Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ

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AKA the Wicked Bitch of the West.

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    2. I will now have nightmares.


    3. least she does her job, fucking illegals need to GTFO!


      • She doesn’t do shit. Just look at anything she’s doing other than the bill- which is a highly publicized and controversial bill that’s drawing a lot of fire to Arizona while not actually doing anything new about illegal immigration other than making it a crime to disrupt the flow of traffic while hiring day laborers. The state budget is fucked and beyond, but the state government is wasting their time on stupid bullshit.


        • I can’t speak on other things shes doing for Arizona but all i know is that its the federal governments job to secure the border and they are not doing it.


          • And neither is she. This bill doesn’t do shit about the border. It doesn’t do a fucking thing about the drug runners or the armed gangs that politicians tell us are a constant threat, and that they claim this bill will somehow help with. I’m still waiting to see how that works out.

            “When apprehended, he was carrying several kilos of cocaine, an AK-47, and he shot at several cops, wounding two- plus, that fucker is an illegal immigrant, too! Thank god we can finally do something about it!”


          • It’s not the federal government’s job to secure the border, it’s the federal government’s job to protect against foreign invaders.

            Mexican job-seeking immigrants are not a foreign invasion force. Neither were the Irish, or the Germans, or the Italians…


            • You sir are just fucking dumb.


            • You know you’ve won your argument when the opposition resorts to name-calling. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?


            • Trying to appropriate pieces of history to current conditions is stupid.

              Yes the Irish came to America in droves. But the economic construction was so different to what America is now they’re completely different animals.

              Case in point: Ireland wasn’t in the flux of a drug war where the cartels are were winning and right now Mexico is with the drug industry eclipsing all other ways to make money in Mexico.

              The ignorance in this scenario really is on the part of the people who think crime isn’t coming over your border. It is. When you have people desperate to break the law (immigrate illegally) the career law breakers will always take advantage.

              Use your head.


    4. The problem with the bill (and I’ve read it several times) is not it’s stance on immigration. There’s nothing in the bill that violates Federal or Civil law. The problem stems from the power and tactics local law enforcement were given to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

      If a cop says you’re illegal, you’re illegal. There’s no vetting; you’ll be deported. In order to avoid deportation, you’ll need to always carry a binder full of papers to prove you are here legally. Even then, that may not be enough. Politically and strategically is sounds good and sane. Tactically, you just can’t effectively do it.


    5. I wanna see her naked with a whip.


    6. There is already a federal law on the books that states that if you are not a legal alien, then you must carry your green card on your person at all times.
      If you ARE legal, then you will have a green card and can therefor prove you are legal to be in the USA, no matter what a cop says.
      Cops in AZ are going to be VERY careful about this, if for no other reason than the HUGE spotlight already on them.


    7. With most states, you have to provide a stack of paperwork to prove your identity to get a state-issued license or ID card, either of alone should be enough to prove citizenship or legal immigrant status.

      To me the whole immigration thing sounds like it’s along the same lines as someone breaking into your house and then claiming it gave them the right to live there while you provide room and board for them.

      I don’t care if you got here legally, that’s cool, but, as Dennis Miller once said; “If you want to come in, just sign the fucking guest book.”


    8. I saw that they arrested 81 people they thought to be illegal immigrants, out of those 28 were US citizens. This would count as a fail in a controlled science experiment.


      • You see, the problem with your first sentence is that it could be interpreted many ways.

        You wish us to interpret it as: 81 people were arrested because they were illegal, but as it turns out 28 were not illegal.

        However, I believe the law says you can only ask identification of people who are doing something illegal. So, the sentence could be interpreted as: People were arrested (for committing crimes other than being illegal). They were unsure of the citizenship/immigration status of 81 of those people arrested. When checked, it turned out that 28 were real citizens.

        In that case they have now arrested 53 illegal immigrants who were committing other crimes in the US. That seems more like a win in my book.


    9. I’m really happy she’s doing this.

      People can sit around and bitch all they want, but seriously, Arizona has a very unique problem that most of you could never fully understand. I live on the Mexican Pipeline. They come through my town in Utah every day, and over 1/2 of them are bringing in drugs and gangs. My town, in the past two years, has been graffiti’d, robbed, and raped by these fucking illegal pieces of shit almost every day.

      Why? Because of the stupid mentality of ‘We want amnesty for our minorities that are struggling. We’re not going to arrest you because your here illegally. We are not native Americans so we can’t judge. ‘.

      My family came over legally, like most of the Americans on this site. They worked hard to become a citizen of this great country, and us letting those fuckholes down south come up here whenever they feel like it is a slap in our ancestors face.

      Shes trying to save her state from becoming New New Mexico. And our worthless President has his head so far up his rockstar ass that he can’t even see the problem. And yes I know, Bush was apart of this shit too.

      In before Republican redneck dickface. I’m an Independent you fuck head.


      • Funny you say that, my mother had to leave her country and enter the U.S., illegally when it was a shit storm in the 80’s.
        She still worked hard and earned her citizenship. So that my health could be neglected, and I could be constantly harassed by the Worlds Largest Sheriffs Dept. (LA County) in my neighborhood.

        Thank Jesus Christo I don’t live in Arizona.


      • How often do you vote republican? Because if you always do, how independent is that? Also, can you point to any statistics that show that “over 1/2 of them are bringing drugs and gangs?”[sic]


        • Wow, took all day. I kept waiting for the ‘Wheres your stats for this?’.

          Hows about my FUCKING EYES. I do not need some asshat in a building to come up with pie charts for this.

          PS: I have statistics that state you’re 100 percent douchebag.


          • I was working most of the day and didn’t get on M[c]S until I got home.

            So you pulled your stats out of your ass. Did you have to move your head out of the way first? You could have just admitted that you don’t know and are just guessing, but that would have impinged on your righteous indignation that someone bother question you.


            • No he used his actual experience.

              Your opinion is whats pulled out of your ass along with 10 quarts of HIV infected semen, a string of beads, a glove, 2 hamsters, 17 cents in pennies, an iphone, and your parents phone number scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper (just call them. they can’t hate you any less than they already do).

              And that was just from that days work.


            • He made it up and admitted it. That should shame even you.


            • He’s living it you fucking idiot.

              Jesus you’re going to try and argue against personal fucking first hand experience?

              You’d rather go by census charts on…law breaking? Are you that fucking dumb? Really?

              Just shut the fuck up already. You’re always wrong and its embarrassing.


            • His first hand experience is not reliable based on his obvious stated bias.

              I honestly don’t care if it is 50%, 10% or 100%, but I want a verifiable statistic, not something simply made up. I’ll accept whatever the reliable data is, which is where we differ.

              You are happy to take this at face value because you think it makes me look bad to not rely on hearsay. Thats fine. I’m not really worried about your constant chatter since it never amounts to anything.

              You should look into the lack of reliability of eye witness testimony, cherry picking of data, the fallacious generalization and confirmation bias before you just accept a person’s claims because they say that they have some special kind of validating experience. If not, you just accept any silly conspiracy theory because it fits your already warped worldview.



              ASK THEM?






            • No, it just proved that you don’t care about finding accurate useful information, only what fits with your preexisting beliefs, and are prepared to reject any information that does not fit your beliefs because ‘somebody paid for it.’ No reason to throw a fit over your own intellectual failings.

              And you don’t need to sweet talk me.


            • You know as well as I do that a single person’s account of a large problem/issue is nearly meaningless, especially if he’s not somehow involved w/ the issue. One bystander can’t be relied for info about what is going on.
              I could make a lot of ‘true’ statements (by my perception) of rednecks in WV, but I really only know of a few dozen (at best) as personal experience.


            • @Nyokki

              I can’t reply to yours cause the open source system here is limited.

              But ya…you know full well and agree that a first hand account on something that can’t be quantified by any group of government body is far more reliable than an estimate or in this case the hopes of some limp wristed hippy with AIDS.

              I’ll take your advice on rednecks over any news station.

              That doesn’t even make sense in the slightest. What did I pick his personal account from or instead of? Hmmm? No answer huh. You’re not even providing the bullshit stats on crime estimates in populations of illegals from Mexico. You’re just pure bullshitting.

              Then you keep hoping your stupid fucking lame sense of humour will take. It just makes you look like a fucking idiot each time. Go ahead and write more like that if you want. You might as well be pissing in your own face though. I don’t know how to make this backfire any clearer to you.

              Point to what info has been rejected. There ain’t any.

              Other than you not liking his perspective based on his actual experience and you’ve probably never even been to AZ or TX. So you refute it in favour of the bullshit you make up?

              There it is for reference: this faggot is a hopeless bullshitting loser like all hippy faggots with delusions of importance.


            • Awww, poor maggie has to agree with nyokki and throw a fit at me over the exact same point. One person’s personal account isn’t valid information.

              You never asked for data, so I didn’t give any, but here is some for you to ignore and reject.

              Illegal immigrant population in AZ has risen 3.5 fold. Violent and property crimes fell there.



              But you know where crime rates haven’t fallen, but instead have risen? Maricopa county of AZ, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ignoring crime in favor of sweeps for illegals.

              You like to rant about how I believe what I am told to believe, but here I am, pointing out that the illegal immigration = more crime meme is a fraudulent media driven scam.

              I find it quite funny that you are so obsessed with me and all you have are homophobic rants, and just keep trying to tell me to shut up. You keep bitching about how nobody thinks I’m funny, but that doesn’t bother me. It bothers you not to get your way.

              The easiest way to get me to quit being being the pitcher to your catcher, the giver to your receiver, the top to your bottom, is to just go away. Alas, I’ve realized I’m in a battle of wits with somebody who showed up unarmed, so I’m not surprised that you are don’t find my humor amusing. I’ll just pat you on the head and spank you on the ass.

              Now go put on the chaps. I’m in the mood for leather tonight.


    10. What about people born in the US and look latino? If you’re a natural born citizen and are just walking down the street, you’re not required to carry ID. They’ve already detained a Puerto Rican for a couple of days (not sure about length of time) while his wife was bringing in proof of citizenship.


    11. In order for there to be a winner there has to be a loser.

      Americans need to decide if they want to be vilified and on top as they have been or noble and in poverty.

      Note that you’ve been brainwashed pretty hard by hippy bullshit your whole lives so noble and in poverty actually sounds like a fucking option.


      • Why not be noble and on top? I know you like to be my bottom, so it might be hard to get this, but the winner/loser is a rather anticapitalist statement. A rising tide floats all boats, as long as people don’t go around drilling holes…


        • You’re a flaming retard who couldn’t wrap his head around something that makes sense as you clearly just proved.

          I think your AIDS has spread to your brain.

          Hey here’s a thinker for you, fairy: all those illegals think your faggot lifestyle means you deserve to die. Go ask them. Now come back and defend them.

          Oops. Clashing liberal ideologies at its best. Let in all the immigrants…gay marriage gets voted down and crimes against homosexuals skyrocket. How does it feel to shoot yourself in the light little loafers?

          And you think anyone in the overwhelming majority (straight white people) should listen to you at all?

          The winner/loser scenario is reality, fucko. Not rainbow make believe where you can have one nation living below the standard of another and not resent them completely.


          • You always know how to sweettalk me Mags. Calling me a retard when your handle is such a clear flirt.

            Latinos aren’t as big of homophobes as you are. And I happen to be a straight white person, despite this little game we play.

            Your rant, yet again, has nothing to do with the history of America as a place that welcomes immigrants and thrives from their addition to our society. But I’m just somebody who knows at least as much about history as any college graduate.


            • Not too long but still didn’t read.


              That’s about all you’re worth in terms of a response. Try being clever or funny or something.

              Or don’t I can’t force myself to care.


            • Hey, I’m not the one who made an argument from adverse consequences not knowing anything about the extent of homophobia in the Latino community. Its just not as extreme as you would like to believe. Now, it Saudi Arabia was the southern neighbor to the US, then your fantasy might have some standing.

              Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but Mexico City allows gay marriage.

              If you bothered checking these things out before you go off half cocked, you might not make these kinds of mistakes.


            • So go get married in Califorina.

              Oh wait…the rural latin communities out voted the urban community and all the self important homos were shocked that surprisingly despite everyone they know being pro butt their marriage shit got canned.

              Mexico City also allows heroin use you stupid fuck. Great example. 😐

              The only mistake I’ve made here is assuming you weren’t a complete retard.

              As I’ve said before…fuck off. You just keep bitching like a cunt and making yourself look even more and more stupid with your never ending bullshitting.


            • Blacks and Latinos voted precisely the same way on prop 8, but that isn’t the important part.

              Illegal immigrants can’t vote.


            • Once they’re legal do you think they’ll vote differently? Do you think legal residents from Mexico are vastly different than illegal ones?

              And you think because you added in another minority group you’ve made a point?

              You really are fucking stupid. I am right and you are a total retard.

              Go ahead and bullshit some more if you want you fucking moron.


            • And once they are legal…

              That takes about a decade if you are lucky, probably 15 years or so.

              And yes, the illegal immigrants are different from legal immigrants. Legal immigrants tend to have skills and a college education and are more likely to be liberal. Naturalized citizens will probably be more conservative.

              I’m not really concerned about how they will vote. All legal citizens get to vote, and I can hope that they vote a certain way, but I think that the chances of such things as gay and lesbian rights to marriage will probably take a couple decades to become common through the US, barring a SCOTUS decision in their favor.

              Regardless, we are leaving neanderthals like yourself behind as society drifts toward more personal liberty instead of mindless hate for people for no reason other than the color of their skin or who they love.


    12. The whole immigration bill fiasco aside, she’s a know-nothing idiot who doesn’t consider any of the consequences of her actions and lives in a neo-conservative bubble. She’s woefully unprepared and unable to tackle the serious problems Arizona is facing and shouldn’t be at an executive level at a Burger King franchise, let alone the governor of a state.

      She wasn’t even elected, she was elevated from AZ Secretary of State to the position of Governor when Obama tapped Janet Napolitano for the DoHS job, cuz Arizona doesn’t have a Lt. Governor position. She’s up for election in November 2010 and will probably get MAYBE 2 or 3 Hispanics to vote for her in a state where Hispanics are 30% of the population… every time she opens her mouth, she shows just how truly uninformed and incapable she is.


    13. Gimme a billion dollars and I’ll solve Arizona’s immigration problem. I dig a big ass trench along the border. Then I’ll use that dirt to build a wall around Arizona to keep the stupidity in the state. Hell, I’ll even throw in Texas for free.


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