Obama’s Plea

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    1. well, to be blunt, the first four years of his presidency are going to be geared towards cleaning up the giant cluster fuck that Bush & Co created over the previous 8 years. I thought he had a good handle on cleaning up the mess that the financial system was left in, and was dealing with the health care issues pretty well, and even the immigration issues were being dealt with, albeit slowly.

      Then out of nowhere, the MMS comes in and sidewhacks everyone up beside the head and fucks it all up, lol


      • lol

        I’ll take lame excuses for 400, Alex.

        I’m working on a time machine. Vote for Magnus in 10. Wait hang on…I”m going to fix the economy, pull the troops out of Iraq, and better international relations across the board.

        Now that you’ve voted for me here is some other stuff for you to talk about so you don’t notice I don’t do anything I promised. I will not actually do anything with this new stuff either.

        This is called politics.

        Promise anything. Do nothing. Blame a white guy.


    2. i guess i would prefer living in usa over russia still. some very nice cities in russia tho. if they manage to fix their internet id reconsider.


    3. “Keep blaming Bush”? Yeah, because Obama was -totally- responsible for the massive mess our economy was in when he came into office. The blame is put in the right place there. That’s the primary thing people are blaming Bush for. Honestly, I doubt McCain would have done a better job at pulling us out of that mess. It was going to be a slow road to recovery no matter who was in charge. Overall, no, I don’t think Barak’s been great. He hasn’t been the horrible disaster the Teabagging douches keep trying to make him out to be either, though. I’d rate him about low-end average.

      And to those that insist that all he’s done is break all of his promises, this site objectively tracts promises kept vs broken vs compromises and “in the works”: www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/


      • Doesn’t matter. He’s holding the bag, so the blame goes to him. “The buck stops here” is one of the most insightful piece of political commentary ever invented.

        Which again says that he was handed a sack of shit, but hasn’t somehow turned it into gold. Still, I wish his supporters would quit whining and DO something. Think the teabaggers are being hypocrits? Create a grasssroots organization that rivals them! Bleating how unfair it is to be handed this blame on an internet imageblog doesn’t do your side any benefit.


        • May not have turned the shit into gold, but he’s managed “compost” so far. Which is to say things ARE improving, just not fast. He gets railed for increasing our deficit so far, but there’s no way to get us out of the mess without doing that.

          Again, I don’t think he’s great. I just don’t think he’s the disaster people keep trying to claim he is. Honestly? Fuck republicans and democrats. Problem is, there’s no viable third party option, either. :-/


    4. There’s only so much he can do…
      The Corporations own every Senator and Congressman in sight…
      With that in mind he’s done rather well…

      It’s all a game people, save your money and stop watching Fox.
      Go back to college and find out the horrible truth that what really
      matters will never get fixed, it creates too much wealth for the haves.


    5. Haha, didn’t know that MCS had been so horribly invaded by t-bagging fucktards.

      This post and the majority of the comments that ensue come straight from the lowest common denominator of the American population.

      I know, lets vote for McCain!!! Then maybe we can get wars started with Mexico, Russia, and Amsterdam! We will surely win all of them after a few hundred or so years, and we will be the moral saviors of mankind!

      In the mean time, we will continue to deregulate the economy so the rich can get richer. Liars and cheats deserve their money more than me. Caste systems and indentured servitude are the American way! How dare Obama try to get us off the path to them!


    6. you get the government you deserve. you let a plutocracy develop. you voted with heads filled with fear and ignorance and got presidents who were bought out lock stock and barrel by chemical companies (pharm, petro, energy) and banks. that kind of corruption creates a fucking cesspool out of our government.

      wade into a cesspool, end up covered in shit. despite your intentions or ideals. barry-o might be finding that out now.

      the difference is that the bush (reagan) regime was at its heart simply pigs in shit. happy to roll around, fuck, and eat in it. they splattered that shit around and told you it was raining.


    7. He ended up being a disappointment but, when you think about option B, the zombie and Palin, he doesn’t seem so bad anymore..


      • Yeeaah. Palin is not only ignorant and obnoxious, picking her as a running mate was an -insultingly- transparent move to try to pick up the female voters that were upset because Obama didn’t pick Hillary.

        Frankly, Hillary and Palin are both obnoxious. Palin is the Republican version of Hillary.


      • At least Obama has a proper College education…


        • its pronounced ejumcation and he gots it yo


          • Brazen reply from someone who, literally one minute earlier, said
            “what a stupid ass bullshit post you’re a fuckin moron”. Sounds like the pot’s calling the kettle a {scrolls back up to your attack on Belbo} “niggerspook.” How can you have existed as part of the M[C]S community for long enough to have a UID of 238 and, not only manage to remain unbanned for blatant trolling, racism, and abuse of other members, but not gain any insight into the fact this site exists for enjoyment?


            • lol

              Hey way to walk in a as a new guy or lurker and question how things operate and call for someone you don’t agree with to be banned.

              Take your swastika and gtfo.

              His comment was stupid, bullshit and that loser is a retard.

              What does my comment have to do with education? You left wing fairies with your bunched panties are too predictable. If someone disagrees they’re ignorant white trash. When that person points out they come from money and have more money than your family combined since your blood line started and has more education as well you try to run somewhere else.

              Then that weird dipshit fracked again follows me around as leftist nutjobs often do thinking negative attention is just as good since its all they can get. But I’M the troll? Because I simply am smarter than you and didn’t drink the (grape of course) Kool Aid (purple drink) over this guy?

              This site exists for enjoyment. If yours only comes from having your assfag opinions validated by other half wits that’s your fucking problem. I’m not here to help you function like a real adult.

              Thanks for stepping out of the closet to post something boring, asshole.

              Face it: you’re wrong.


            • I’ll bet you stroke off while staring at yourself in the mirror.


            • You would too if you were as good looking as me.

              Also who says stroke off? lol


            • Don’t trust him, he jacks it to me. Retard is his pet name for me. Its makes him feel better about paying to be the bottom.


            • I have a gay fan on here.

              Who swears he isn’t gay.

              Your bullshit has consumed you fuckface.


            • I wouldn’t do this if you would just come out of the closet. You are just way too homophobic not to be secretly gay.


            • lol

              That bullshit has never made sense.

              Some people are just fine with their sexual identity and our parents and loved ones appreciate us for that.

              You however are this decrepit little fairy with a desperate crush on the big bad guy who has no use for your faggotry.

              Get a life, bruce.

              Nobody likes homos. Doesn’t make the whole world gay.

              btw do whatever you want. Nobody gives a shit. This is the point where virtual reality and reality align. Nobody gives a shit about you or what you say or do.


            • Not my fault that you are covering up your love of the penis with so much anger. It doesn’t have to make sense to you, but it has been demonstrated that if you take self identified hetero men, show them straight porn, lesbian porn and gay porn, the homophobic men are the ones that get erections from watching gay porn.

              The ones that are obsessed with gays are the ones that turn out to be gay. Every time. Just watch the religious right and all their gay sex scandals. Clockwork, or should I say… cockwork?


            • I think you missed the point of whose enjoyment.


        • That’s all that fraud had. He has never had to work a budget, or run a business. He made his money buy playing the racecard in court. Suprise that is exactly how he runs his admin as well.
          — At least McCain has a college ed, he was also an officer in the Navy, and has had real exprience in Governing “at any level”… Obama has had plenty of time in office to write 2 books about his life but never wrote a single bill.


    8. so much hate for each other …… sad.


      • better than being a sideline crybaby elitist fuckstick


        • You’re Canadian.. You are as sideline as it can get when talking about the US President.


          • Not in the slightest actually.


            I don’t know what your teachers told you but Canada is actually pretty close to you guys.

            We’re the ones with all the cash right now.

            How’s by you?

            Oh we have a right wing white guy in charge taking care of business btw. Funny how that worked out for us.


            • You also still have social systems.. like healthcare… the right wing here wants to strip away any type of government funded social programs… and just tell everyone.. if you can pay for healthcare.. you don’t need it… So for a foreigner to support a US political party that wants to prevent systems that you can take for granted as a Canadian… that’s pretty brazen and arrogant of you.


            • Our social programs are our biggest problem.

              Having seen the massive abuse of social programs here as you’ve pointed out that makes me more of an authority on them than you.

              They are inadvisable

              Btw: we can’t pay for healthcare. Its the only reason we have an escalating deficit in most provinces.

              Like your answer?


            • That dose not negate the fact that Canadians do not have to make the the decision of… Die from am illness or take on insurmountable personal debt. If the there are abuses or shortcoming in the system.. you fix them.. You don’t abandon the entire concept. Your social system has spoiled you… It’s there for you when you need it… There is no such thing for US citizens… Health insurance is only going to cover so much… and then drop you in the name of profit..sure health care is available… but your going to get charged a pretty penny for it…. That is what Obama wanted to start changing… only to be fought by the ignorant. So why don’t you be thankful that you have what you have and back off.


            • joo riiight like a mexico

              Hey dipshit: I pay 52% income tax to support our health care system. I’ve been to the hospital once for stitches and that’s it.

              Universal health care provides a safety net and every lazy fuck knows its there so they stop trying hard. Canada succeeds in spite of its social programs not because. Its bankrupting our country and as more people get old and are afraid to die we’ll just pay more and more to keep the sagging bags of bones breathing. It’ll just mean even more taxes.

              Your country has spoiled you as well. So shut the fuck up. You’re not bad off and you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about so just shut up.

              Also if you want to pay for better care up here you’re not allowed. So you get raped to cover the backwash of society and aren’t allowed to even pay to get yourself better care if you want. How’s that sound? Free?

              America needs to be free cause its the last fucking place we’ve got. You guys still cry about your government being too invasive. You have no idea.

              Maybe when you’re older or not just older but further along in your life professionally and educationally you’ll understand. Or maybe you’re too fucking stupid. I don’t actually care.


            • I understand what you’re saying, but our system isn’t working either. There is no accountability. We’ve deregulated several industries and it has backfired each time. I have to admit;, (FUCK! Which one?) I don’t know what, if anything, will work better.


            • I would move anywhere that scrapped its whole government system and started fresh.

              Thats the upside I see to the PIGS scenario. Hopefully somebody just starts a country over entirely.

              Still…America can’t have free health care. You guys who collapse. Its just the way it is.


    9. lol, he is so amazingly better than Bush. Not perfect, but no-one in politics is. What nice, reasonable, decent person would ever want to be in politics?
      Seriously, most of the American public is so fucking clueless about politics because they’ve never been legally forced to vote. Sure, you can argue how educated your opinion is all you want (lol) but you know, in the end, the public don’t have the responsibility of needing to be educated. They don’t have to make a decision.
      You have a different system that’s chock-full of an apathetic population who don’t know how to make a decision, just bitch about the one that’s been made.
      Anyway, any dude that gives stem cell research the green light goes alright by me.


    10. Why do we even let Canadians on this website? Fucking Mexicans of the North with their metric. Go drink a litre of poutine and die.


      • Amen!


        The Nazi/Democratic Party of America


        • I don’t know what they’re teaching you up there but we Americans actually defeated the Nazis more than 60 years ago. Remember D-Day? Probably not. Because you Canadians were tugging each other off out on Juno beach like bitches.


          • Yes we were actually in the war from the start. Back when you were voting Hitler man of the year over and over.

            Were your relatives big Hitler supporters? Maybe that’s where you get it from. Your family being Nazi supporters until the very end of the war when your country joined and provided a fraction of the effort it took to actually win the war but still want 100% of the credit.


            And the whole world will never forget the truth.


        • Point of order: Nazis and Democrats are on exact opposite ends of the political spectrum.


          • Actually your “Spectrum” is skewed and wrong. Nazi’s and Dems want the same thing. A Overwhlming Centralized Government with absolute control. Something else the two have in common is how they get the populace worked up by Race Baiting. The 2 aren’t the same but they are taking different paths to get to the same place. If they were truely on oposite sides of a spectrum. Dems would want near Anarchy -No Taxes- No Gov Oversight – No Corp Regulation.


            • “A Overwhlming Centralized Government with absolute control”

              Who lied to you and told you this was what Dems want? The extremists, perhaps, but don’t judge the whole party by the extremists. But, that’s not a “left wing/right wing” issue there. Extremists on BOTH sides want absolute control.

              “Something else the two have in common is how they get the populace worked up by Race Baiting.”

              Yes, because Republicans never play the race card…

              …oh, wait, they do that all the time. Except it’s in accusing people of getting better treatment because they’re a minority rather than saying they’re being treated worse for being a minority. Again, not a “left wing/right wing” issue. Race is a hot button that idiots on either side try to use to their advantage.


            • Every one of your posts is based on conjecture and bullshit.

              He took the time to actually give a well thought out response.

              At least TRY and do the same. Hell huddle up with your fellow fucking idiots if it helps.


            • On another note…funnily enough, “anarchy” tends to lean more toward a left-wing extremist view…


            • not at all

              its the opposite


              that guy just made you look like such a bitchlol


            • Crack open a civics book while you’re catching up on that grammar book…


            • Some of us have been done university for quite some time.

              You’re wrong and denying it just makes you look stupid. I mean its right there. You’re just fucking completely wrong. Keep trying though I guess.


            • “Some of us have been done university for quite some time”

              Doesn’t mean you’ve taken civics classes. If I’m so wrong, then bring on the proof.

              What? No? Didn’t think so…


            • Explain how being a left wing democratic voter in America who supports a socialist agenda is in any way like being an anarchist advocating an absence of government.

              Use a civics book if it helps you.

              aaaand go!


            • Being “Left-Wing” means there is a high level of social programs. And we all know that those programs don’t run on donations. It takes a lot of Government to run those programs and to collect the taxes needed to run the programs. That by deffinition is not Anarchy…. or wanting LESS GOVERNMENT CONTROL.


    11. How much abuse/idiocy are we going to take from this woefully uneducated person before we tell tiki to ban him?


      • It’s weird. I don’t remember him when I was a lurker a year or so ago, but his Id# is so low.

        Hopefully it’s a symptom of psychosis caused by late stage syphilis and he’ll die soon.


      • Oh poor you…outside of fracked again’s PHD in bullshit (if you count that as a real education) I’m one of the more educated people here.

        Let me guess…next you have more money or come from it?

        What other predictable avenue would you like to explore?


        • Out of curiosity, then, from what university and in what field is your degree, and do you hold an advanced degree?

          I do not come from money, actually, my family is rather poor, as am I.

          I am trying to understand your behavior here: over-the-top hostility that surpasses common trolling.


          • U of T
            Yes I have my MFA
            I thought about getting my MBA as well but they’re kind of worthless now since the whole thing got over run with “international” students trying to cheat their way through. MBA’s aren’t worth the parchment they’re printed on now.

            No need to take your poverty out on those poor commas.

            I’m trying to look for any semblance of a valid point in all this crying you and maybe 4 other people have been doing.

            Its like a gang of trolls trying to bullshit their way to a point and on the way got stopped by reality. You just don’t like reality huh?

            I guess I wouldn’t either if I were some poor loser from a family of losers.


            • Master of Fine Arts instead of an MBA?



              Because there are too many immigrants? Wow, rinse and repeat the derisive laughter.


            • Ya. You haven’t left your wee little town so you’ve got this aching pang that pushes you to do exactly what the after school specials tell you.

              In the real world yes…when Samji and Koompir and their 500 cousins hear that MBA get good job America big time they lie and forge docs to get into schools and then cheat their way through. Yes it is a foreigner thing. Its ruined the credibility of MBAs which is why a lot of people aren’t bothering with them anymore.

              And MBA would be in addition to. Yup.

              Anything else?

              I get the feeling you tried to suck one too many dicks and something shot out and got you in the brain.


            • Its just too funny, Mags. You couldn’t get into MBA school and you blame it on the furriners. It explains so much about you. What was your capstone project? A performance of The Laramie Project?


            • Didn’t apply actually.

              Did my GMAT. Did pretty well too.

              I could get in anywhere I wanted. MBA programs are kind of desperate lately.

              Whats too funny is you still think your bullshit flies.

              Keep trying if you want. I’m just relaying facts.


            • University of Toronto? Master of Fine Arts?


              I fail to see what part of your education makes you an expert on American social issues.


            • Waaaait a minute dude!
              I have also earned an MFA, it encompasses a surprisingly rich and broad variety of studies.
              Having any degree is not a predilection that one cannot learn above and beyond that particular field of study; either personally or socially.

              So quit swinging blindly and craft your opinions to enlighten, or at least entertain. All that you are doing now is demonstrating that you cannot control your verbal diarrhea.


            • U of T is not Guelph.

              Guelph may have a campus here now or something but the town and its school are about 45 mins – an hour outside the city and completely separate.

              Sorry but I never took creative writing.

              But you are right about one thing: you fail.


    12. 100+ comments? Shit, did somebody post a moldy bible?


    13. I fuck retards is invalid and obsolete… I hate haters… 😉


    14. This thread is most posted ever.

      I win.

      See ya’ll losers around and thanks for the tears.


      • Choke on a puck you racist fucktard…


        • I also don’t like you cause you’re gay.

          Being a mexicunt nigro faggot is in addition.

          Your president has predictably let you down because he’s dangerously unqualified and has a smaller brain pan thanks to his thicker nigro skull.

          Here’s something you can reference from other threads going back a bit on this site: I don’t actually care about politics. I just hate self righteous hippy faggots who cry like wee little babies when anyone dares question their socialist agenda.

          I don’t like either side. I want it all to go away and you with it. In the mean time vote Republican. They’re at least quieter and WAY less annoying.


          • The Republicans want to invade Canada… They are all closet gays and hooked on prescription drugs… and the word is… You guys have the best of all that…


            • We have gov subsidized pharma.

              So its not cheaper. We just pay for it with higher taxes.

              Have some higher taxes.

              Oh wait…you’re poor. No wonder you don’t care about that part.

              You just want to cry loud enough and get what you want.

              Which makes you a toddler.

              Congats. You display the behavior of a 4 year old child.

              Invade away republicans. Just leave the whining bitches and their tattered Change stickers at home.


            • For what it’s worth.. I hope Canada does drop the Social health care system… and you will have to rely on privatized health insurance to cover the cost of a sudden illness like cancer or major bodily trauma. Because for someone as arrogant as you… it’s going to take personally facing the reality of the for profit health industry with private insurance whose armies of number crunchers who solo purpose is to look for reasons to deny your coverage… but of course… Obama fixed that this year with the health care bill components that did make it though congress. Well see if it works… maybe we will not need a social system… but I doubt it… For profit industry will always seek the shortest route to profit.

              Taxes are the only thing that the USA asks of it citizens and has some of the lowest… So if the nation needs to ask a little more of it people to help everyone.. I say go. What is certain here however.. is that you are a selfish bastard… so maybe you should immigrate and join the Republican party… it sounds perfect for you.. I hear they need all the help they can get.


            • And that is the clearest summary of what half wits actually think.

              You are a retard.

              Raise taxes just a little bit?

              Try double them

              During a depression?

              For what its worth your plan will end America. Well not your plan. Your president.

              Maybe you should immigrate instead of trying to change things for the worse?

              You’re just not very bright. Being simple and having a very basic knowledge of how things work does not simplify the world. It just makes your opinion invalid and not worth hearing.

              You really are stupid. Ask a little more? They need to ask for more than they’re getting now and people can’t pay that right now so shut the fuck up you brain dead retard. Your mommy and daddy pay for your whole life anyway.

              Get over your need to validate your ego by saving the world. Its people like you that always do the most damage because you’re just not very smart.


            • You really should imagine yourself in the position of many Americans whose treatment cost far exceed what their private insurance is willing to pay… so think about coming down with something like cancer only to realize that you are going to be responsible for more than 100K of the cost out of pocket…. Because again… you as a Canadian have never really had to be concerned about it…

              The truth of it is how ever… you have no say in the US political system.. you are merely a small Troll who has provided many laughs for me and many others here… So good job at being the forum Jester…


            • Whatever you want to tell yourself.

              Fact is you’re wrong.

              Whatever sob story you want to spin is a load of shit.

              Your country can’t afford it.

              End of story.

              All stories. Even your stupid shit about cancer and how Canada can what…cure it? No but we can spend billions on trying. You guys however can not.

              Downvote away. It won’t change the facts.



            • @Elepski
              You have had your head filled with a lot of non-sense. I had the same problem. Went to college and had a bunch of academics feed me info that was completely unrealistic, ignorant, and basically wrong.

              Every country that offers Socialized Healthcare is running out of money to support their systems. Fact. If you want to lower Healthcare costs simply take the Lawyers Jackpot paydays away and limit the amount of power the Insurance companies have. Let Docs determine how much they should charge and have us pay them directly. Subsidize the Drug companies in order to keep the cost of Meds down. Roll that into our already existing Medicare/Medicaid programs, and yes raise taxes to cover that.

              Also the whole world knows about our politics. We force it on them with our TV networks, Movies. Canadians are for the most a part better educated through the first 12 grades.
              So stop watching CNN or MSN or whatever Hope-a-dope Network that you pull your misinformation from. It makes you look Ignorant.


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