Steal from them

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    1. and since when Stan Lee became Ike? Whoever did this is a moron LOL!


    2. FUCK YOU SIMON COWELL. Just saying what everyone is thinking.


    3. You don’t think the CEOs are personally taking those hits, do you? They do what any good CEO does when facing a shortfall in revenue: lay-off the peons.


    4. No. Do you know who loses out when you pirate? The people who worked their asses off to make it, that’s who. The big people at the top already have enough money that they don’t need to worry about losing any – the little people, the people who may have had the idea in the first place, or the people who had the vision to make it happen, THOSE are the people you’re stealing from. The people who might not have that much money, but spent what they DID have to make their vision a reality. Those are the people who you’re stealing from.


      • I fail to see how this is worth of being voted down. It’s true.


      • That’s not true at all.

        The pay doesn’t change because of piracy unless you get a cut of the back end which is reserved for top brass.

        Unless your some faggot indie dipshit trying to hock you own crap without following proper channels (because you can’t) then the so called little people (unionized btw) get paid the same amount. And its a lot.


        • The people who actually work on the movies may not get a cut, but their careers will be affected by being a director / writer / actor of a movie that performed poorly at the box office because of piracy.


          • When have you ever heard of a movie performing poorly in the box office due to piracy?

            Movies only do poorly in the box office when they suck.

            The only people I know that lose out from piracy [movies only] are the theater owners, specifically where they aren’t franchises.


            • @sylvanish
              Agreed. Dark Knight and Avatar were pirated, just like less successful movies. Didn’t stop them from breaking records.

              Ultimate movie success does not rest on the shoulders of pirates.


    5. Yea they lay off the peons, yea it probably wont change, but dont tell me that we are the issue, as long as millionaire/billionaire ceo’s are taking massive % profits then there is a flaw… they should support their peons better, we shouldn’t just continue to keep their fucking third world country out-earning rates stable.

      Anyway – arguing about piracy on the internet… yea..


    6. Do you all really imagine yourselves as lil’ Robin Hoods?
      Does is really matter who you’re stealing from…isn’t it still stealing?
      If it’s corporate hoarding you’re “fighting”, don’t you think that every single thing you steal is just one more domino falling towards the passing of SOPA?

      Fuck your cyberutopian free lunch.
      Pay for your shit.
      And thumbdown away, bitches.

      Tell you what. If I get twenty downvotes on this and not a single upvote, I’ll reveal who I am, AND pay tiki the $25 MCS+ fee.


      • I think you made the mistake of thinking we care about who you are or what you think.


      • lol@reveal

        And we’ll all *gasp*!

        Hey it’s that complete nobody I never heard of before, don’t give a shit about, and have forgotten already.

        Its not stealing you retard. Legal precedent was set decades ago when VHS made the scene. Its sharing.

        Get a brain.


      • What about this? :
        A movie comes out, it looks dull, some formula comedy, I would never pay $15 to see in the theater, and wouldn’t care if I never saw it.

        It comes out later on disc, I could rent it, for $7 [Now I haven’t paid (whoever it is I am apparently stealing from) $8 by not seeing it at the cinema], but I am still not interested enough to even pay that. I can’t even remember the last time I actually rented a movie tho.

        I comes out a bit later on Netflix kind of for free (i don’t know how that works as far as people getting paid). But maybe I don’t want to go downstairs where the Netflix is hooked up, and I’m too lazy to set up my computer up here with it, so I just download it up here and watch it. Netflix still getting my monthly fee, and I am watching the same movie.

        Am I still a thief? They never would’ve gotten money from me in the first place. So what difference if I downloaded it a couple weeks earlier?

        A good movie always does good in the box office. A good movie, that I want to see, I go and pay $15 to see. When I pay $15 and the movie sucks, I feel I am the one who was stolen from. Both time and money.

        Piracy doesn’t steal from these people, their bank accounts aren’t being hacked. They just aren’t being given as much.


        • Your Netflix fee exempts you from the definition of piracy in that instance, provided you wait until it’s available on Netflix. If you had downloaded and watched a studio cut before the movie had even made it to the theater or DVD, not so much. That’s what they really care about.

          To use a different example, reading a book at the library isn’t piracy. You don’t see publishers trying to get public libraries shut down. However, if you get a copy of a manuscript or galley and distribute it before it hits the market (ebook or traditional) and upload it so anyone can acquire it for free, you’re not only kicking the publisher in the nuts financially, but the author as well. And the overwhelming majority of those people don’t make anywhere near as much as those who bring you movies and video games, or run other media outlets. In truth, most published authors can’t even make a living at it.

          And thank you for the first smart response to my post.


    7. Stan Lee got a name change, apparently.

      Also, these guys’ salaries doesn’t change for jack. It’s the guys at the bottom that get fucked.


    8. Lets be honest with ourselves, we can romanticize pirating software/music/movies etc all we want but all we are really doing is seeing something we want and deciding to take it illegaly. I do it but I dont pretend I am doing it to fight some powerful entity, and I dont pretend that its good for anyone else but myself.


    9. What the whole piracy thing comes down to is:

      I don’t like paying for shit. As long as there’s a way for me to not pay for shit, I’m going to, y’know, do that.


    10. I pay for Netflix and Spotify, because they charge a VERY reasonable fee, and provide great content. Louis CK got it right when he started filming his own material, and selling it to his fans himself, thus ensuring him most of the profit. Radiohead also did a good thing with their marketing of their one album, although I’m sure the less popular the artist, the worse this idea may be. Phish ENCOURAGES fans to record shows with high quality equipment and post them for all fans to download.

      I’m not going to pay a dollar per song when even less than half goes to the original artist. Fuck that.


      • Less than half?

        Usually its 0%!

        They get told to make their money off of performances. And you can’t pirate those.

        So download away. Just make sure to actually support the artists intelligently. Go see them live. If its a movie or TV show go to an autograph session and pay the 20$ to get your picture with them.

        Piracy only hurts the top of the food chain and this image is dead on.


    11. I always find things like this stupid, because you’re admitting that it’s theft but trying to say “It’s ok, they had a lot of stuff anyway.” You don’t admit to committing a crime and use the quantity either of you have as an excuse. “No, it’s ok I took the artifact from the museum. The museum has TONS of them!” That’s never worked as a defense.

      And it’s crap like this that WILL get SOPA passed, for the exact same reasons as above. I download crap, too. Don’t shoot us all in the foot with this idiocy.


    12. Okay, piracy, pro/con, whatever. I buy my stuff, but I also rage at these billionaire jerks suing 85 year old grandmothers.

      Also, I’m fine with making piracy harder, but I enjoy watching Let’s Plays on Youtube, and THAT IS NOT PIRACY, and yet SOPA and these executives want to shut that down too.

      Basically, no matter what your feelings are about piracy, if you let the guys in the image above win, WE ALL LOSE.


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