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    2. 1. Assuming that all the people who oppose gay marriage, do it because some “Good Book” says so\is interpreted so, is retarded too.
      2. Opposing gay couple having kids, and shit != opposing gay marriage.

      • 1. Do you know the meaning of the word “or?”
        2. Yeah, but they’re on the wrong side of history too.

        • Since History is:
          – written by the victors,
          – capricious like a spoiled 8 year old,
          I rather be on its “wrong” side, then on its “right” side, with all those people that are “smarter” than Nature.

          • By “nature” I’m guessing you mean the over 500 species of mammals, birds and fish that have been documented to engage in same sex relationships. Or perhaps the 1, 500 more that have been observed but not formally studied.

            • You nailed it – it’s an animal thing. So if you want to behave like an animal, go right ahead, but don’t pretend it’s something higher, nobler, good for society, etc.
              As for korinthian, what I do mean by “smarter”:
              – coming up with gases that don’t react with anything (until they get into the atmosphere),
              – devising pesticide that’s so safe you can even eat it (until it starts to accumulate in the food chain),
              – trying to eliminate every germ, because they’re “bad” (until you realize that your kid is allergic, and shit, because living in squeaky clean environment effectively put his immune system out of whack),
              etc., etc.
              And you saw those quotes, yet you ignored them. Yeah, that’s why you’re retarded.

            • I guess I must have misunderstood you. Sorry about that.

              I can only assume you act like an animal in lots of situations too, maybe especially when you choose to have sex. I’m not saying you’re a beast in the sack, but fucking is about as animalistic you can get.

              I want you to admit you’re making a special exception for homosexuals in this case, or at the very least explain your case against gays a little better (so I can rip it apart in a few short sentences).

            • @korinthian
              Nope, you just jumped to conclusion like majority of the people.
              The second paragraph I don’t understand.
              What exception ?
              I don’t have a “case against gays”. I have a case against gays adopting, etc., children. Why ? Because of what I wrote in this thread. If yous still don’t get it, you can read what I wrote here:
              As for that “ripping apart”, for me arguing just for the sake of arguing, never was very appealing, and as I get older, it even lost the recreational\fun factor. But you go ahead, show everyone that “yours is bigger”.

            • “Children needs a mommy and a daddy” is your argument?

              Because fuck orphans that have neither. One parent is better than none, so is two gay parents. I take from the post you linked to that all parents should behave like stereotypical men and stereotypical women (according to your definitions, or what?) according to their traits. So are you suggesting some kind of psychological evaluation before getting a kid? I mean, I can see the sense in that, but what would the criteria for a manly man and a womanly woman be?

              Speaking of psychology, the consensus seem to be that the kids of gay parents turn out just fine.

              “for me arguing just for the sake of arguing, never was very appealing, and as I get older, it even lost the recreational\fun factor. But you go ahead, show everyone that “yours is bigger”.”

              I care about not being wrong. I guess as you get older you don’t care about things like that.

              About my second paragraph: You seem to say (in your very vague way) that acting like an animal is a bad thing. I pointed out that you act like an animal all the time.

          • Be consistent. If there’s *anything* in your day to day life that is “smarter” than nature, stop doing it.

            Yeah, that’s why you’re a hypocrite.

    3. Me and my friends have had a number of discussions about the actual reasons that people resistant to gay marriage are genuinely rejecting it. We’ve decided that the realization that they are probably going to be remembered in a generation or two roughly the same as we now remember Jim Crow supporters, and resistance to that notion, is a major factor.

      • Just like people who oppose bestiality, necrophilia, polygamy, incest, and such. They’re only projecting their own fears and claiming to be “morally correct”.

        I mean, seriously, ¿what is wrong with two guys having sex? ¿Or a guy having sex with a corpse? ¿Or a dog? ¿Or his sister? Can you really come up with anything other than “it creeps the hell out of me!” to justify your opposition to it?

        In a generation or two, those who now oppose the idea of cloning dogs with woman-like boobs and vaginas to use them as sex “partners” will be remembered in the same light as Jim Crow supporters.

        • What’s wrong with Spanish-speaking people? Jejejeje!

        • Well a guy having sex with a corpse violates laws set out to respect the dignity of the dead person in question. A dog can’t give consent, thus making any sexual act rape. And dudes having sex with their sisters results in inbreeding, which presents many problems for society.

          Two dudes making salami sandwiches doesn’t go against any existing law, statute or principle except for the ones that say “I don’t like it so don’t do it”.

          • A corpse can give consent prior to death. Dignity and law do not go hand and hand. An animal could initiate sexual behavior and a person simply not resist. Thanks to birth control and genetic screening it is possible to stop unwanted offspring.

            Actually there are a number of existing laws that prohibit sodomy.

            • For a corpse to give consent, you would need to have it legally noted, like an organ donor would. This still doesn’t address the disease issues involved with having a decomposing body. Most places have laws involving how a human corpse is handled because of the disease issues.
              Animals aren’t considered legally competent to give consent. I’m pretty sure there are disease issues when it comes to inter-species relations as well.

          • “And dudes having sex with their sisters results in inbreeding, which presents many problems for society.”
            And couples that are physically incapable of having children on their own, because they’re the same sex, and it’s “not how it works”, aren’t a problem for society ? ?!
            How about couples who being of the same sex, can”t provide the other sex norms, guidelines, etc. ? Not a problem either ?
            We got enough of whackjobs, and “gender lost” people from so called “normal families” as it is, and yet people have a need to add to it. Mind blown.

            • I think the problem Luke is referring to is the care of the inbreed children, who are often mentally and/or physically disabled.
              A same sex couple will never have this problem, where are you seeing the problem for society?

            • “I think the problem Luke…”
              I think Luke, and other people, are just repeating catchy lines, without thinking about them.

              “where are you seeing the problem for society?”
              “How about couples who being of the same sex, can”t provide the other sex norms, guidelines, etc. ? Not a problem either ?”

            • “How about couples who being of the same sex, can”t provide the other sex norms, guidelines, etc. ?”

              What are the norms and guidelines a homosexual couple can’t provide? And how are these beneficial?

        • your argument completely neglects the concept of “consent”. Two adults doing something they both consent to isn’t the same as an adult doing something with a child (that can’t consent) or with a horse (again, no consent).

          Same with dead people. they’re not alive to say yes or no, but really at that point, they’re not really a living thing any more, so you could argue that they are equivocally a fence post.

    4. Y’know, the concept of marriage predates Christianity and even Judaism. It’s a social covenant first and foremost; religions just stepped in and adopted it as the favored model for sexual relations.

    5. Homosexuals of majority age and with citizen status have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals of majority age and citizen status: the same pool of potential spouses are available to both groups. Can’t be a relative, must be single and willing.

      That’s what we call EQUAL, people.

    6. Silly people thinking backs and women have rights

    7. You wish.

      You’ll just be whining the same way in 30 years assuming the AIDS hasn’t got you all yet.

      Black people have fucked up their equal rights that were granted btw. So they get stuck in ghettos and treated like the animals most of them are.

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