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I love this stuff

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    74 Responses to Krav Maga

    1. Yeah, who needs a fist when you can just use your gun, eh?


    2. Knife defense is both fun and scary as hell. Never tried Krav Mega but definitely looks as fun as Ninjutsu. But Ninjutsu has tradition.


    3. too bad none of that stuff works in REAL LIFE


    4. My instructor would always tell us that the best way to get out of trouble is to not be in it in the first place.


    5. Yeah, I’ve trained in it on and off for years. Mixed with a dash of BJJ.

      My instructor always says the same thing when we do knife or gun training.


      • Just a word of caution here folks: Take any advice about martial arts with a grain of salt.

        The vast majority of Martial Arts instructors have never used there stuff in a real fight. They’ll act like they know what they’re talking about, but most of the time they’re just repeating what someone else told them.

        I’m not picking on Krav here. This applies to all Martial Arts. The better martial artists out there will have at least done some sparring, but even that doesn’t cover everything. Nothing does. There is no substitute for the real thing, and you can never prepare for everything.

        Basically, there’s a huge gulf between theory and practice.


        • Ian, I didn’t mean to reply directly to you. I accidentally hit the reply button. I’m not singling you out or anything.

          I meant to just add an extra entry in this thread.


        • You’re an idiot. Again.

          Your lack of point was already addressed in this thread. Learn to read, dicklover.


          • I see you’re going back into your fantasy land again. The only person to directly respond to me before you was Korinthian, and he agreed with me.

            It’s pretty hard for me to read something that doesn’t exist. Even you, with your flimsy grasp of reality, have to admit that.

            Oh wait, you’re just making up shit again.

            When you respond, quote the exact post you think directly addressed my so called lack of a point.

            I await the train wreck that is your backwards logic.


            • Why do you insist on laying down rules. Are you really that pathetic? Holy shit. Your post that was responded to has no point you fucking assclown.

              That Korinthian kid agreed with you and THAT’S your backup? HE’S RETARDED!

              Making up shit? Yes I am making up that you are making shit up. That makes sense. You are smart like dumptruck.

              Backwards logic?

              You’re a fucking idiot. Want the post that already addressed your pussy ass non-point?

              “markosabo says: : 8 7 (+1)
              January 22, 2011 at 12:53 am
              too bad none of that stuff works in REAL LIFE
              Kishi says: : 3 7 (-4)
              January 22, 2011 at 1:05 am
              Isreali special forces probably doesn’t give a shit about your skepticism.
              sambo78 says: : 3 0 (+3)
              January 24, 2011 at 12:56 am
              Too bad they don’t.
              Skepticism is a valuable tool.
              ian356094 says: : 1 3 (-2)
              January 22, 2011 at 1:10 am
              Krav Maga does work in real life, if you have a real qualified instructor.
              Nowadays, lots of TKD instructors tend to just pick up a KM book and call themselves KM experts and start teaching.
              KM works because its very basic and simple. The moves are meant to be rough around the edges so that in a fight, there is no ‘perfect punch or kick’, but you have a very rough guideline hammered into your reflexes on how to give the most effective attack.
              Puulaahi says: : 3 0 (+3)
              January 22, 2011 at 1:10 am
              If you train long enough and keep it real. Most definitely works in real life.
              Puulaahi says: : 1 1 (0)
              January 22, 2011 at 1:49 am
              Besides the true martial artist avoids violence, but is always prepared when there is no other option but to fight.
              Korinthian says: : 0 5 (-5)
              January 22, 2011 at 2:29 pm
              A true martial artist makes a lot of money in the octagon and lives violence every day!
              8===========>——- your face says: : 1 6 (-5)
              January 22, 2011 at 3:37 pm
              Korinthian says: : 0 1 (-1)
              January 22, 2011 at 3:41 pm
              I bet you live violence each day too, Navi!
              8===========>——- your face says: : 0 6 (-6)
              January 22, 2011 at 3:39 pm
              Maybe not your life but its not designed to help you punch buttons on a cash register with any more efficiency.
              Tyger42 says: : 0 2 (-2)
              January 23, 2011 at 8:30 pm
              Got a friend who would be more than happy to illustrate exactly how wrong you are.
              sambo78 says: : 0 2 (-2)
              January 24, 2011 at 1:29 am
              My dad can beat up your dad.


              You’re a fucking idiot. I can’t say it enough. Casemods is a better person than you.


    6. I love second pic, real “gunfight”.


    7. you know what i think the problem is? when a person wants to assassinate another person they always want to hear them talk just to know what their ….last words? last thoughts? answer to the question? A simple fact: the more longer you hold a gun to your enemy the bigger chance you will fail. As soon as you see that person, just shoot him on the spot and continue. never give them the opportunity to pull some shit like this


    8. Been training in TKD and Hap Ki Do for around 11 years now. I’ve picked up lessons in MMA style fighting (stand up and ground) as well as Krav Maga. If you have a base in another martial art, but don’t care for all the flashy, gymnastic feels of it, KM is very interesting to train in. Some of the rules it follows (everything is permitted once in a fight) don’t suit our society however. I’ve seen people fake a stomp to a man’s throat after overpowering the guy, and that would get you in jail for murder around here.


    9. Its the Mossad’s created martial art from a bunch of others like kung fu and savat etc. Its all for killing not so much fighting. The gun defense starts with a throat punch and ends with you shooting the guy with his own gun. My friend took a course that he said was with a real instructor because as stated above there are no shortage of people who claim they know it but are really just reading from a book or something. He said it was the most painful training he’d ever done and he’s tried a tonne of different fighting styles. That got me interested but I haven’t gone for a class yet. gf and I have it booked though.


      • Their is a lot of knife defense where you make the opponent cut themselves with their own hand too. Gun defense is all about controlling the direction of the barrel. Once that is out of the way, time to play.

        If you aren’t going home with bruises and bleeding. You aren’t training correctly. My Ninjutsu is that way. My instructors beat the shit at me. You have to be a masochist to some degree to train with us. The better I get, the harder the instructors hit me too.


        • Broken toes, fractured knee cap, dislocated shoulder, split knuckles, busted lip, concussion, and crushed fingers are some of the injuries I’ve accumulated over the years, I still go, and my girlfriend says I’m a masochist.

          Gun defense is actually easier than knife, you only have to worry about a single point (the end of the barrel) and a pistol is fairly easy to use to break the guys fingers. The only problem is getting close enough, and be fast enough to do the actual technique.


    10. Lol, someone keeps going down the comments and downvoting everything anti gun.


    11. Most (I say most not all) Krav Maga has too much compliant training to be effective training.

      A friend of mine trained Krav for about 4 years. One day we decided to see if he could disarm a non-compliant opponent.

      We gave my friend, who had no martial arts training, and gave him and airsoft pistol. We basically told him to not let Ami( my friend who did KM) take the gun away from him.

      Ami tried about 10 times, and only succeeded once.

      The moral is reality is a bitch, and the person with a gun has a huge advantage no matter who you are.


      • Good point.

        The compliant training comment reminds me of the videos I’ve seen of Steven Seagal when he takes on roomfuls of people that run towards him with wrists extended.


      • Oh ya?

        And how hard did your friend Ami punch your friend in the throat, douchebag?

        You are completely full of shit.

        Did Ami remember to break your friend’s finger with the trigger? No? Not even once in the ten times?


        Was your magical pony who keeps your step father out of your room at night there? He was!!

        Well no wonder you weren’t scared.

        Reality is not something you should ever comment on let alone try to educate others about.


        • I see you’re ready for some rational discussion as usual.

          It doesn’t matter what Ami tried to do. He couldn’t get close enough to touch my friend before being hit with an airsoft round.

          The only time the disarm worked was when we had Ami try to disarm my friend when he wasn’t pointing the gun directly at Ami.

          You’re so insecure and defensive. How old are you?


          • Are you retarded? So your little experiment had the guy out of arms reach pointing the gun and you’re surprised your friend couldn’t disarm him?

            Part of the training is waiting for the right moment or simply not waiting at all but use what little brain you have. It can’t make you fucking teleport.

            Jesus the only God in heaven you’re a fucking retard.


            • Your argumentative as usual, but you pretty much repeated my point.

              What’s the deal? You’re not even disagreeing with me now. You’re just repeating my point that the gun disarms only work under specific conditions.

              How do you live a regular life if you’re this petty and insecure?

              If I told you a dollar is 100 pennies, you’d start screaming and yelling NO YOU FAGGOT A DOLLAR IS 10 DIMES.


    12. once again people on the internets talking about things like they know a thing or two, when they actually dont…

      sambo78 speaks the truth

      its all bullshit

      if someone has the intention of shooting you with a gun theyre going to do it behind your back or before you even get near them, if someone has a knife, in a hussle youre bound the get slashed and stabbed

      krav maga works on the idea that the person with the knife is an idiot and comes towards you in a simple predictable movement, which in real life, in a real fight, is rarely the case, especially when you get someone who knows what to do to dominate a person with two or even one hand, it doesnt take much, person grabs your neck and throws you around starts stabbing you wheres your krav maga then


      • The first sentence sounded good. The rest you sound like a complete hypocrite. Nice job!


      • No you are 100% wrong. And spoken like a true coward behind a computer btw (as you accused everyone else of being).

        This is as effective training as you can get for defending yourself when the option is available. Talking about someone shooting you in the back is inane. You wouldn’t be able to block it? noooooo reallallalay?

        Krav Maga works on the idea that the user isn’t a fag so its not for you.

        Your posited scenario doesn’t even make sense.

        You sound like you’re maybe 15 and scared of the world.


        • You’re so sad, Navi.

          No one is saying the Krav sucks. They’re offering up some objective criticism.

          But you can’t handle it, and you overreact like you always do.

          Tell me, what is the extent of your training in martial arts?


          • “its all bullshit”

            That get past you? Its tough to bullshit when there is a paper trail right above where you’re typing isn’t it you fucking moron?

            “its all bullshit”

            In case you missed it again. No one is saying it sucks?

            “its all bullshit”

            Hang on….

            “its all bullshit”

            See it yet?

            He has no point to make. He’s probably 300 pounds of sad and lonely. Then again you probably are too.

            Learn to use a comma. It’s a consistent mistake online made by retards like you.


            • You’re trying to correct grammar now? You’re so pretentious.

              Here’s a quote from you earlier in the thread:

              “Maybe not your life but its not designed to help you punch buttons on a cash register with any more efficiency.”

              Now corrected for grammar:

              “Maybe not your life, but it’s not designed to help you punch buttons on a cash register with any more efficiency.”



              Commas are not for implying a pause. Simpletons just do that because… (btw that’s how you imply as pause in a sentence) you’re simple. You’re just not very smart.

              In your fucking asinine ‘corrected’ version you are stating the subject as Maybe not your life. You are a retard.

              I am not even 1% unsure about this. I probably completed more education than you can hope for in the time it took you to complete your GED.

              Now fuckoff.


    13. Navi, there’s no reply button on your post, so I had to reply lower in the thread.

      I ask for a post, and you regurgitate half the thread. Not one post in the thread you regurgitated address my point.

      I don’t even think you have the reading comprehension to understand my point. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what you think I’m saying?

      I await your bullshit.


      • Holy shit you’re stupid.

        The whole thread starts and is all about the exact same point you fuckwit retard.

        Try reading it. Maybe write it out. Then read it again.

        You asked where the subject was already discussed and I showed you. Now all you’ve done is show you’re too fucking stupid to work around the page geography limits of the post threads. See example above where I somehow managed to address you even though your post doesn’t have a reply button.

        You really are a useless little fag.


        • My points were the following. I’ll repeat them since your reading comprehension is lower than usual:

          1. The person with a gun has a huge advantage.

          2. Realistic training against a non-compliant individual is valuable for assessing the effectiveness of something.

          3. Manny martial arts instructors have never used their skills outside of thier gym/dojo, so it’s advisable to take their advise with a grain of salt.

          The posts you repeated were varying opinions on whether Krav Maga “works”. It doesn’t really address anything.

          Of course, even the slightest criticisms of you sacred cow is intolerable.

          That’s some deep insecurity you have there, Navi.


          • Since the reply buttons are disappearing again, I’ll respond here to your fabricated grammar rules.


            lol capslock.

            “Commas are not for implying a pause. Simpletons just do that because… (btw that’s how you imply as pause in a sentence) you’re simple. You’re just not very smart.”

            I didn’t say they were. Please stop making straw man arguments. If you’re as educated as you say you are, you should know better than that. It makes you look ignorant.

            Also, the while you were correct about the ellipsis, it is mostly used to denote committed information. Using it like you did is ok, but it’s usually only used to represent informal speech.

            Commas are used to separate independent clauses when they use the following: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet.

            They are also used to separate introductory clauses and phrases, as is the case with your sentence.

            At least I was nice enough to not pick on your terrible sentence construction.

            Navi, grammar has rules. These rules are well established and widely known.

            Blatantly making up new rules makes you look like a fool.

            “In your fucking asinine ‘corrected’ version you are stating the subject as Maybe not your life. You are a retard.”

            No I didn’t. I was separating your introductory sentence fragment.

            “I am not even 1% unsure about this. I probably completed more education than you can hope for in the time it took you to complete your GED.”

            Considering you’re a compulsive liar and a sociopath, and considering you just took another chance to lie about me, I highly doubt you have the capacity to be honest about your education.

            “Now fuckoff.”

            You should take your own advise.


        • Btw, are you gay?

          Studies have shown that there is a correlation between homophobic displays and homosexuality.

          Basically, the more homophobic someone is, the more likely it is that they actually harbor homosexual impulses.

          I’m asking since you love to use fag as a derogatory term so frequently. It kinda makes me wonder.

          I mean, if you’re gay, that’s ok. It’s fun to watch you overreact to every little thing, but I won’t give you any trouble if your gay.


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