Some random photos of myself and my tank

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Tanker.JPG (2 MB)

Tank cannon, up close and personal.JPG (2 MB)

Some old photos of me when I first started to learn how to walk again, as well as some pics from me on my second deployment back in 2005 – 2006.
I’ll post some other ones in the NSFW section, just in case.

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    95 Responses to Some random photos of myself and my tank

    1. are you still active duty?

      I just heard a piece on NPR talking about a dude that has both his legs removed and went back and was doing combat patrols and shit


    2. well this post answers my question.

      thanks for your legs, bro. srry you had to give them to us. D:


    3. good stuff and thanks a million for doin what ya do. I’m a civi but i’d fight along side ya’ll any day every day. I can’t help but take notice of your rifle, M1A correct? Reason for carrying that vs the more common AR? Even though it’s not as modular, given the choice I would take an M1A or socom over an AR. I may be completely wrong in this, but I would guess that M1A is less prone to failures than a more modular weapon. Also, I like the bigger bullet. Remember, I have no military or combat experience so when it comes to small arms choices, I’m gonna go with what you have to say.


      • “I’m a civi but i’d fight along side ya’ll any day every day”

        then why dont you join up and murder poor people yourself?


        • Maybe its not his choice, but if he were forced to, he would. Or maybe hes just trying to show his admiration and respect to a member of our armed services. Then again, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about, so do me a gigantic favor would you? Go to Iraq of Afghanistan, and tell one of the dudes with a beard and a gun that you don’t like him because of the way he oppresses the people of his country and murders innocent civilians because they don’t agree with him. At least we try to limit their deaths to the people shooting at us, but your view is so distorted that when their weapon hits the ground, they suddenly become civies again and we shouldn’t have done that. Another thing, did you miss all the bombings these Al-Qaida fucks are doing to innocent people IN OTHER countries, because they do what they think is wrong? You know, we may have invaded the country harboring those responsible for an attack on our own soil, but at least we don’t bomb innocent people in a pub watching a soccer game because tv is “wrong” Orwell did his best to try and warn us about people like you, I take it you think Big Brother is a wonderful idea huh?

          Thank you, and good night.


          • “Orwell did his best to try and warn us about people like you, I take it you think Big Brother is a wonderful idea huh?”

            1984 was a warning against people who are concerned about poor people dying in wars are about nothing more than oil? I’ll to read that one again…I thought he was against global oppression, war and material greed but maybe I’m reading to much into it.

            If you think that these wars are about anything other than oil then you are big brothers bitch. If you think that the solider who submitted these pictures gave his legs to the ‘people’ instead of the rich cunts who want the oil then you are big brothers bitch. If you think that scores of innocent people are not killed by are forces then you are plain stupid.

            I respect the solider who submitted these images if he thought he was helping the ‘people’. I respect him for being brave and not bitching about his loss. But I accept that the loss of his legs (or any others) has made the world a better or safer place. I would have not preferred this guy to stay at home and keep his legs. How far would big brother get if there were no soldiers to fight his wars?

            You replied out of anger without even thinking about what where saying. Next time take a moment to think about who is charge on this planet and if they really give a fuck about you, me, civilians or the solider who has lost his legs. They dont care…they just want the oil and the power that comes with it. WAKE UP


        • I would myself but having an auto-immune disease won’t let me into the military.


          • asthma. or you could fail your MEPS tests. not everyone who wants to serve gets to. you have to be healthy enough, then you have to pass basic training. it’s not that hard, but not everyone makes it through. also, then you have to do your AIT (advanced individual training), where you learn to do the job (MOS) you signed up to do.

            so you can fail at any strategic part of that, and you get discharged. at the MEPS station, you have to pass all this crazy shit, and if you don’t make it through a few of those, you will not be accepted.


        • I AM showing my respect to our (assuming your American) armed services. Although not debilitating, a previous injury has made me not applicable for combat with our military. Finally, I currently service the equipment that saves the lives of our military men and woman so they can continue hunting those who “murder poor people”. As has been stated in another reply, we are not the ones setting off explosives in busy market places full of women, children, and other non-combatants. If you disagree or wish to debate, try using something other than sarcasm.


          • I apologize for the sarcasm.

            “we are not the ones setting off explosives in busy market places full of women, children, and other non-combatants”

            Yes you are. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of innocent people have died at the hands of American and British soldiers in places all over the world for many hundreds of years.

            Yanks and Britts put Hitler in power, helped Franco win the Spanish Civil war. They funded Al Qaida, armed Sadam and now send the best and strongest young people to clear up the mess. This war is not about your freedom or liberty its about keeping your masters in their thrones. Or do you think that the people in charge actually want peace? do you think they want progress? do you think that these wars are about freeing people from oppression? have you read a book before or do you just watch the news, read the paper and feel content you are a member of the best nation in the world?

            pull your head out your arse and think about it. The man who has lost his legs deserve sympathy (although I dare say he does not need it), he deserves to be looked after by his government but you are thanking him for being part of the problem not the solution. war has proven one thing in its history and that is it solves nothing.


        • Why would he need to join the military to murder poor people?

          You losers are everywhere!

          Hell I almost ran one of your faggots over in my plush German sports car only yesterday.

          Also you’re a homo. I’ve made fun of you being a loser in other threads. I’m glad I was so right.

          I hope you get AIDS and die slowly.


          • oh hello mr cunt bubble!

            “i’ve made fun of you being a loser in other threads.”

            do you mean this thread…cos yeah man…i cried myself to sleep that night. I mean you really owned me. I was on my back foot with your witty banter! and i think its that very same banter that gets you all those + votes and friends. I wish I could be as funny intelligent and brilliant as you.

            PS I got AIDS from your mum


            • Way to go, limp dick.

              Not only did you try and fall back on wit’s retarded and shunned cousin sarcasm but you also just told everyone you have a terminal disease and you retreaded over your one decent line about my “mum”.

              I get those – votes because I want them. It shows me the faggots I rip on in here aren’t actually able to come up with a response so they just click – away on their weak little Macbooks. That’s the best they can do.

              And its still heads above anything you’ve said or done.


              Mr AIDS free cuntbubble


            • you cant be AIDS free mr cunt bubble…if i got it from fucking your mum you must have got it too…but hey the penis replacement car of yours must be of some comfort. And I can always keep myself happy by fucking your kids and giving them AIDS.


            • Some of us don’t fuck our mothers, Norman.

              I don’t have kids but I’m sure everyone here who does is happy to know that you’re a violent pedophile.

              I also see you’ve attempted to dismiss something you can’t afford by calling it compensating. Don’t get too upset or you’ll spill your latte.

              Enjoy your AIDS. God invented it to cure the world of degenerates like you.


            • lol…no kids? go figure…at least we finally have something to thank you for. Violent pedophile? we prefer to be called ‘age identification impaired’ with ‘volatile bi-polar disorder’


            • Who is we?

              You and your life partner?

              I guess when you’re a violent pedo living with AIDS finding things to be thankful for is pretty tough.

              Don’t worry…you’ll be dead soon and no one will care. 😀


        • I started to realize that looking at my service manuals, they seem VERY similar.


        • You’re right, it’s a M14, best weapon I ever used in the Army.
          Started off with a M16A1, then a M16A2 then M4 Carbine.

          It’s old, it’s heavy… but it packs a serious punch and hardly ever jammed on me. And when it did, it was usually because of the ammunition, not the bolt.


          • That is bad ass. I had no idea they used the M14 in combat besides the M21 version.


            • It was a new issue in 2005. The top two marksmen in each platoon got to carry the M14.
              The thought behind it was a single 7.62 round could penetrate and disable engine blocks in vehicles. (It does so very well, especially the old small cars they have over there.)
              So if a vehicle(s) were approaching a check point or convoy and acted suspicious we could disable the vehicle with pin point accuracy, and not worry about civilian casualties.
              Because yes, we did care about who got killed while we were deployed, at least in my unit anyways.


    4. Where was the third photo taken? It seems like an important place but I can’t remember having read anything about it. Also I’m not American but knowing your position on equality and your beliefs, I feel proud of you. I wasn’t going to comment on your first submission because it seemed so intimate, like it was meant only for Americans. But now that I know your reasoning I feel like I have a right to, thank you for your service.


      • Thanks man. =)
        The third photo was taken at the Korean War Memorial in the national mall in Washington, DC.
        They have about a dozen or some bronze statues of a US Patrol in Korea, that is specially lighted… so at night it’s very realistic to the point of creepy aweness.


    5. Oh wow, so I clicked on the first photo with the uniform, I didn’t know American soldier uniforms were in 8bit? Man that’s awesome.


    6. Thanks for your service man.




    8. Fucking tankers. None of you bastards know how to wear a beret.

      Charlie mike, Sgt!


    9. My brother is a tanker. After seeing your first pictures which showed your injuries, I told him your story. He salutes you, sir.


    10. My best guy-friend is a tanker, a Leopard Gunner with the Strathcona’s in Canada. I take it you are the Crew Commander of that tank? (or whatever the US equivalent is, if it differs)

      I can try to imagine, never understand, and only respect.


      • Correct, we call them TC, or Tank Commanders.
        We have four positions on the Abrams, the Driver and Loader which are crewed by the lower enlisted. The gunner who’s usually a brand new Sergeant, and the TC who’s the Staff Sergeant / Sergeant First Class / Lieutenant.

        I’d love to get inside a Leopard and poke around.
        Our main gun and breach is actually the same one in a Leopard. The Germans invented it, and we bought the rights to use it on our tanks.


    11. And OP is still chillin like a villain


    12. The freedom is not free shot is deep. Good job.


    13. Wow, I served for four years in the USMC infantry and even I want to say thanks for your service.


    14. Thank you so much. There are no other words.


    15. Can I ask how you lost them? I’m in the Navy now, and I put my EOD package up on September 10.


      • 5 x 133mm rockets wired together as an IED.
        My brigade commander had the bright idea to split up our tank platoons and have us take two up armored M1114 trucks instead.
        I volunteered to command the first truck, and well, you know the end result.


    16. Thanks, man. The freedom picture is haunting.


    17. This man is the real deal.
      Thank you for your service.


    18. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.


    19. Victory records suck… just fucking with you. Glad to know you’re walking again Sgt.



      There that’s probably easier than having to explain yourself to everyone here again.

      Also fuck you for being able to throw a God damned baseball from a wheel chair and look normal. I throw the ball for my dog every day. Do you have any idea what its like to throw a ball for a Yorkshire terrier in front of a bunch of chicks and look like a ballerina playing dodge ball?


      • LOL

        I didn’t want to do it at first, because I was in a chair!
        My father told me I was fucking crazy, and this was a once in a life time offer.
        So he bought a souvenir baseball, and we started playing catch under the bleachers so to speak, where all the food vendors are.
        He kept calling me a pussy until I started throwing the ball as hard as I could at his chest. Eventually I started to nail him every time, so I ended up throwing the pitch out.
        Was definitely an awesome experience having the 30 thousand plus Red Sox fans giving me a standing ovation for about 10 minutes.


    21. what is the story behind that Fenway Park photo?

      also, the photo right under that one, the “freedom is not free” picture… that is a powerful image. but it almost looks shoop’d because of the lighting i guess. anyways, that is an awesome picture


      • The freedom is not free is shopped.
        But not in the sense you’re thinking.
        I had to use camera raw on the photos because the sunlight was so strong, I actually looked like a glowing Chernobyl victim. So I had to apply some filters so it could be seen better.

        The Fenway Park photo was me getting some free tickets to a game, and right before the game started I was told I was going to throw the first pitch out. Which I promptly said “The hell I am!”
        The last thing I wanted to do was be one of those guys who can’t make the plate, and get boo’d off the field.
        My father was having none of that, called me a pussy and made me practice throwing the ball. Took about 20 minutes, but by turning my chair at an angle to my father, I was able to throw the ball straight at his big fat grinning face without issue.
        I ended up getting on the front of the pitching mound, and threw the ball in for a perfect strike.
        Probably one of the greatest memories of my young lifetime. =)


    22. Thank you so much Sgt. It’s sad reading commments like the one left by that liberal up top. Liberals are scum and aren’t worthy of living in a country as great as America, because they so easily discount the sacrifices made by great men and women like yourself every day.

      It’s a funny thing about liberal america haters though. They all talk trash about murdering poor people and being the dogs of the wealthy, but none of them have the balls to move to a country like Iran, or Afghanistan. Countries where they would be executed on the spot for speaking out against the government.

      Liberals are only able to be liberal because of the freedoms purchased with the blood of men and women like you Sgt. I Salute and thank you again, Sir. Please don’t listen to the american media, it’s full of liberal scum, and they don’t represent the feelings that the overwhelming majority of true americans (Non-Liberals) feel for you and your brothers and sisters who serve this nation on a daily basis. We support you all fully and will never be able to fully express our thanks to you all.


      • That is the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen on this site. Why don’t you go ahead and ask this man how he feels about “liberal scum” and if they can be true Americans despite disagreeing with you or not?

        Oh yeah and in Iran and Afghanistan they execute people, in America they got people like you who simply declare that everyone who disagrees with them isn’t really American. Both of these methods do the job really, one’s just messier than the other.







      • I’m a scum bag liberal? and you’re what? a neo-nazi? Here we have a clearly strong and brave young person who lost his legs in a war started by people who dont give a fuck about him, you or me. And he lost his legs for what? so you can boast to be resident of a great nation?

        I can be liberal because I have the balls to say what I think. I’d say it in any country in the world (providing growing up there lead me to liberal beliefs).

        I support this man. I am sure he joined because he thought it was the right thing to do. I wish him a long and happy life and I am very impressed to see him get on with his life. but his sacrifice is not for you or me its for the people who profit from war…which is only a handful of people.


        • lol

          at all of it

          He fought to get rid of a dictator who lead a militant nation that was gearing up to cause a massive war.

          You are a fucking idiot.

          You can be liberal because you have balls? No, pussyfag. Agreeing with the try hard losers doesn’t make you brave. It makes you another sheep to weak to withstand the brainwashing.

          You support this man? Wow. Way to go. I’d like to support your head under water for 10 minutes.


      • Now THAT comment took balls.

        See…he said what he believes and you all want to hang him for it.

        That’s why left wing politics and its supporters are the closest thing we have right now to the Nazi party.

        You are intolerant, judgmental, brainwashed, and for some reason can’t see how wrong it is to gang up on people.

        This guy expressed his opinion. He’s allowed to and he’s obviously mad.

        But he wouldn’t be if he hadn’t seen his country’s name smeared by a small quotient of its own people in the name of …..I don’t know. I really don’t know what the lefty hippies hope to achieve other than the satisfaction that losers get when they are a pain in the ass.

        I don’t vote. I’ve said that a million times.
        Left wing nutjobs ruin everything lately. And you keep losing in every way.

        I think most of you want to lose because you’re so miserable and stupid you validate your existence by attaching yourselves to some phantom movement against “the man”. Just shut the fuck up. People were sick of you years ago.

        You think this guy wanted this thread peppered with little guised insults? Fuck all of you.


      • Could you possibly be more of an asshole? Prolly not.


    23. way to fuck up a thread, fuckhead.

      and if I’m not mistaken, there may actually be liberals in the military.


    24. Damn guys. I’m not saying he’s a hero, but he did go out there and do the job that his country asked and he lost his legs. Regardless of whether or not you think it was a “just cause” without people like him, we wouldn’t have a country.

      I’m liberal but I respect our soldiers. No. Freedom isn’t free. The price is vigilance. Both against outside threats and against inside threats. Soldiers do their jobs. I don’t give a shit that this guy threw out a pitch someplace. I give a shit that we have people who will stand up and make the sacrifice.


      • Thank you.
        Most of us don’t call ourselves hero, I definitely don’t think I am.
        I just signed up for serve my country (before 9/11 I might add) and just did my time.

        I’m proud of what I did over there, and of the positive relationships I made with the locals, both adult and children alike. But that was just doing my job, and nothing more.

        Just like a local police officer or fire fighter going to work everyday. Sometimes that traffic stop will turn into a gun fight, sometimes that house fire will have a roof collapse. Shit happens. And you can either cry about it, or laugh about it.

        If it means anything, if I could run shit, I would bring all our men and women back home, stop spending money on third world countries, and start spending it on our own sick and needy here in the US. We have plenty to deal with back home, then to worry about playing big brother to the rest of the world.


        • “If it means anything, if I could run shit, I would bring all our men and women back home, stop spending money on third world countries, and start spending it on our own sick and needy here in the US. We have plenty to deal with back home, then to worry about playing big brother to the rest of the world.”

          makes sense to me


    25. I just noticed the tag “sad :(”

      Dude…you better be getting laid all the time.

      Seriously. 2 wimminz at a time too.

      No way should you dwell on it or think anything negative. You had a really bad accident but you’re past it now and living more than most people ever do by the evidence in those pics up there.

      I like to point out the obvious.

      Anyway. Next round of pics I want to see tittays.


    26. CONSTANT VIGILANCE BITCHES. Whatever the fuck people say you’re doing your job and no one is going to take what you’ve given away. FUCK MAN YOU DESERVE BETTER


    27. I give u so much respect sargent. I am a PFC from 3rd ACR from FT. Hood. I deploy to Iraq Thursday. I will not be bringing my tank but NCOs like you are the reason I wanted to be a tanker. I hope th best for your recovery. Blood and Steel, Death before Dismount, and Brave Rifles, Sgt! AI-EE-Yeah!


    28. The US army (government) is just using you.

      Did you get a ton of money after you are not able to walk ever again?

      Did you?

      I mean seriously…

      You can hardly make a living for yourself…is the same army that claimed “you could be fighting for your country” going to support you?


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