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marksman_charlie_3695.jpg (205 KB)

silent_hunter_3669.jpg (132 KB)

sniper_3703.jpg (140 KB)

Charlie is five years old.
Her father Mike ( built this Remington 700 in .223 for her.
Ten-round hinged magazine, 2.5-8x Leupold scope. Set up with an A2 flash hider, her rifle wear a Gemtech Halo sound muffler for the moment.

Charlie with Beretta 21

Charlie with her rifle

If Charlie can operate such hardware responsibly (yes, she is under parental supervision) then why would any citizen be unable to do so?

All credit to Oleg Volk and his superb photography

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    85 Responses to Charlie

    1. Ok, everyone can have a gun as long as they’re under parental supervision. Was that your point?


    2. What’s the name of the “Well Regulated Milita” Charlie belongs to?


    3. Maybe everyone should be allowed to handle guns, just not children….apparently.


    4. if i could photoshop, i’d pedo-bear the shit out of these pics.


    5. Congratulations, you have just made the perfect argument for control of guns OR access to guns.

      A child under adult supervision is perfectly able to operate a gun in a responsible manner if the adult supervises them in a responsible manner with said gun. Unless you are in the US when a child can be treated as an adult for murder of course, do look up the case of Jordan Brown who when he was 11 shot and killed Kenzie Houk aged 26 and her unborn child.

      Many adults can operate a gun in a responsible manner, some cannot, the people who are not responsible for thier actions are called crazy by the way. So we can either supervise everyone with a gun and all you gun guys can get paranoid and start shooting? Or we can supervise who gets a gun? You maintain your right to have a gun, fine, I want to stand up for my right not to get shot.


    6. Should Charlie have the right to pack this shit at school?


    7. her father has some fucked up fantasies, building gun for a girl that age? freaking nutjob


      • Who’s the nutjob here? The guy who builds a rifle for his daughter, presumably with her at his side teaching her how to strip and clean the rifle, and then teaches her how to use it? She gains skills that, given her age, could build and she could be a world-class shot and get lots of money. Nobody gets hurt, and she at 5 already has the potential for her living.

        Or is it the guy that looks at all of this and says “WAIT A SECOND THAT’S TOTALLY FUCKED UP” with absolutely no supporting evidence other than “Oh look it’s a gun it must be wrong because that’s what my mommy told me”.


        • yeah, let’s give all kids guns, acutally they should teach them to shoot in the kindergardens, there are no evidence that guns lead to deaths and injuries, so why not? lots of money for everyone. the only thing i see here is a guy who has unhealthy gun fetish and he is clearly abusing his daughter by involving her in this nonsence. 5 freaking years old kid handling rifles and pistols?? unbelievable…


          • You’ve probably never even seen a fucking gun.

            Relax, cunty. CNN has been lying to you.


            • what are you talking about? what a trolling garbadge you are.


            • Look habib some people use guns regularly and just because you’ve only seen them in the movies doesn’t mean that’s there only use.

              It’s like you’re looking at a picture of a guy teaching his daughter to drive but you’ve only seen them in movies and your reaction is ‘well that’s dangerous. She’ll be racing around fleeing from the police since that’s all I’ve seen cars used for’.

              I’m sorry your village elder took your guns. I’m assuming you’re from some buttfuck hole in the earth place based on your grammar. You could just be retarded I don’t know or care. Point being: you’re wrong and you need to get out more.


          • You’re really underestimating the intelligence of kids here, you know. I know that giving a pistol to a kid and letting him run around is safe, but if you give them a weapon and tell them that 1) pointing it at anybody could kill them and b) tell me if anything seems off about it, then they’ll get the point. The father probably drilled those two points into her skull from the time he told her what a gun was until the fifth time down at the range.

            On the other hand, I would not feel safe around you if you had a firearm. You obviously know not to shoot someone, but given your obvious lack of inexperience, you would probably misfire the weapon at some point and god knows if you’d be disciplined enough to have it be pointing downrange when it happens.


          • It could be worse: he could be enrolling her to a toddler beauty pageant.


        • The nutjob is the guy that hands a deadly weapon to his child rather than not handing a deadly weapon to his child. You protect your child, you do not put them in combat. The other crazy guy of course is the one who wants to defend the idea!


      • korinthian is only scared of LOADED guns, and he can tell which ones to be afraid of at a glance!


    8. I will never understand why Americans are so fond of their guns. Using them in shooting ranges, hunting and similar situations makes sense, but who in their right mind would need a gun when they’re out and about? The idea alone is sick.


    9. Great job, dad, you made her a lesbian!

      That’s not sarcasm, btw.


    10. Pedobear will just have to wait until she’s sleeping and trap her hands before she can get the glock that’s under her pillow.


    11. A child trained in firearm safety…how is that bad? Trust, confidence, and respect for dangerous things are pretty good qualities to start learning early….

      You desire the “Right not go get shot”…you should also reserve the right not to get run over by a car, stabbed by a mugger, attacked by a wild dog, raped, or set on fire. These acts are not performed by lawful responsible firearm owners….


    12. rabble rabble rabble guns……rabble rabble rabble kids……

      can’t help but visualize a South Park town meeting 🙂


    13. Well, if this isn’t fair grounds for mixed feelings…

      Sure, no age is too young to learn about gun safety and how to safely handle a gun, but I wonder if giving a gun to a child, even allowing him/her to handle it only when propperly supervised is a good idea. Adults don’t usually allow children to come across pornography (with varying degrees of success) for a reason, regardless of supervision, even after they’ve told them about the birds and the bees.

      In any case, better that she learns about guns from a parent than in a gang war.

      Cute kid, by the way.


    14. What better way to teach a child to live in fear and strip away their innocence? Gotta love a parent who can’t protect their own child and let her actually be 5 years old.

      The only reason you will ever need to be armed is to fight back against those who oppress you. However due to the monetary system creating social status and false ‘wealth’, folk now use arms to rob, kill competition, and defend their illegal practices (that they started due to the potential for wealth and status). So now you’re all shit scared of each other, armed against each other, and are completely ignorant to how you got in this position in the first place. How pathetic it all is.
      One day this girl will probably shoot herself due to overwhelming sadness from dealing with life-long anxiety and being robbed of the only time in your life where you live without worry. This isn’t ‘education’, it’s fear mongering and putting power and control in an external object, and at 5 years old you should be teaching strength of will, character and identity first.


      • I’m not quite sure you understand whats going on in these photos…. This is marksmanship….it is fun… Other forms of marksmanship include darts, paintball, bb guns, airsoft, video games and archery. If you put a bow in her hands you realize your argument sounds silly…. You seem to be psychologically projecting…


        • Dress it any way you want, she’s using a weapon. She should be playing hopscotch.


          • Seriously though, do you remember what it’s like to be 5 years old? It’s not just ‘marksmanship’ if she’s properly educated, because if she’s properly educated, she will be taught that guns have the capacity to kill. Why does she need to learn to aim? So when the time comes that she actually needs to defend herself, she’ll kill them with a straight shot, right? Things aren’t black and white, there is logical underpinnings to everything in existence, you fucking fool.


          • I wasn’t much older when I started studying martial arts. I was BECOMING a weapon. Replace “gun” in your argument with any other weapon, and it’s ridiculousness is revealed. A discipline of any kind helps to build respect, dedication and understanding. I bet she’s very happy to be doing this.


            • Do your legs accidentally fire off and kill people? Shut up dickhead.

              Since badlarry ignored that, I’m assuming he doesn’t understand what I mean by logical underpinning.

              Inform child that guns kill as part of educated. Child will figure that is the purpose of their existence (to either intimidate or kill shit).
              ‘Why do they exist Daddy?’

              Because the world is fucked, and you should be prepared.
              BANG, INNOCENCE GONE.

              Btw, I’ve been taught how to use a gun and have guns in my family, so I’m not an uneducated hippy fool. Enjoy your head up your ass, I hope you get shot by a 7 year old who can’t be prosecuted. I will laaaaugh my ass off.


            • I’m sorry, but anyone who describes themselves as a weapon deserves ridicule.

              I just pointed at your post and laughed mockingly.


            • Wow you’re fucked up.

              Who has been scaring the shit out of you?

              Why do knives exist daddy?


              Is that how you envision everything?

              Daddy how come the car works off of a combustible engine?


              Logical underpinning are also called variables and introducing phantom ones to support your delusional perspective is a sign of pathetic desperation.

              Why are you typing out your shit like you’re in the 19th century?

              “How pathetic it all is.”

              It looks like an easy way yo spot the mentally feeble is their strange attempts to sound smarter than they are. You can’t even use a comma (much like your fellow twits on here).

              If you’re not on pills you should be. Or maybe if you are you should up the dosage?


          • You must be medicated or something. Hopscotch? Man what fucking decade have you traveled to in your mind this time?

            He nailed it. You’re projecting. Maybe if you had learned to use a gun you would have been able to stop whoever touched your naughty places when you were little and you wouldn’t be such an irrational bitch now?


    15. If Charlie can operate such hardware responsibly (yes, she is under parental supervision) then why would any citizen be unable to do so?

      Wait, we’re advocating that children should own guns now? Can we get it straight with out adult population first?


    16. If you don’t like it go to Russia.


    17. Pro-gun nuts have their head so far up their own ass they have to yawn to fart.
      Giving a some hick girl gun training in some backwoods shithole may be fine in your fucking insane world, but where I grew up/live there is NOT A SINGLE CHILD (and very few adults) that could be trusted with this shit, I don’t care how “supervised” they are.

      Or do we think that FEDERAL laws only govern our inbred neck of the woods?

      Go back to fapping to your fantasy dystopia, the adults have a budget to balance.


      • A budget? With the population sop deeply in debt, I think you need a different alternative activity.

        And just because the people where you live are idiots unable to master a simple device and four basic safety rules doesn’t diminish the right of any citizen to arm themselves however they damn well please.

        Think of this:
        Assuming you are a citizen, I would trust you to responsibly own and carry a handgun on your person as you please … and yet you can’t extend that trust to others because you lack it for yourself in the first place. Stop projecting your own insecurities on the adults out here in the real world, we have stuff to do without your hand-wringing and self-doubt getting in the way.


    18. Kinder of the Gun….for those of you whom can wrap their heads around the concept, but feel like being an adult and seeing another point of view logically.


    19. With an instructor looking on, the 8-year-old boy at a gun fair aimed the Uzi at a pumpkin and pulled the trigger as his dad reached for a camera. He lost control, fatally shooting himself in the head.


      • That can’t be true, parental supervision makes you invincible!


      • Maybe if he started teaching him when he was 5 he wouldn’t have lost control of the gun. Great video?

        Oh I heard about this kid who was skateboarding and got hit by a car. Time to ban skateboards.

        In fact if he really loved our kids we’d never have them at all. That’s the only real way to protect them from dying.

        You’re a smart guy and I have a feeling you’ll go far in life.

        *pats the top of your head*


    20. Just wait till Charlie gets cheated on by a boyfriend and she goes on a killing spree with her guns.

      Swords are better. Gun nuts are annoying. “This little girl can shoot guns safely, therefore guns are totally safe.”Oh STFU!!!


    21. Seems like most you have forgotten everything about your own childhood. As far as I can say every kid or teenager has an emotional outburst from time to time and I would say most of them forget about everything their parents said to them even if they “drilled those two points into her skull”. When your angry you just rely to your basic instincts until you have enough experiences with the consequences of your actions. I would say only a handful of boys or girls get this experience before they become 15 while some never get it. We like to call those guys “crazy”.
      There were enough cases where teenagers who were in gun clubs and by this perfectly trained in gun safety etc. got just this depressed and angry about the world that they forgot about their training and started shooting everyone. I think in most cases hardly anyone would be able to recognize their feelings.
      Therefore I am for the strict control of weapons. If you must you can have them as a sports-equipment or as a hunting tool but there should be a test of your responsibility and qualification and a age limitation. This will not solve the case, I’, pretty aware of this but it will help to reduce cases of am amok and armed robbery.
      Sure every object can be used as a weapon but I think we agree in the case that it is harder to hurt or kill someone from 10 meters with a pan or a knife than with a pistol.


    22. What people don’t get is that Bad Guys get guns REGARDLESS of legality. Its called the black market.

      By taking away people’s right to bear arms, your simply tilting the balance of power to the criminals and gangsters by stripping the common man’s ability to defend itself.


      • We have all heard this argument, and we *get* it. It’s the morons out there we’re mostly worried about.

        You don’t need lethal force to defend yourself, btw.


      • Sounds plausible, but the facts don’t bear it out. Hawaii and Massachusetts have the lowest gun ownership rates in the US, and the lowest number of gun related deaths and lowest crime rates.

        If the “balance of power” is tilted, why don’t the criminals all go to Hawaii and Massachusetts where they know the citizens are less likely to be armed?

        Do I need to compare the crime rates in England and the Netherlands against Columbia or Mexico?

        Wouldn’t it be safer to move to Somalia, where firearms are completely unregulated and you can defend yourself with impunity? By your argument, you would be really safe in Somalia. You’re risking your life in a place like Hawaii.

        Guns are a tool, they make things easier. One of the main things they make easier is crime.


        • Well, in Hawaii criminals have nowhere to run 🙂


        • England has a soaring crime rate. Compare away.

          Colombia and Mexico could be gun free but still violent. Its called extreme poverty and desperation.

          Somalia is a war zone because of political corruption. Something the people could help with if they were allowed guns. Legal yes. Allowed by people who aren’t on the government’s payroll? Nope.

          Massachusetts and Hawaii have lower crime rates in general not just gun related. You’re ignoring every other variable there.

          Guns don’t make crime easier at all. How does a gun make it easier to break into a house? Use your brain. Crime comes from poverty not from guns.


    23. So is this the Charlie they were looking for in Vietnam? 😛


    24. Question: How many of you have conceal-carry permits actually regularly carry your gun every time (or most of the time) you leave your house?


      • Answer:
        I do, except when I’m @ work with metal detectors, armed guards, and an effective controlled area.

        And needing a permit is an infringement, EVERY citizen has the right to arm themselves along with a responsibility for any injury or damage they may cause with vehicles, bare hands, tools or even a weapon.


    25. No, I’m against any regulation based on possession rather than actions. It extends well beyond weaponry.

      We trust our citizens to operate 3000# battering rams in formation at speeds of 65mph+ within feet of opposing streams of motorized occupied battering rams … but they can’t be trusted to own/operate a simple combustion-propelled lead launcher? They can’t be trusted to own/operate certain bladed tools? They can’t be trusted to stay at home and utilize recreational chemistry?

      Firearms are tools, demonizing them is silly and points to larger issues.


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