Penn Jillette on there being no god

Penn Jillette on there being no god

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    42 Responses to Penn Jillette on there being no god

    1. roar I am frothing-at-the-mouth atheist roaR1!!

    2. He isn’t frothing at the mouth, it seems to me like he is making a sane and cogent argument.

    3. Not that religions invented in modern times are always more coherent than the ones invented by ancient Jews. But at least there’ll probably be fewer gods of love killing people left and right (because that’s just obvious BS, we understand that now).


    5. The guy’s an Ass, that being said, he’s part of a rational group that has left belief in the superstitious behind…

    6. I love seeing half wits commit to everything science with blind obedience while chastising others for doing the same thing with religion.

      Science is in no way absolute nor has it done anything more legitimate in terms of our understanding of how or why we’re here than religion ever has. The theory of evolution is a nice start but it’s all guess work based on fragments of a puzzle bigger than anyone can imagine or figure out.

      Entertainers are such weak little people they just need someone to give them an answer they can trust so they can go back to being shallow. That fat fuck is no different.

      • What (which both religion and science can explain)is better explained through religion?

        • Philosophically the origin of species is better speculated in religion than science. The theory of the necessary existent holds more validity than the big bang. Something can’t come from nothing. Science’s best answer is: well here is the first something then we think. Maybe. Based on what we see through a telescope and what we’ve found in the dirt. But what created that something?

          According to science time is infinite and reality began after an explosion. They don’t get into the whole what created time and the explosion part or what came before it. Religion posits that there was something that created the initial points of time and reality.

          Something can’t come from nothing.

          • What origin of species? That animals just popped into existence in the same garden and then were reduced to pairs to be shipped around on an ark (where they didn’t eat each other or the ark, and where food was not an issue). Or do you mean humanity’s origin: dirt and rib? Were you perhaps referring to a less silly origin story?

            According to Christianity, Yahweh’s infinite and exists outside time. It doesn’t delve into the whole what created him and how existence is possible outside time, or what came before him.

            Religion can posit whatever it likes, but let’s face it: it doesn’t consider what evidence there is out there (like an expanding universe). So it’s just mere guesswork.

            Something can’t come from nothing? But a god can always exist and magic universes into existence? You clearly have no problem believing fantastical things, so nothing->something shouldn’t be a problem for you.

            Also, are you quite sure that scientists claim that the big bang started with nothing? I admit I don’t keep up with astrophysicists on this, but I seem to remember a dense mass being the starting point of the big bang expansion (not explosion).

            Perhaps you have some other example? Something that is more easily compared than an occurrence so nebulous as the start of time and space would be most excellent.

            • You are retarded.

              What created the dense mass? The expansion came after the explosion btw.

              You are retarded.

              If you’re so hell bent on there being no God please indicate how you came to that grand realization and please let the world know where everything actually came from you fucking idiot.

              There are other religions aside from Christians. Maybe they can come bully you and then you’ll be so scared of them you’ll eat of media bias bullshit and go on the attack against them too.

              All religions have at least 1 God.

              You are a fucking retard. Quit trying. You can’t unretard yourself by spouting bullshit.

              God damn you’re fucking stupid.

            • We don’t know what came before the dense mass. Should we assume it was nothing? I’m not so sure.

              I’m not hell bent on there being no god, I just don’t believe there is one. And seriously, there ain’t any good reasons to believe in one.

              I’m not sure all religions have at least one god (I don’t think Buddhism does. Scientology? Maybe.) In any case, the definition of a god changes depending on the religion, so I’m not sure what impact it has on this discussion.

              I take it your ranting is you giving up on the whole “religion explains things better than science” thing. That’s pretty sad, but wholly expected.

              Retards have feelings too, you know 🙁

            • Um…Buddhism has…wait for it…Buddha.

              Once again: you are a retard.

              My “ranting” obviously went over your head. That’s to be expected. Long division likely goes over your head.

              The rest is just garbage. Everything you write on here is fucking stupid. You’re an idiot. No one cares that you and your fellow retards have feelings.

            • Buddha isn’t their god, he’s more of man who is idolised. They say basically anyone can reach the level of transcendence that Buddha did, you just have to put in the dedication

            • I’m still waiting for another example, Navi.

              Put some effort into it! I’m sure there are *a lot* of examples you can draw from, or is that the only thing (you think) religion can answer better than science?

              Your blustering isn’t fooling anyone: you’re either trying to buy time to come up with an answer, or you know you’re beaten.

          • Weak sauce.
            Something can’t come from nothing… So God made it. And he came from?
            A universe can’t come from nothing, but an all-knowing, all-powerful God can? Or did he start as a spark, and gradually expand into a massive, powerful, “everything that exists”
            Weak. Fucking. Self. Defeating. Sauce.

      • I almost read your comment. Silly me.

    7. It’s funny because I saw a video of him saying he was agnostic, not atheist, saying he just didn’t know one way of the other.

      Great guy though, smart, kind, and wickedly talented.

    8. Penn is such a genius.
      If you remove something completely, it’ll never come back the same. Deep man.

      I also the love the confidence in science. Kinda funny how a random occurrence that generated the rapid expansion, and all the other random chances that led to life on this planet could create axioms.

      Miniscule, nigh-impossible randomness can just roll in our favor and stack up from the starting point with the “dense mass”, allllll the way up until it gets to our little planet where suddenly randomness no longer comes into play because now we have dependable, timeless permanent laws. Seems legit.

      I’m so glad Penn is no longer doing cheap magic tricks in Vegas so he has more time to share his opinions on meta-physics.

    9. Note the numerous occasions when different people have independently discovered the same principle (Newton and Leibniz formulating calculus, for instance, though they worked from similar premises, that’s the first example that comes to mind.) You never really see people in different times and places discovering Zoroastrianism or the pantheon of Greek gods, two religions that are equally valid as Christianity, that is to say, not at all.
      By the way, let’s have a big round of applause for Magnus Buttfoorson for predictably confirming the stereotype of insecure theists lashing out at the least hint of threat to their dearly-held imaginings. Interestingly, he mixes it up with pseudo-philosophical missives about the “necessary existent” in the same sentence as “cocklicker”, somehow believing that “philosophy” and name-calling can trump science. I guess he has a point, seeing as philosophy has led to modern medicine, computer technology, a vastly increased standard of living over people living even a hundred years ago, and sent men to the moon.
      Oh, wait…

    10. He feels sure that there is not a creator God of any kind. I’m disappointed. That means Jillette is only a man of faith.

    11. My heroin addict sister just called me to tell me she has a staph infection on her face. I wish she would kill herself.

    12. wow he’s a genius. IF only this and IF only that.. ok, lets do it.. lets wipe everything out and see how that goes…oh, right, thats the problem.. so STFU you fat fuck and go do what you do best – “magic” tricks.. faggot

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