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    That’s a pretty fucking good point actually. Everyone who knows a hypocrite based on this double standard raise their hand.


    I simply don’t understand what a full grown, adult sees (sexually/romantically) in a barely pubescent teen, regardless of gender. I understand they are physically attractive since gravity and responsibility have not yet weighed them down, but still…they’re just not that interesting yet.


    You people should watch the south park episode when Ike bangs his teacher.


    they probably just want to be young again. Although why they would hinge that desire upon that garbage eludes me.


    Hey let’s not forget Twilight is about a 107 year old who is into a 17 year old.

    fracked again

    Aren’t the actors all in their 20s?

    One of the guys from the Stern show went to see the most recent one with his girlfriend. The little girls all screamed whenever one of the guys took his shirt off, so he joined in. Freaked the girls the fuck out.

    It almost makes me want to go… almost.


    The guy who plays the werewolf guy is actually only 17 IRL. His body makes my pee-pee go “whee!”.


    Thank you Ayaq – I like when such hypocrisies are pointed out.


    I don’t think 17 ranks as “barely pubescent”. In fact, it’s waaaay past pubescent.

    Humans don’t magically go from little kids to full-grown adults when they turn 18/21/some other arbitrary number.

    As for what people see, well, it’s widely known that all physical characteristics people tend to be attracted to in others are child-like features: rosed cheeks, wide eyes, smooth skin, pouty lips, etc.

    Still, for fuck’s sake, they’re just kids. Stop lusting after kids young enough to be your children, twilight moms!


    Can somebody please tell me why a century old vampire is still in high school?

    Then maybe I’ll try and understand the rest.


    dude, this chicks are totally cougars. And i loves me the cougars. OM NOM NOM TWILIGHT MOMS.


    Apparently because he’s into 17 year old girls.




    I prefer Dragon Ball.


    @DMYTRIW WDS: Obviously part of their “human act”. They all look like teens so they play the part to blend in.


    : and no one has noticed that this same kid has been attending this high school since it was built?

    Stephanie Meyer fails at all levels of writing: basic premise, details that flesh things out, believable characters, plotlines, and actual prose.


    You are making a lot of assumptions about the story without actually having read the book. She fully explains everything you’ve questioned.

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