The Truth!

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and then they have the audacity to argue with nonbelievers that have actually read the bible..

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    76 Responses to The Truth!

    1. It’s funny cause it’s true.


    2. It is a sweeping generalization, sure, but if you say an incredible majority of Christians doesn’t inherit its religion (without thinking about it) from its parents, then you are a liar.

      This is not how real truth is passed on, this is the way of superstition.


    3. Scrolls to bottom and clicks “agree”


    4. Well at least they’re singling out Christians again. *rolls eyes*

      This picture is fucking stupid. Of all religions Christianity is one of the least damaging so stfu just because you’re own country’s people suddenly scare you cause you’re a fag.


      • The harm done by Christianity isn’t the point of the picture, Mags. It is the ignorance that most Christians have about their defining sacred book.

        But to your point, Christianity does more harm in the North America than Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or any other religion.

        Why won’t you come out of the closet? Because, as you put it, “you’re own country’s people suddenly scare you cause you’re [sic] a fag.”


        • Why does their religion bother you and why are you such a raging fucking queer?

          Christianity does not do more harm than Judaism. Check your facts, stupid. Christianity is harmless unless you’re a loser. Like you. I have no issue with Christians.

          Christians are great. Upstanding right wing voters. And they’re most of your country.

          I’m glad they rule America and that their numbers are growing so rapidly. It makes America strong again and hopefully one day people like you won’t even be welcome there anymore.



          • I keep forgetting that when it comes to American politics, its all tin foil hat nuttery from you. I’m not sure why I’m trying with you.

            Right wing Christians are to blame for our Israel policy, hoping to see Israel become the trigger for the return of Jesus. They treat the Iraq war as a religious war and crusade and still can’t figure out that Iraq didn’t attack us on 9/11. The Christian right wastes school district money on lawsuits that always come when they try to teach scripture as history or creationism as science. They fight against the right to abortion, but get abortions themselves (its different). They fight environmental law because Jesus is coming back soon, so why bother taking care of the world?

            And the only reason that the religious right only came after gays and lesbians when it became unfashionable to attack blacks and interracial couples. But they think you are OK. They love conservative closet cases.

            Yeah, clearly Christians are harmless, but Jews are the problem. Jews! JEWS! JOOOOOOS!

            And religion is slowly becoming less important in the US. A great right winger once said, “Facts are stupid things.”


            • Um dumbshit I’m the one who told you why Christians support Israel.


              If they didn’t buy from America they’d buy from someone else you stupid fuck.

              You’re not sure why you’re trying? Nobody is because you’re completely full of shit.

              I know you’re hell bent on me being gay for some reason. Its creepy and weird. It also doesn’t even register most of the time because all it does is serve as a shining example of how fucking dumb you are.

              I’m also the one who typed JOOOOS on here. What are you my biggest fucking fan?

              Fuckoff. I hope some redneck shitkicks your faggot ass into a coffin.

              Praise Jesus our lord and savior and murder anyone who disagrees.

              😀 again


            • So you can’t respond to why Christians are bad for the US. And your explanation as to why Christians support Israel was full of crazy conspiracy theories and full of non sequiturs like your “if they didn’t buy” line. What on Earth is that in reference to?

              Just claim that you did everything first. Right.

              Nobody as obsessed with gay people as you are isn’t gay. You just can’t get over it. Its obvious.


      • “Least damaging”. I like how you put that. I’m not sure if I agree, largely because Christianity helps spread aids in Africa, blocks stem cell research, discriminates and helps pedophiles score.

        There are *tons* of religions that do less harm than yours. Jesus would be weeping if he existed.


      • Then: Crusades, Inquisitions, Reformation.

        Now: Hate speech, domestic terrorism, religious expansion as foreign policy.

        Least damaging? Take a look at the Shakers.


    5. Actually, it’s a worse scenario than that. Most Christians I know will admit that they don’t agree with, or believe, certain parts of the Bible. They are actively only taking from it what they like, what makes them feel good….and yet, they still look down on everyone else. If you don’t follow your religion religiously, why frown on me?


    6. Waaaaaaa!

      Christians waaaa! Cracks me up, this site. You always see people posting things, bashing Christians. You never see Christians posting religious stuff. Seems to me like the Atheists are the ones that can’t handle someone else having a different belief.


    7. @Gary Scenario:
      Also remember that the bible isn’t a miraculous book. It is penned, compiled and edited by men. Do I believe in the parables and stories of the bible to be true events, such as the story of Jonah and the Whale? No. Do I believe that the lessons of morality that can be found in the bible are guiding lights for my life, yes. Do I pick and choose, yes. Does it make me a non-believer in God or a bad Christian, no. Do I look down on other people, no. Do the parts that I take make me feel good, no, actually they make me feel bad that I often fail to live up to such simple principles as care for the sick, the homeless and the needy.


    8. It’s so cool and trendy to be an atheist and dis Christians. Then again we just take it and keep moving on. I’m waiting on a few brave atheists to dis Islam. Until then they just don’t impress me much.


      • This picture also applies to Muslims.

        Oh wow, I guess I’m one of those brave atheists that can dis Islam just as much as everyone on TV complaining about the mosque/community center near Ground Zero.

        Your argument has been noted, but it’s been found lacking.


      • Fuck Islam and fuck that pedophile Mohamed with a pig dick. Is that the flavor of blasphemy you wanted? Also

        Muslims make up less than 1% of the population in the US. Pardon us for not concentrating on what you want us to.

        Muslims have a legal and constitutional right to build their mosque on whatever private property that they like. I’ll defend that right. I’ll also fight to prevent encroachment of sharia law on US law as an attack on the 1st Amendment.


        • You’re a better man/woman than I am. I would so not defend the building of any church/mosque, etc. Well, at least not in any get-off-the-couch kind of way.


        • Nice. That’s what I call integrity.


        • How would you defend anything you fucking idiot?

          Throw your purse at someone?

          So you argument is that you are okay with attacking a group because they’re more familiar to you?

          You never cease to be the biggest fucking idiot on this site.

          btw: I think he meant the kind of misplaced sincere attacks like the ones we always see on this site. Not some condescending half assed sentence.


        • Man, I don’t care who you insult, but Christians are an easy target. We don’t get violent as a rule, so you have little to no consequence for your words and actions. Islam on the other hand, just start putting those kinds of posters up and insulting it in public and see how long you go before you end up hurt or dead. It’s easy to be tough online. Try it in the real world sometime.

          As to building the mosque. They have a right to build it anywhere they wish (within the law – zoning restrictions are legal and have been around forever – but just because you have a right to do something, doesn’t mean it is the smart or right thing to do.


          • I know personal experience is a poor argument, but in talking with people in public about religion I have never been struck by a Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, et cetera. You know who I’ve been struck by? Christians. Twice.

            When you talk about putting up posters and insulting Islam in public, are you talking about doing it in the United States? Because Muslims in the US generally don’t take to the streets and threaten people here, they tend to hide indoors and cower in fear. Maybe you should go outside and observe the situation yourself instead of getting all of your facts from the TV or internet.


      • I have a shirt with just the guy on the right on it (, Muhammed. I wear it in public and like to get into discussions with irate Muslims (I’m always surprised how many people recognize the image) about why they think their religion extends to me, too. Sure, it’s a bit belligerent, but I’m not verbally rude or anything.

        Cool and trendy to dis Christianity? I haven’t been cool since middle school. Waiting for a few brave atheists to dis Islam? Read/watch Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, because they’ve been doing it for decades.


    9. Its 3rd grade all over again, if one insults these mohammed like religion’s they will threaten to kill you/kill you, the christian faith has been mocked at for ages, but ya dont see christians declaring war against those who say it sucks or whatever

      ppl tend to continue to insult the koran etc. cuz they know they rage at each insult made and we just find that entertaining


    10. Ground zero church launches with anti-Muslim, anti-Mormon sermon


    11. In the Bible… “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” and Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father, except through me.”

      Some of the most important verses in the Bible…try not to scroll past them.

      Accept Jesus or reject Him, it is your choice.


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