was their agenda to make Obama fail. Now they need to swallow their pride and get shit done for every American.

      You have the right to contact your representatives and voice your opinion about going forward and finding real solutions. I assume you voted, now participate.

  5. Romney just conceded. Obama’s it.

  6. I’m more concerned about how many Dems get/keep congressional seats. If they have another majority, hopefully they’ll have learned from last time and actually work together to make some real change. Last time they squandered it.
    If they don’t have a majority, I’m worried we’ll have 4 more years of both parties blocking each others plans out of spite.

    • IT is amazing any of them kept seats…

    • I felt the same way. As an independent, I really thought this was going to be the year to let my inner Republican shine… Not to say I think Obama’s done a bad job, I think he played the hand he was dealt rather well, but, as you say, I figured that if Congress won’t respect him enough to work together, the alternatives are worth a look…

      And then the Republican Primaries happened. They had the chance to give me someone worth my time, someone with ideas that’d WORK, with reasonable alternatives; that was a president, not the political equivalent of a used car salesman or a joyriding elitist with his new toy statesman seat… and holy shit did they blow it.

      Let’s make this a metaphor: My internet service provider is Obamanet, and their speeds are much slower than they promised. Basically, Romcast just called me up and said, “We’re going to get you lightning fast broadband… by plugging this usb … into this banana.”

      • The republican’s have spent a lot of time playing catch up. They’re running around looking for black and female candidates, because that’s what they think they need to counter, since they can’t offer anything different in terms of policy.
        They forgotten how to actually accomplish something good. Maybe if they could do that, one of them could actually shine and be elected based on their actions.
        But both Repubs and Dems are to busy keeping lobbyists happy.

      • The one my sister used to work for –who turned into a complete headcase once in office– just lost her seat to the same guy she beat 2 years ago.

  7. Looks like he’s about to say “FUCK YEAH, BITCHES!”

  8. Political views are like penises.. It’s nice to have one but once you start forcing it down someone’s throat you end up looking like a dick…

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  12. but he’s darky, that can’t be lagal

  13. Is it wrong for me to be more elated that Romney didn’t win than that Obama did?

  14. If Obama has been reelected, does that mean we can take all the conservative’s guns away now?

    The NRA said so –

  15. Yay!

    Now you guys can continue to plummet? You just voted for your own country to fail because the media you watch hyped up international resentment of your previous successes.


  16. Best speech ever…

    I liked it when he told his daughter that he’s not going to buy them another dog because he just made Romney his bitch.

  17. Let’s see. 44 responses, minus the 5-6 from conservatives that all got voted out leaves about 38 Obama supporters.

    How many of you have jobs?

    Come back in a year and re-answer that question.

    Case closed.

    You all are going to find out fast and hard how expensive free stuff from the government really is.

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