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It is wrong when our own police forces are used to subdue the rights of the people to assemble and speak freely. This was created with respect, honor and solidarity to those citizens who were injured trying to speak out in order to save this country…UC Davis,Denver,Seattle,NYC,Oakland,Los Angeles,Portland,LondonUK,Atlanta,WashingtonDC,and on……

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    1. but but the one percent create jobs, do hate job creators?
      do hate america?


    2. The “one percent” continue to tell people that they are job creators. Really, Where are these jobs that you speak of ??

      Where are your job creators when unemployment is at 9%. I will give you a hint…stuffing their pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars in “bonuses” every year, on top of their outrageous salaries, outsourcing American jobs overseas to exploit cheap labor and dodge taxes, getting bailouts from you and I for crashing the economy and foreclosing on peoples homes.

      The hard working people of this country are cheated and crushed by stagnant wages, increased prices, lack of jobs, tax breaks for the rich, paying for two wars, skyrocketing college tuitions, home foreclosures, and the job creators are all buying new corporate jets and summer homes.

      The people in this country are waking up to this unfairness, why don’t you inform yourself, I mean really LOOK at what’s going on, investigate and listen to both sides and if you still feel that the richest corporations and billionaires in this country care about giving you a job or care about anything but making more and more profits$$$, then get back to me with your findings.


      • oh boy, you must be new here. my advice? don’t respond to anything casemods (numbers shit), cashmods (real casemod?), and last but not least “nobody knows” or anything related to raccoon’s. Those people will attempt to fuck with your head just so you will get multiple brain farts faster than a neutrino.
        I dont think most people will disagree with you, but the ones who do just do that for the fun of messing with you. Mind you they have much better things to do with their life but the moral & psychological egocentric satisfaction they gain by trolling you. So pack your bags and head to your nearest park to protest the 1% 🙂


      • I don’t think you would find anyone that wouldn’t agree that there are problems in America, but what is camping out 24/7 really accomplishing? Are you really bringing the problems to light at this point? Is there reason to believe the 1% or the Government are changing policies to suit the 99%? Is the movement gaining momentum and support from the people?

        You see in order to gain a positive impression people have to be able to identify with you and to actually get their active support they have to see you as part of something bigger than themselves. The positive impression and active support must at this point create results and have a strong defined structure to keep the momentum. On top of this people obviously need a negative impression of what you are trying to change.

        So where does this leave OWS? Well camping out everyday suggests you don’t have a job which is something I cant identify with. You aren’t starving so you are getting money from somewhere, probably parents which I haven’t identified with for quite a few years now. I see a political movement that calls itself a “protest vote” and I cant identify with wanting to vote where that is the primary platform and the candidate looks like she came from a 80s biker movie.

        You guys have committed yourselves to staying camped out until you get what you want and you wont be able to do that and that’t why you will fail. This will unfortunately set the movement of real representation and financial responsibility back because it will be associated with smelly hippies and entitled kids that have nothing better to do.

        I would love to see real change, but this is not how it is going to happen unless unemployment grows to disastrous levels.


        • Here’s what I see, at least from my viewpoint, which is by no means correct, it’s just the way I’m seeing this movement at this moment.

          -The camping out and protests are only a way to bring attention to the concerns. The beginning of a means to an end.
          -I agree that no permanent change will come until the ideas of this movement have been fully formed and realized, and are then given a legislative agenda, however this, I believe, is where the conversation starts.
          -I work as a graphic designer and am a single father, and just one of the many that are supporting this movement in any way they can. I can not be one of those that is out in the streets everyday, those that I have met out there however, are college students, unemployed folks, and those with jobs who managed to get off work for a time, and yeah, some kind hippies and some homeless folks. Every group seems represented.
          -This movement looks unorganized and undefined from the street level, but what really got me on board was what is going on behind the scenes. The networking that is going on worldwide, the ideas and cohesion of involved people forming into work groups in order to solidify themes and push for real working change
          …..I think that this 2month old movement will continue to grow, re-form, and will eventually pressure and legislate for social and economic change in this country, and years from now, if it holds together, and stays true to it’s original purpose, be looked back on as the beginning of something good that pushed this country to what it aspires to become.


      • Muhaha we in South Africa laugh at your puny 9% unemployment rate!


    3. Who, exactly, is being subdued? OWS, which actually does not represent 99% of anything except the literally unwashed, are still out their protesting. What they are not doing anymore however, is occupying and denying the use of areas that belong to ALL people, even the 1%.

      OWS never was a real political force and never will be. Camping out, doing drugs, assaulting people, and crapping in public is not the way to make changes. If you want to do that, you need to do what the Tea Party has done. Hat them and make fun of them if you want, but they got many of their goals accomplished and are still doing so.

      OSW not so much.


      • Yeah, not like camping out ever worked before – like the Vietnam war or maybe Egypt.

        Of course you could always do what the Tea Party has done – sell out the the Koch Brothers and support big oil and tax cuts for the rich.

        I like how the Tea Party was all anti-earmarks, and in 2010 the Tea Party Caucus requested a total of 764 earmarks valued at over a Billion dollars. Nice going on the “small government” front, Tea Party! Grab that cash and make a stash!


    4. There are so many words in this thread!


    5. The problem with OWS is that once you take down the 1%, there will be another 1%. There will ALWAYS be another 1%. And the lower classes will continue to take the 1% down until no one is the 1%. And then what do we have? Cuba? Everybody there be broke-ass niggaz. And even then there is a 1%. Fidel and all his generals control nearly all the money in Cuba because some niggas wanted to take down the 1%.


      • It’s not about taking down the 1%, it’s about repealing the laws that make the 1% so powerful like the “Citizen’s United” decision or the repeal of Glass–Steagall. Laws that allow the rich to control the country with impunity and increase their fortunes immensely while the rest of us starve.
        They’re welcome to the millions they earned honestly – but they’re not welcome to rape the country.


    6. It’s ok to protest, it’s ok to gather, to assemble and all that, but it is not ok to unlawfully tresspass, to obstruct, and / or to do any of the felonious crime that occurs at the protests. Your rights should only extend to the point where you infringe on another’s and not beyond that.


    7. Any legit “Occupy” websites out there I can get summarized information?

      *troll food*


    8. It’s wrong to do their job? They are thugs hired by the 1% to protect the 1%.


    9. Boy, you kids really wish you were relevant, don’t you?

      You wish it was 1966 and there was a draft and a war and your ass was really on the line.

      You would REALLY be cool – your parents would REALLY think you were worth the TWO HUNDRED GRAND they spent for you to major in “Leisure Studies”.

      It’s too bad this “movement” just makes you look like a bunch of assholes.


    10. go to youtube and look up howard stern exposes ows protesters. they’re all idiots just like 99% of people on here


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