Motorola Motonav TN20

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Picked this up for $44 out the door at radio shack.

I was buying a battery for my dads computer (mobo) and saw it on sale for $60.

Turns out it was even cheaper than that!

It didn’t come with anything other than the unit though.

But I have it charging on a mini usb cable to my computer right now and it’s going fine.

The antenna is built in the unit so I can basically just set it on the dash or hold it in my hand.

Although I’m going to need a way to have it FLAT so that I can actually look at it while driving.

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    97 Responses to Motorola Motonav TN20

    1. My phone has full free GPS.


    2. Now you’ll never get lost on the way to Ross.


    3. I got to the second picture and i thought this post sucks, then I saw the name.


    4. Are you ever going to try and save money and not buy shit you don’t need? It’d help you move out of your parent’s house and help us by not seeing posts on how you wasted your fucking money this week.


      • Well first of all, I actually needed it.

        I think anyone that drives does.

        I drive for work, so this really does help out while driving.

        Second, I had saved $800 and my dad used it for who knows what.

        I’m hoping he actually used it for the house payment or whatever but I’m starting my own checking account friday.

        Someone told me you need $2,000 but apparently I only need $35


    5. You don’t need a gps to drive you idiot. just know your surroundings. and also, why go for a cheap motorola knock off, get a fuckin tom-tom for christ sakes if your goin to look like a jackass starin at this bright neon screen while driving down a road. fuckin twat


      • Just so you know, it was purchased because it was very inexpensive.

        I’m not going to spend $100 on a GPS.

        Secondly, I travel all across CA for work and don’t know where I’m at all the time.

        Third, I don’t stare at it.

        I glance at it, look at the distance to next turn, and then put it into sleep mode till I need it again.


        • I drive for work also. But I drive across multiple states including CA and for some reason I dont have a GPS. Then again I dont really need one when I can get a general idea of where I need to go. And what I drive is a Kenworth with a 53′ trailer behind it…..


          • Well I just started driving for work and I hardly know how to get 20 miles without directions because I haven’t needed to use that info often.

            My mind usually only hold onto things I use often or WANT to use often.

            Besides everyone can use a GPS.

            Not only for directions.

            It has the food/shopping feature.

            That’s pretty handy if you are somewhere unfamiliar and want something to eat or need a jacket if it’s SUPER Cold and you forgot yours.


    6. no doubt you’ve already programmed in all the glory holes in your area


    7. So now you have GPS and a video screen. A head on collision is in your future bro.


    8. It won’t help you find your mom.


      • thats cause she killed herself after the abortion failed


      • No I got those maps on the SD card. Cause it has an SD card slot so you can put custom maps on it I think…

        Haven’t really played around with it TOO much.

        Just figured out some simple stuff like the my places/recent places adding and finding food near my location – which came in real handy on the way to taking down a stage at laguna seca raceway.

        We stopped off of the freeway and I searched for food near this location and wouldn’t you know it! There was a 7-11 0.2 miles (literally the next street from the offramp)

        I was driving a flatbed that day (empty, luckily…or was it full?) not sure.

        Actually I think it was fairly loaded.



        It was.

        I remember now.


    9. When i worked at the shack this is exactly the same gps we used to sell people that we did not like(especially the defective ones that cost more to send back to RMAC than to discount to oh say 44bucks)and its so funny when they try to return it and cant because they bought it “as is” LMAO


      • Good thing I didn’t buy it “as is” and got the 2 year warranty huh?

        And besides I don’t let scrawny nerd fucks like you push me around.

        I would hop over the counter or find something worth $40 and just walk out with it if that shit happened.

        I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.


      • Also, thanks for reminding me! Seriously. Now I get a replacement if this one fails.

        And since they don’t make this model anymore I will probably get a better one.

        Also, I’m going to wait the full 30 days in case it already fails before I get the warranty.


        • you sir clearly do not understand how warranty replacement for defective products is handled, if they do not have the same model in stock(also discontinued) anymore…you get one that is the same price as the last known price of the model you have, which is $40 right now…so if they do not have one, you might get a $50 one at most, or store credit for $40…unless you call corp, and bitch, and go back and forth for a few months, then you might get a descent one…


        • wait wait wait. you just contradicted urself lying shitstain.

          ‘Good thing I didn’t buy it “as is” and got the 2 year warranty huh?’

          ‘Also, I’m going to wait the full 30 days in case it already fails before I get the warranty.’

          Good one fuckface. you said you have the warranty for 2 years and then you said you wont get one till 30 days later.


    10. i hope it takes you off a fucking cliff


    11. Casemods…you really and truly are a piece of shit. I really hope the worst imaginable things happen to you. Please do us all a favor and leave m[c]s forever…


    12. Are we still doing this
      Do realize the jew is fapping to all this crap


    13. I’m sure the rest will agree with me that you’re the one with selfesteem
      Almost done fapping selfesteemed jewie ?


    14. the last person that tried to steal from this nerd fuck, got hit in the back of the head with a baseball…. plus i can run faster mad than you can scared little prick… and when your faggot ass baggy pants get stuck on the barbwire from the fence you try to jump ima use my dick to smack you around like a pinata…


    15. Dude I guess, Ill be polite in the fact that its a cool little gadget, and it’s cool you just snagged it for 44 bucks. But on the flip-side, its nothing new. Do you really have nothing else better to do with your time, then respond to these trolls?

      I mean, I understand the game, you are a troll by nature as well, but I ask you, is it really worth all of the trouble?


      • Do you think it’s any trouble to hit a bunch of keys?

        I have a job, and anything I do in my free time doesn’t matter as long as I still have a job.


        • True but isn’t it a bit self degrading? I mean look I don’t care, I just wonder if you get any joy out of it.

          I’m not trying to make you stop, in fact I favor the contrary; I was just wondering what all the effort is for. What are you working towards?

          It is quite amazing that you have replied to virtually every comment on this.


          • It makes him feel superior, and in the end, isn’t that all dim, socially inept, insecure people want in life? Just imagine him as the bully in some stereotypical 80’s movie and add in the anonymity of the internet and you’ll be about halfway there. Also, you’ll notice he’s only commented on all the other comments because he has to have the last word…

            *queue last word*


            • That makes sense Mr. Mann…It would seem that his need to hone the last word would stem from a sociological need for acceptance. I agree that this man wants to feel superior and by overcompensating he will feed that need for acceptance, superiority, what have you. But this seems reminiscent of any sociopath. Very well, I understand the lure of ones own self-esteem, but the road to acceptence is laden with many trolls. Especially when you yourself are one.


            • I’m just being the best.

              Whether it’s on this site or not.

              I’m usually the alpha male in real life, and here is no different.

              Yes, people have egos that they care about online.

              I’m just maintaining the biggest one.


            • here you go saying you are ‘being the best’ your words, but i think we all can look back through your posts and listen to you rant and rave about how ‘only fat chicks want me’ and ‘that bitch at the picnic made fun of my scars’. If you were the best my good sir, you wouldn’t be with fat chicks and the bitch that made fun of your scars would have woken up in your bed the next day begging for more. You contradict urself everytime you say anything case.

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            • Man you guys really do take everything I say serious don’t you?

              Nothing you or anyone else says will affect anything. Say what you like – it doesn’t matter either way.


            • NO as I said before, keep posting, I get muy entertained everytime you have a new post. You really do get a lot of hate mail…Note this isn’t hate mail. I was just curious (refer to original post)


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