IE6 usage reasons

IE6 usage reasons

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    Someone like my dad would use IE because it’s what comes on the machine – not knowing addons like no script, adblock plus and chatzilla exist for firefox.


    Made me laugh, so true.


    There’s one missing! How about “Your company’s IT department is afraid to upgrade”.
    I work for a major bank and we just upgraded to IE7 this past month.I think they are afraid of the capabilities of Firefox or even IE8. Oh, and we just got Office 2007 as well and we run XP.


    I also work in a bank, and all the internal tools (HR stuff and all) on our intranet WON’T work with something else than IE6.
    It’s mostly heavily broken JS/ActiveX code that is incompatible with FF, but also IE7+!

    So when I say “how about we drop IE6 support for our public website?” they reply “we can’t, people from our company won’t be able to access it anymore”.


    My bank blocks, using Websence, anything that uses JS/ActiveX, etc. Also anything even remotely questionable including the NSFW links on MCS. And I can’t even use a proxy as those are blocked, too. SUCKS!


    why is it all skincolours

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