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Cray-1 Supercomputer, Bell Labs circa 1976
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Avatar Generations
My Hairy Self
DOOM does as he pleases!
Rare Iridescent Cloud
McClaren MP4-12c
LEGO #6863 Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City
root systems of prairie Plants
High speed tank landing craft
School of Rock Reunion Concert – Jack Black – BEST QUALITY
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Calvin and Hobbes dance
Bull Skull
disco cube
iff jupiter were as far away as the moon
sweeping left turn
The Addams Family
Mini chopper paint – before and after
Talk Dirty to Me.
Awesome Wallpaper
Asami and the FireFerrets
American Ninja
frozen water drain
The first curved desktop monitor
william shatner blows shit up – with his mind
My Steampunk Works….
Pony Puff Girls!
Dancing Groot
Theodore Roosevelt I & V
Happy Awesome Face
Godzilla – Best Summer movie of 2014?
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Kauai, HI Waterfalls
Playing God: Mumystyle
Crisis of Infinite Batmobiles