Project Wonderful

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Discovery waits on Launch Pad 39A on Nov. 5
Smoking Turtle
Theodore Roosevelt I & V
Space Monkey Exo Suit
Deck House
colorful hair
District 9 poster framed (finally)
Stereoscopic Starry Night
Jetpacking away from problems
water powered rotisserie chicken
Valles Marineris
Replicating Nanomachines
AntiStress Station
Saiyan Simpson
anti vandal purse, Russia
Historic Missouri River Bridge
Tiki Watches
braided beard
Community – Dean (Jim Rash) Ambushed by Elevator Paintball Custodians
UNSC Spirit of Fire
japanese house
What we do well vs waht we want to do vs what we can be paid to do
Mt Rainier – pink clouds
2005 vs 2014
Hemi Under Glass
Bindi Irwin with a Bengal Tiger
Tripping on the Pavement
German Mexican Food
Dragon ball z
Google Earth Fractals
Lego Serenity
mudkips in blue
Nightside Saturn
james bond shooters
Sweet grill
Glass Blowers
Fat Bloke
Infinite pool