Pixies Concert

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Pixies concert at DAR Constitution Hall, Dec 1, 2009. It’s the Doolittle 20-year anniversary tour, and they did the whole album in order. I sat in the 5th row center.

1. Black Francis in the center, Joey Santiago far left.
2. First bow before the 2 encores
3. Kim Deal is Gigantic (that’s what they were playing for that pic).

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    cease to resist
    given my goodbyes
    drive my car
    into the oooocean
    you think i’m dead
    but i sail away ay-ay ay-ay
    on a wave of mutilation

    tiki god

    they’re just a cheap rip off of Nine Inch Nails.

    ugh. posers!


    how on earth can you compare the pixies to NIN?

    they sound completely different


    Cheap rip off of NIN?
    Cheap rip off of NIN?!?!?
    Have you ever heard The Pixies?
    Have you ever heard NIN?!?!?
    I`ve never wanted to have violent rape sex to The Pixies.

    Billy Manic

    Er, a joke, anyone?

    Teutonic Logic

    time has not been kind to this bunch thats for sure. And to add my own correction for Tiki, there just a rip off of Husker Du.


    PPFFFT!!1 Pixies are awesome. Where is YOUR mind?


    I am not alone! I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to have violent rape sex listening to Closer

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