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    Pocahontas innnn SPAAAAAACE!


    OMG, Pigs in Space in 3D would be awesome. :)


    Nothing is new under the sun and well told stories are always retold.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    True, but Pocahontas/Ferngully/Dances with Wolves were not good stories that needed to retold.


    I saw it as more of Ferngully directed by James Cameron


    I liked it better when it was Star Wars script scratched out with Harry Potter, or even the derivative Star Wars script scratched out with Eragorn.

    Even this joke is a rip-off. Ironic?


    This joke is played out…

    All this has happened before and will happen again.


    So say we all.


    I hope Na’vi will build a casino eventually


    Some guy that has a blog called Ask a Korean said its more like Princess Mononoke.


    Ferngully 2: Dances with Warhammer 40k! ok, but honestly: I’d rather see a movie with spectacular special effects and a safe, standard, fallback plotline than see a movie with spectacular special effects and a plot that was absolute crap. They could have tried something out there plot-wise, and had it failed, nobody would be talking about the amazing technological leaps, they’d be talking about the nonsensical plot. see: Star Wars the Phantom Menace (that’s ‘see for reference’ not ‘go out and see’) SW:PM was as much of a leap forward technologically as Avatar is. The motion capture for Jar-Jar was… Read more »


    You are realy close, but it’s actually Dances With Wolves meets Starship Troopers in Ferngully


    I’d rather have a crappy plot, then at least I’d have a laugh with my eyes-exploding-from-aweseomeness.


    Still dieing to see this movie. Probably will when I get back from my trip. I know it will still be playing. Agrey this is a “tried and true” plot. Which is why it keeps being reused.


    The best one I heard was “Dances with Smurfs”.


    shot with arrows! yo.


    The World is about to end because we can’t think of new storylines. Everything is old and recycled. I blame Al Gore and his damn internetz!

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