george clooney – anti-republican crusaders

george clooney - anti-republican crusaders

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    1. Aside from the flavor of the war mongering fascism, whats the difference between the republicans and the democrats?

      A Pox on both your houses!


    2. Obama got Bin Laden? That’s laughable. The military got Bin Laden. Obama didn’t even send the military after him, that was the guy who had the job before him. Obama just happened to sit in the big chair when OBL was caught.


      • uh, not really. Obama was extremely close with intelligence and was closely monitoring the entire operation for months in secret.


        • So Obama was personally analyzing the intelligence, managing the investigation, and probably training the pilots and shooters who went in?

          He may have been kept in the loop, but he also just authorized bestiality in the military.


        • Please, tell me another story. The military thought Obama was in that compound for months; they finally went to Obama one more time when they were almost certain Osama was there. Obama needed around 16 hours to make a decision; he had to sleep on the decision while anyone with an once of sense would have made the decision to go in less than 1/16th of a second. Obama’s only contribution was to not screw it up and to not prevent the military from conducting the operation.

          It seems as though you would give credit to the person who set the schedule at the hospital rather than the ER surgeon who saved your life.

          Obama was Commander in Chief at the time of the operation but he was not directly involved in the planning or execution of the operation.

          Have an Evil day


      • The original post doesn’t claim that Obama got Bin Laden, not sure why you’re so keen to argue against that point.


    3. Tiki, I think you need to disable anonymous posting.


    4. George Clooney is a fountain of knowledge now? A pundit that we should listen to? Sheesh.


    5. Obama got Osama just like Gore invented the internet just like Clinton was the cause of the dot com boom. Obama is the single worst POS in history. Can’t WAIT to see him exit one term in ’12.


    6. Why is it that you only ever hear republicans saying democrats are terrible instead of saying republicans are good?


    7. One side will be saying the next President is the worst of all time and the next one after that et.c etc. etc. It’s such a tired phrase that means nothing…this is the internet though.


    8. I have a sinus infection and my eye is leaking.


    9. I am so sick of people saying things like “(Insert current president) is the worst president ever” etc

      Why is it people act like the president is the only one responsible for decisions made by the government? There are large groups of people that sit and deliberate on this shit for hours, to act like the president is the one responsible is just ignorant of how the government system actually works and it perpetuates the stupidity of it.

      Just stop.


    10. If a CEO earns 20 million a year for running a corporation that employs thousands of people and sells stuff people need and use, you guys think he’s evil.

      Clooney earns 40 million a year for essentially doing NOTHING OF VALUE and you all listen to his blathering like he’s the second coming of Christ.

      Who’s flawed here???

      …and yes, Obama is going to be viewed by history as the most incompetent occupant of the White House, a position formerly occupied by Jimmy Carter.


      • Go huff some more paint asshole (try silver). Stupid ass comments like this are exactly why anonymous posts should be blocked. Whenever I see UID# blank I know that I am about to see a worthless comment by some tool that is way too stupid to be on this site. At least when magnus posts I can see his stupid name and know that some stupid nonsense comment is about to follow and i can laugh about how he probably took one too many hockey pucks to his big retarded head!


        • The hockey puck comment made me laugh


        • I have never been hit in the head with a hockey puck.

          If you’re thinking of how people lose their teeth in hockey then like most people you are wrong. It’s from fighting. Because that’s when your helmet comes off and you punch each other in the face and neither can run away.

          Anyway you didn’t combat his points at all. You are too stupid to accept he’s right.

          If he’s a paint huffer and I took a hockey puck to the head what’s your excuse for being such a complete retard?

          Doesn’t it even occur to you how odd it is that when president watermelon and fried chicken gets questioned or observed as incompetent you fly into a nonsensical rage?

          Weak minded little faggots like you are why people don’t respect America any more. If you fruity little bastards would shut the fuck up and accept that on a lot of points you’re wrong you’d be much better off.

          Obama has made America look like a joke.

          George Clooney never finished university when he enrolled twice (all paid for because he was a spoiled brat) but he’s in a position to dictate politics? He can’t even remember his own lines and needs them fed to him via an ear piece.


          • Actually Magnus it’s racist backwards idiots like you that is making America a joke to outsiders.

            A guy is dumped with the worst economic crisis for years because the
            last guy lets his bank buddies run rampant, don’t worry it happened all over the world, and all folks like you can do is make wild accusations and hit the guy for every comment he makes or thing he does to try and pull your asses out of the mess.

            When you use comment like ‘President Watermelon’ it just shows the intellect act work here. I’d say make sure that nice pointy white hat of yours is all nice and clean and go and beat the wife a few more times.

            When you have enough brains to realise the world is not full of liberal fags out to do all kinds of biblical nasties to you and yours we’ll let you come and sit at the big people’s table again.


            • Is that what you read from a lying asshole online?

              Blame the last guy?

              Okay thanks Clinton and the Democrats for Iraq, Afghanistan, or and Sept 11 was his fault too.

              I’m not even American you stupid fuck.

              President NIGGER is a joke. This site is for different kinds of jokes. Jokes faggots like you can’t wrap you’re simple heads around.

              You’re a fucking idiot.

              By all means keep barfing out eh stale diatribe of the modern hippy faggot and think it is effective.

              It’s faggots and niggers like you that have gutted America. Nobody respects you other than you and you respect yourself WAY too much.

              Travel and bit and talk to people who actually invest in free market economies. Nobody has any confidence in America because its seen as a Jewish run reservoir for loud mouthed faggots and uneducated niggers one of which you dumb motherfuckers even elected.

              Have fun at your big people’s table (as defined by you and you’re fellow worthless morons).


            • Couple of pints Magnus.

              Try reading what the last guy did before just jumping on a bandwagon of ‘don’t blame the last guy’

              There’s one fact above you are wrong on…it was the last guys fault this time around!

              And now here’s three more points your miniscule intelligence is wrong on.

              ‘It’s faggots and niggers like you that have gutted America. Nobody respects you other than you and you respect yourself WAY too much. ‘

              I am neither, black, gay or American, not doing too well here are you Magnus.

              Also when you want to get into a war of words with someone try having a vocabulary as resorting to swearing as quick as you can is a handy shortcut for those that know what the hell we are on about know who exactly what kind of an intelligence we are dealing with.

              ‘President NIGGER is a joke.’ – Sadly your original post and your response has shown that you Sir are the only joke here.

              I won’t be wasting my time responding to you so have fun with your little tantrum. It’s always nice to know no matter how bad my day, it will never be as bad as actually being you.


    11. you all are liberal fucktards. Liberal = lazy. you want the government to give you your money because you’re lazy. you treat Clooney like a fucking god, but really his vote is only one. you all are fucking retards.


    12. haha clooney.. enough said


    13. Our problem is that we let the South back into the Union. If we’d just kept them as vassal, non-voting states, their “red” character wouldn’t be polluting our political system.


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