Meanwhile in America

Gulf Oiled Pelicans June 3 201 700x470 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

la oil spill.47 700x466 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

la oil spill.46 486x700 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

la oil spill.19a 700x466 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

la oil spill.50 700x467 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

la oil spill.52 700x466 Meanwhile in America Sad :( Nature Deepwater Horizon

“Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
‘Come out of her, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues’.”

Revelation 18:4

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49 Responses to Meanwhile in America

  1. This has gone beyond some accident that people will talk about in a couple of years as “remember when BP fucked up and lost all that oil.”

  2. Lotuseater725 rubs his hands together maniacally and says: “excellent”

  3. also, this is extremely fucked up

  4. I can`t think of a better argument for nuclear energy.(Yeah,I know.Here comes the Chernobyl comparisons.)

    • Oddly enough, I got a political poll call yesterday, and in addition to the BP spill, questions included, “favoring more legislation for nuclear energy” and “favoring more legislation for off-shore oil drilling…”

      I answered “favored” for both. Not that both don’t need stronger regulation oversight.

      And then I watched the West Wing episode that had a plant go near nuclear meltdown.

    • With all the advances in Nuclear energy in the past few decades, nuclear energy is actually -safer- than oil-based energy.

    • Man, fuck fission. It’s time for us to dump a few tens of billions into getting ourselves fusion reactors.

      • ^This. It’s apparently almost there although I expect that’s just optimism. If fusion research had a fraction of BP’s profits spent on it I expect there would be some quick results or at the very least some swifter progress.

  5. To the poster of these pics:

    I like where you were thinking in the bible verse, but I think you missed the meaning of that quoted scripture;

    “Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
    ‘Come out of her, my people,
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues’.”

    Revelation 18:4

    That is referencing “Babylon the Great”, or the worldwide empire of false religion. We are being told to sever our ties with false religion and come to gods true worship. That really doesn’t have anything to do with an Oil Spill. The “plagues” mentioned is basicly any of the ill effects you would suffer by associating with false religion, like death in the great tribulation at Armageddon.

    Not trying to start a religious fight here, just trying to get you pointed in the right direction.

  6. I should point out the fact that it’s a BRITISH company responsible for this major fuck-up, and the source of the problem is not technically “in America”. We’re just the one getting shit on by the Brits’ mistake.

    • BP is a multinational corporation, and America has plenty of interests and control in it. This “blame the Brits” bullshit is just that.

    • Except for the fact that this country is petroleum dependent as fuck. We’re just as culpable as BP. The US government is also to blame since we hadn’t changed drilling regulations since 1979, way before anybody even thought of deep sea drilling.

      This is a horrible fuck up and everybody gets credit for it. Hopefully we’ll learn something from this and get some new ideas for alternative energy, like mother fucking fusion reactors.

      • Being dependent on a product makes the US culpable?

        The US is a market, BP is a commodity supplier, a supplier that took chances to increase profits. That is all.

        Not having proper regulations IS our mistake. But, that does not make the fact that BPs installed overrides did not work

      • Nevermind that BP was violating a shit-ton of those regulations already…

    • About ten years ago or so BP was bought out by Amoco… which stands for the American Oil Company.

      So yeah, blame the brits for that one… asshat.

    • You’re a fucking idiot.

      Find me a company that large that is completely confined to one nation and I’ll let you lick my asshole.

      • Where did I say they were confined to one nation? Being based in and primarily owned by citizens of one nation doesn’t mean they’re confined to that nation. But, the guys making the decisions that led to this disaster WERE Brits.

        Now, who’s the “fucking idiot” again?

    • The people of Bhopal weep with you.

  7. Wow. This is horribly sad.

  8. Mother nature just pissed her pants! Keep up the good work BP! Fucka you Dorphin…

  9. Da fuck is that religious shit.

  10. Aww the dolphin is smiling and swimming backwards 🙂 Very clever.

    I work for BP I love this stuff 😀

  11. Why you do this…?

  12. I submitted about 25 pictures of the gulf that tiki is taking his sweet ass time on. More recent RELEVANT to the current situation in the gulf.

    Tiki must be on the payroll?


  14. What ever happened to zero point energy?

    And, I’m proud to be an American too 😀

    Even though I’ve had most of my civil liberties and patient rights abused and stomped on.

    Oh and that my health has been neglected, even if I would turn around and defend this nation in its armed forces once I had full use of my right arm again.

    God Bless America.


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