Lost cast seasons 1-6

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Outstanding. Above and beyond the average.

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    1. Agreed, but I am still lost, any one else?


    2. I have only watched the first episode and the last, so here is my review:
      1)MacGyver would have been off the island by the first half of the episode.
      2)Jabob’s Ladder did it better.


    3. There are some good reasons why MacGyver would not have made it off that are not explained in those two episodes, but I do see your point.

      I am still lost, holy shit, what? I have no idea what actually happened and what did not. Was any of this real life?



      • my interpretation is that the wreckage shown right at the end was oceanic 815, so essentially none of what happened in the past 6 seasons actually happened.

        im a little irked, because even though it neatly tied everything up (cant be any questions if nothing happened) i feel that it was a really cheap ending.


        • why would that wreckage mean that none of it happened? surely it would still be around after they’re all done doing what they done did


        • Fuck yeah another 5000. sup bro.
          also fuck you, it did happen I was it,
          they live the island jack dies, hugo and ben stay on
          the isalnd and protect the light. Those who escape live
          their lives they eventually die, they forget everything that
          happen on the island then desmond comes and starts remiding
          of what happen. They all come together at the concert and
          move on.


        • Your interpretation is wrong.

          What happened, happened. The island life was real, the alternate side-ways time line is Purgatory/Limbo. In that time line there is no “now”. The Losties created this place in their minds to meet up because the island was the most important time of their lives.

          Those who died on the island really died. Jack died on the island. Those who left on Ajira ended up living, presumably, long and happy lives. Hurley and Ben took over the protection duties for the island and for all we know they could have held these positions for 10,000 more years.

          Once they had their flashbacks to the island life, they realized they were dead and accepted their fate. Jack being the last one to do so, and then they all moved on to the afterlife.


          • That’s how I interpreted it. I loved it.


          • Seeing someone else type out what I thought makes me feel better about thinking it.


          • that makes sense, so whats your take on the scene in the church at the end? i thought that was everyone who died, which included the ajira flight people and hurley.


          • You just said what the other guy said but in more depth. You’re both right. Everything on the island was real.


          • I *mostly* agree with this, but I feel there were loose ends!? I was a loyal watcher so if this is overthinking it, I’m sorry.

            – Wouldn’t Ben or Hugo logically be the last to die, not Jack? (Thus perhaps explaining their exchange where Hugo went in & Ben did not?) They would HAVE to die after him in order to make the island “10k year” protection theory work for me. Maybe Ben is now the new Jacob, all he ever wanted. (& pink is the new black, lol)

            – Where the hell was Mr. Eko & other misc Oceanic survivors, etc.? (www.imdb.com/name/nm0015382/)

            – What about prominent “others” like Ethan and Tom Friendly? Or for that matter, Jacob’s followers? Some of these secondary characters surely made enough of an impression on the main cast to merit a Purgatory invite, right? WHat about the Dharma people – why wouldn’t Milo invite his dad finally? What a punk.

            – Speaking of who gets an invite versus not… other than “because Desmond would want her there” why the HELL would Penny be there? She was never on the island! If Penny can be there, why wouldn’t Whitmore & Co. be there? ESPECIALLY know-all Mrs. Whitmore/Farraday.

            – In short: this little neat & tidy ending makes them a clique-y bunch of assholes, and I’m not buying it.

            – Oh, and apparently “fu*k you” to Vincent. All dogs may go to heaven, but they apparently are not welcome in limbo. lol

            I know it’s easier to criticize than to be happy that many-if-not-most questions got answered, but I for one know that my English teachers (throughout mah skoolin’) kicked my ASS when I tried to get away with “and then he woke up” & similar endings to fictional works.

            It’s really, REALLY lazy!!!!!!


    4. Five words: Dense and filled with gimmicks.


    5. I thought this show was shit from the beginning personally.


      Waste of my life.
      “We can’t tie up all the shit we started so guess what? They’re all dead!”


    7. i never watched even one episode


      • Me neither. I’m a big sci-fi junkie, but this just sounded silly and pointless. But hey, most everyone seems to think it was a blast so I might give it a go. But the spoilers I did hear really made me think of Jacob’s Ladder as well. One of my favourite movies (Pay attention! This is how horror is supposed to be done!) but I’m not sure I want it drawn out to seven freaking years.


    8. This was rad and answered enough questions to satisfy but still left enough questions to leave it up to our imaginations. Sometimes not knowing is the best part of any given show. Personally, I enjoy not knowing.
      Did anyone bitch when they never showed what was in the case in Pulp Fiction? Not really, because the rest of the flick was badass. Did many want their 154 minutes back?

      I think that the meaning of it all being left up to us is what makes it BA.


    9. Macgyver would have found a way to keep the plane from crashing


    10. waiting for all seasons on dvd to watch sequentially.

      The @#$%!#$ myth arc of the X-files that was sooo cloudy and impossible to understand was exponentially clearer when watched again on DVD, in order, and with only days/weeks between episodes not months.

      I really loathe the TV networks compressing the final images of a show to expand the credits and start the next show. Watching my postage stamp of a tv, I couldn’t tell if thjere were supposed to be bodies in the final wreckage scene..


    11. biggest cop out to a series finale I have ever seen.


    12. The truth of the matter is this:

      No matter what anyone makes and creates, no matter how amazing or awe-inspiring it is to you, you will never EVER satisfy everyone.

      Matrix trilogy, LoTR, Dark Tower, etc.

      There is no such thing in the entirety of the human existence as the complete satisfaction of 100% of the people.


    13. All arguement aside, I’m happy I didn’t waste any time watching the show.


    14. Never seen this show, but drove by the beach where they filmed it while I was in Hawaii 2 years ago.


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