Chewbacca’s Hair Stylist

Primping.jpg (30 KB)

Which movie is this/what set is he on?

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    he’s totally on the set of one of the original Star Wars movies.
    which were filmed in Guatemala


    Return of the Jedi

    I’m mostly sure

    Its definitely NOT Empire Strikes Back.


    Oddly enough, the submit button took me here:

    I feel this is a sign that I was right about it being RotJ

    Karatesaurus Rex

    I’m thinking Tatooine personally, the dock in Mos Eisley, but I don’t recall Chewie having his bowcaster there.


    You know what, this might be A New Hope. Right before they get chased back onto the Falcon. I’m pretty sure he had his bowcaster in one of those scenes.


    This is from The Alamo movie. You can totally tell that is John Wayne combing Chewie’s hair. This is right before the scene where the French get their asses kicked my the Aztecs.


    Its from A New Hope. Quite possibly from the deleted/special edition scene where Jabba and posse are waiting for Han at the Falcon.

    Ok, I think I just made myself sad now…


    Sad you know what is sad? I can tell you what material Asajj Ventress’ lightsabers are made out of and how they connect.

    It’s Harry and the Hendersons.


    This is A New Hope in the Mos Eisley Docking Bay (94). Most likely this is from the deleted scene from the Special Edition release, because Chewie was already inside the Falcon prepping for lift off during most of the docking bay escape scene.


    He’s not making it easy for her, is he?


    Its from A New Hope

    From the scene with Jaba and Han

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