rainbow oreos

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that was my birthday

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    1. Fundies are so ridiculous. Who is to tell that it’s wrong for a man to marry another man? Or his own sister, or his dog, his truck, his imaginary friend, all 5 of his girlfriends, his favorite shade of gray, his favorite corporation, the corpse of his dead aunt, himself, an abstract painting, his RealDoll™, his FlashLight™, his favorite Pokemon, or anything else he can think of, eh?

      Who are you to say what is “real love” and what isn’t, eh? If a man loves his own hand, why can’t he marry it? Can you think of a single valid, logical reason why it’s wrong? Of course you can’t!! All you can think of is equivalent to saying “well, that just sounds stupid to me so we can’t allow that to happen or the very concept of marriage will be destroyed forever!” but that’s not logic, just ignorance.


      • didn’t some guy legally marry a videogame?


      • Your dog, truck and imaginary friend are not capable of giving informed consent. Therefore you can not marry them. Your other man and his 5 girlfriends (being over the age of 18 and mentally sound) can give informed consent, and therefore should be able to marry you. However, no one loves you, so you will probably die alone.


    2. I like this.It`s going in my collection.


    3. I lookeded fundies up. It’s a slang term for ripping on Christians.

      As I’ve said before: religion is just an excuse. Go ahead and trump all arguments justified by religion. The end of that is people having to admit they don’t want gays to marry because they think they’re gross. We’re born thinking they’re gross. Butt sex with blood and two dongs and all = gross.

      Why can’t you marry? Because your sex lives make us vomit and we don’t want AIDS.

      Enjoy your fucking cookies.


      • It’s not Christians, it’s Fundamentalist Christians. The other kinds of Christians are the ones that don’t give a fuck about as much shit.

        Or fun underwear.

        But you might be right.


      • I guess you could blame you being wrong on trolling.

        You should listen to the stories of ex-fundies. You’d be amazed how many of them abandon most of their bigotry.


      • Fundies refers to religious fundamentalists, Christians are most common religious fundamentalists in the U.S, therefore self-centred Americans will assume that it only refers to Christians. But FYI it was primarily Christian groups that were outraged by an Oreos ad that was gay-friendly.

        Old people having sex is gross too… so they shouldn’t be allowed to marry? How about grossly obese people? How about your parents, nobody likes the idea of their parents having sex, and children think that anyone having sex is gross, unless they’re very young, in which case they don’t give a crap. Sexual taboos are mostly learned behaviour, and entirely subjective.
        Not all homosexuals have anal sex… in fact a lot of them can’t do it, since they’re women.
        Most people with HIV are heterosexual, and lesbians have very, very low rates of almost all STDs… and your point that homosexuals shouldn’t marry because you don’t want AIDS is beyond rediculous, since if anything, marriage encourages monogamy.


        • “Most people with HIV are heterosexual”

          Don’t count Africa, slick. Nice try though. Over 95% of HIV infected people int he first world are GAY or black. That’s the truth and no amount of bullshit can save you from it.

          Sexual taboos? Yes old people fucking is gross. Does it HAVE to involve ass, shit, and blood? No. Fat people? I’m fine with every fat person the planet dying right now. Any other points? My parents? Ya they had sex…at some point. Now they live in different wings of their house. Any other points?

          Mine stays the same: people don’t like gay sex because they find it gross. The religion thing is almost a form of politeness.

          Nobody gives two shits about lesbians. The only ones who seem to want to marry are ugly as fuck think they’re tough until someone treats them like the man they dress like and they eat fist for the first time. I think it was last summer I read about some dumb dyke who mouthed off at some teenager and they beat her ugly fucking head in. Nobody cared. Why would they?

          PS: you know damned well you’re conditioned to hate Christians only. Nobody ever talks about how jews or mud slimes HATE faggots more than anyone.

          Know what’s awesome? Only having to care about this when some faggot cries. Otherwise I don’t have to give a shit about any of it.

          Enjoy your AIDS cookie, bullshitter.


          • Oh I thought you were going to make an argument involving facts… but apparently for your assertions to make sense you have to omit huge swaths of the population. Apparently white male heterosexual Christians, the most priveliged people on the planet, are the only people that you think count for anything… and yet you’re acting like that group is being discriminated against.

            “PS: you know damned well you’re conditioned to hate Christians only. Nobody ever talks about how jews or mud slimes HATE faggots more than anyone.” -There is only one religion that has a large enough population in first-world countries to have a significant impact on social justice, so as soon as the Jainists and the Jews start having a big effect on those issues, people will start caring. But when people start talking about gay and women’s rights on a global scale, the focus swings pretty quickly to Islam. It’s not a case of people being conditioned to hate Christians, it’s that people focus on what’s going on in their own back yard.


          • “Any other points? Mine stays the same: people don’t like gay sex because they find it gross”
            No, your point changed, you moved from ‘gay people can’t marry because gay sex is gross’ to ‘people don’t like gay sex because it’s gross’. The distinction between the two was my point: there are lots of people for whom them having sex is something that the majority of people find gross, but that’s not enough to make their marriage illegal.


            • If you don’t see how that’s the same point then you’re retarded.

              But no this is just purposeful ignorance on your part thinking I’d for some reason buy it.

              You’re just full of shit entirely.

              And you want to try an use facts?

              Projecting much, AIDScase?

              People don’t like gay marriage because they find gay sex gross and don’t consider them equal. Because they’re gross. Because of the shit blood anal etc and the AIDS that is almost exclusively a gay disease.

              But keep on thinking you’re making progress. In Russia it’s illegal to spread gay propaganda like this image. It’s considered brainwashing. They’re doing great as a country right now. America is faltering. The two are related by way of the respect people have gained for Russia and the influx of international investors and the complete lack of respect anyone has for America now that Obama and this faggot bullshit have embarrassed you permanently to the rest of the world.


            • “AIDS that is almost exclusively a gay disease. ” You JUST admitted that that was a lie by telling me not to include Africa. I know that you don’t regard people with dark skin as human, but I’m afraid they are. It’s not a gay disease, it’s a disease primarily spread by MEN.

              Quick, add some more ad hominem remarks while making assumptions about my nationality and sexuality, it’ll make you feel better.


      • Yeah, nobody likes gay sex- that’s why there is no gay porn in teh intarwebs –


    4. There’s a “tiny” problem with that comparison – same sex can’t “mix”.


    5. Who cares. I just want giant Oreos.


    6. Funny, blacks are the ones who call conservative blacks “oreos” for acting white on the inside.


    7. Could it be that the heterosexual, christian communities are sick of having the nuclear family unit assaulted on all sides?

      I won’t even take my small daughter to a parade anymore because there is always some “pride” group marching in it, and that’s here in the deep south! What’s wrong with traditional family values? Hell it worked since the inception of the family unit, created by god, and it lasted right up until around the 1960’s when liberalism took off. Then society started falling apart.

      Fact: I don’t want my kid exposed to the homosexual community, and I am sick of my country being pushed around by the homosexual agenda. I’m not going to preach about homosexuals being sinners ect. I just don’t want my kid exposed to it, and I plan on doing everything I can do in to teach her traditional family values: Man + Woman = Marriage.

      I don’t go around giving gays problems. I don’t yell at them, I don’t treat them as lesser beings than I. I treat them with the same respect and dignity as any other person in the world. What they choose to do, with who ever they want is their business. I could care less!! Just quit assaulting my values and beliefs as I am not assaulting theirs!


      • Have you read the bible? There’s more stuff in there that goes *against* “the family unit” than for it.

        Your god loves incest, arranged marriages and unions between one man and several women.

        And here I had the impression that you weren’t *both* bigoted and ignorant.


    8. Also, as I worked as a police officer for 5 years, I can tell you that I delt with the black community on a daily basis during that time, and I also plan on doing everything I can to teach my daughter that they too are to be avoided at all cost.

      The shear ignorance, drug use, and abundance of criminal activity of your average black is more than enough proof that those who said whites and blacks shouldn’t mix had it right. There are exceptions, but in generally the blacks are the worst part of society.


    9. Oh look another dumbass liberal who has no clue about reality. Tell you what Mr. Sunshine and flowers, go spend some time in the black section of your town and tell me how long you made it before one of them beat you over your head to get the $4.00 in your wallet.

      If you worked a day doing what I and many others do, you it would open your eyes to see a race collapsing in on it’s self.

      Also I laugh at your little study you posted as you can find a study to support almost any position on any given topic. Fail harder.


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