should you have to hide the real you to be accepted – muslim

should you have to hide the real you to be accepted muslim 338x500 should you have to hide the real you to be accepted   muslim Religion Advertisements

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33 Responses to should you have to hide the real you to be accepted – muslim

  1. only if you stink like curry

  2. AND hummus. you forgot about the stench of hummus.

  3. sooo. is the one holding the sign the fake girl? or is the girl in the picture the fake one?
    either way, the girl in the picture is quite more attractive.

  4. Yeah wow Trik, that is so mature. Because hummus has anything to do with her religion. I can understand when people are against organised religions but to attack someone’s culture just because it’s not your own is pathetic.
    Besides I thought you’re Catholic? But yeah whatever, I’m sure the really nasty comments a la burn or throw bacon at her are yet to come.

  5. I like hummus. Pita chips + some spicy hummus = a good time had by all.

  6. I’ve never heard throw bacon at her, I’ma use dis.

  7. She doesn’t really need the photo on a picket; it seems that she was already hiding her “real you” underneath the hijab.

  8. Yah based on your beliefs Polyonymous. I guess it’s safe to say the answer to this is yes.

  9. This looks like it’s related to Muslims. Why are people talking about curry?

  10. so far, i like these dutch ads. because they are so true. gotta love the “real” dutch mentality on discrimination.

  11. “I can understand when people are against organised religions but to attack someone’s culture just because it’s not your own is pathetic.”

    Srsly? Repeat this sentence over to yourself again and again until you realize how silly and contradictory it is.

    And while we’re on the hate train, i’m sure the girl behind the pic isn’t as hot as the one on the pic…so yea…i’ll take that one.

  12. These ads are pissing me off. Who are they looking for acceptance from? What happened to, do your thing, love yourself and who gives a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks? Fuck.

  13. The funny thing is, you can read this ad two different ways depending on your opinion (I’ll spare the word ‘belief’ because it’s just a fancy way of saying ‘opinion’.)

    I read it as a woman hiding her individuality and uniqueness behind the forced veil of a religious indoctrination.

    But if you were one of those women who were either brainwashed to think ‘who you are’ is determined not by what you want but what the men in your society tell you you want or truly believed a subserviant life will earn your way into some happy afterlife then maybe you’d read this as ‘evil’ western culture trying to ‘force’ you to embrace your sexuality and feminity when all you really want to do is hide it.

    Either way, what a woman wants to be is all she needs to do. Religious bullshit aside, if you want to dress like a nun, dress like a nun. I just think it should be YOUR choice to do so.

  14. Who the Fuck cares, go put your mouth back on a COCK and keep yourself busy if you’re going to defend those wacko FUCKS.

  15. “Srsly? Repeat this sentence over to yourself again and again until you realize how silly and contradictory it is.”

    I beg your pardon, but show me where I contradict myself because I don’t see it. Culture is not the same as organised religion, if that’s what you’re trying to imply with your vague accusation.

    So far only Catherine Longfellow had something interesting to say.

    I just really enjoy how the same people who condemn others for their brutal ways, do so by being equally brutal. It’s like wishing death upon a person who wishes death upon you. If you’re incapable of seeing the human behind this barrier of “indoctrination” or whatever you want to call it, then how do you expect anyone to see the human in you.

  16. And yeah again, just based on these few comments, the answer to the original question is obviously yes. If I were a Muslim I would be fucking devastated to leave the house with a piece of cloth on my head.

  17. whaaaaaaaa? all i was saying was i dont like hummus. i dont like alot of food. but hummus seemed to be topical. i never said anything a bout bacon or showing her the bottoms of my feet. and if people made fun of catholics or christians (or whatver i am, im not even sure) and i wouldnt think its a big deal. sorry it came across as that. either way, if her face gets shown when she wears that cloth, then its a win win! cause shes pretty!

  18. b/c all muslim/islam women want to be cover girl models…

  19. I thought it was about having to hide the fact you’re Muslim.

  20. this is just sad bullshit as a result of american propaganda
    I know several muslims and they are damned honest and loyal friends, proving that they are good people

  21. Quite the contrary. While I admit that I have a strong anti-Religious bias, I hardly expect anyone else to agree with my own feelings on the matter. Variations in custom and culture enrich us all – to a point. And while I’ve agreed with the message of the previous adverts of this kind that have been posted here (though the format of them muddles the message a bit IMO), but this one seems inappropriate to me. Contrary even.

    What I was attempting to say (albeit too concise – and more easily misconstrued) was that the woman pictured behind the picket was already being forced to hide herself by her own culture/religion. This ad might seem to suggest that it is unacceptable to question the standing “feminine humility before God (and consequently men)” doctrine so widely believed and enforced throughout Islamic communities today. I take issue with that.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this?

  22. Kommie, maybe you didn’t notice, but .nl is not American.

    Also, your having Muslim friends demonstrates that you are nothing but an internet nazi, too much of a puss to be an IRL troll.

  23. Point numbered “The One”:
    She’s Muslim. Her culture and her religion are so intertwined, they’re dry humping.
    Point numbered “The Two”:
    This is from a solely religious stance, one that I assume you don’t share – You think it’s ok to attack her “organized religion”, but her hummus, her mayo, is where you draw the line?

    Eye of the beholder thing I guess. Maybe you’ve had some really good hummus or something.

  24. -fracked again-
    yes i know that the website is not based in the USA, stands to reason that it would another nation NOT america, standing up for the ideal of fighting the discrimination of muslims

    the truth is that only a small number of muslims are these so-called terrorists, but the small number of single-minded politicians play upon the fear of the majority and blow everything out of proportion and have made america’s overall opinion to be anti-muslim

    Hebrews are the natural enemy of muslims, and since the US government has always had an outrageous number of jewish puppetmasters pulling the strings, its not a wonder hos the anti-muslim sentiments have grown, and how the US military always seems to attack any nation that may be a threat to israel

  25. @Kommissar: So… You’re rightly against unjustly lumping all Muslims into groups with terrorists (such a loaded word btw), but generalizing an entire nation is ok? Even after that it’s ok to turn around and completely demonize an entire religion right after you condemned doing the same for another?

  26. -Comraduderrisch-
    I did not generalise the usa, if you read what i wrote, i attacked the small number of politicians who spread the message of hate to the people

    as for the hebrews, whereas the average muslims i have met have been friendly and sociable, the hebrews i have met are quick-tempered and find reason to become enraged by anything they disagree with.

    look at international incidents, how many times does israel murder men women and children in palestine then call it ‘acting in defence’
    and also, america’s ideal of ‘preemptive strike’ to attack a potential enemy before they become a problem
    Look at the facts and see who the real terrorists are,

  27. The next one better be a klansman in full garb holding up a sign with the face of a black man.


  28. @bstaples

    1. Yet there are non Muslim people who embrace Arabic culture, WOO MAGIC.

    2. I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. Would you rather I attack her culture that she was born into, but not her religion that she may use to oppress others even though she was shown evidence that her theistic ways are contradictory?

    I’ve never had any hummus actually but I was taught common sense. You should try it too, it’s not fattening either.

  29. Also, Kommissar – I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Hebrews and Arabs are brothers. They’re both Semitic.

  30. -dieantagonista-
    comparing muslims and jews is like comparing americans to the canadians – one lot has good morals and ideals. while the other is a group of extremist control freaks who cant handle people not accepting their way of life

  31. Yea, you should totally have to hide yourself behind make up, accessories, hair style, clothing and other mainstreamed means to be uniform with the rest of the world.

    Or wear a burka. Whatever it takes to keep the neighbours happy, rite?

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