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super slicer
Dschinghis Khan – Moskau 1979
Progressive Waveform
25 Years of Storage
NYC Panorama
train stop
The “rest of my room” for “7footJesus”
Jupiter and its moon Io. The red dot is a volcano on the moon’s surface and the blue cloud is the volcano’s emissions
Star Trek Verticals
Lego Serenity time-lapse build
Bus stop
Lobo is the shit
bullpup shooter
Make your own Ceiling Cat
Tobacco plants in my office.
underwater balloons
Deadpool V Deadpool: Dawn of Deadpool | Minute Match-Up – Episode 1
Star Wars – paperback cover
Mr. Faith-Head
’57 Chevy Fins
awesome bomber
Whedon – art is your kid
San Francisco
A matter of time
shuttle launch
Simo Häyhä
Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine from ThinkGeek
ukulele of the undead
Archer Lifesaver
Transformers Devastation Screenshot
impressive car collection
cthulhu family portrait
Working LEGO Printer – Printing the LEGO Logo
Yotsubato Danto Model Kit
Chateau on Ridge