Race Mixing Is Communism


Sound like a familiar argument?

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    1. Only in that the word “communism” is used in both. Quite different arguments when the current ones are concerned with wealth redistribution and government supplied health care…not to mention nationalized banks and automotive companies; those arguments depicted in the photo concern preventing an entire group of people from exercising their constitutional rights. Nothing in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights about health care, wealth redistribution or nationalizing parts of the private sector.

      Nothing to see here, move along…


      • I think you misunderstand the purpose of what the government is currently doing. They didn’t take over banks so they could run them. They took them over because the banks failed. And what are they doing with these “taken over” banks? Selling them to private companies. Same with the car companies. GM said that they couldn’t operate without a good chunk of infused cash, and the government said, ok, you can have this billion dollar stack we have, but under certain circumstances, one of which was that they figure out how to make money again so they could buy their company back.

        You’re right about “Nothing in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights about health care, wealth redistribution or nationalizing parts of the private sector.” but that’s just a strawman that practically anyone with half a drunken brain can figure out.

        What the situation IS though is a bunch of tight ass racists that want to “take their country back”. From who? from the negro, that’s who. People that are afraid their country is communist because there’s a plan to regulate the health care industry. No where in anyone’s plans do they talk about the government sending out their own doctors.

        However, it is a moral imperative that we have a healthy society. I don’t want to die because some single mother/father with a kid can’t afford health care and the little bundle of joy gets H1N1 and infects his entire school, simply because the parent can’t afford basic health care.


        • 1)
          Obama sat in a racist church for twenty years listening to a black racist pastor who is the godfather to his kids and is close personal friends with Louis Farrakhan and the “Obamacare” protestors are the racists?

          2)Obama surrounds himself with self avowed racists and communists and yet when it’s pointed out it’s a smear tactic?

          3)What banks do you speak of?
          Bear Sterns?Lehman Brothers?AIG?Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

          4)Those businesses got into trouble by writing toxic mortgages after the gov’t removed the qualifications needed to get a home mortgage in order to allow low income people of color to get into housing they couldn’t afford. (btw:I’m Hispanic)

          5)By the end of March,The Fed will have lent or guaranteed at least $8.7 trillion under a series of new bailout programs-and thanks to an obscure law allowing the Fed to block most congressional audits,both the amounts and the recipients of the monies remain almost entirely secret.

          6)Low income people qualify for medicare and also here in Missouri,children can be covered for free or there may be monthly premiums based on your family size and income.
          The plan is called MC+ (Missouri’s Health Insurance for Families)


          • Wow.
            Not a single one of those items (with the possible exception of #6) is a fair or accurate statement.

            Congratulations. You win the prize.


          • 1) you’ve obviously never been in church. or have hear the “black racist pastor” before. he was no more racist than my old baptist pastor was. If you listen to the actual sermons that Pastor Wright was giving, they were the stereotypical fire and brimstone sermon. Just like any good movie, you’re standard sermon has three parts: setup and intro, the introduction of a problem, and the resolution of the problem. What you got to see on Fox everytime they mention Wright was the second part. Select statements that taken by themselves sound horrid. Taken as a part of the full sermon they make sense and not bad at all.

            2) he doesn’t. you’re full of shit, and making shit up. prove what you said here.

            3)all four, yes, plus about 200 more. They let a couple fail and then realized that if they let any more of that size fail there would be serious problems. This is something that both sides agree on though, because it was Bush’s white house that started the TARP program, and it was Obama’s that continued it. If it weren’t for those steps taken, who knows what would be going on right now.

            4)this is true. people did stupid things, companies made stupid decisions, and bad things happen. I don’t think some idiot’s decision to purchase a house 10 times outside their price range should mean that the entire country is permitted to slide into anarchy.

            5)that’s also bullshit. the entire program is open. I’d suggest you follow www.bailoutsleuth.com/ for a while to keep an eye for how many banks go under on a weekly basis, and what the steps are to save the money people have in those banks. They also keep track of the various banks that already have TARP funds and how they’re paying them back. What you’re likely thinking of is that a huge portion of the administrating documentation that’s nearly 90% redacted. Which is bullshit that I don’t agree with.

            6) SOME low income people qualify. Here in florida we have a kidscare www.floridakidcare.org/ which has thousands of kids on a wait list. it’s a good program, but it’s not enough. the federal program is going to open that to more kids and more families. are you honestly arguing that the wait lists are a good thing?


            • 2)Here’s a short list right off the top of my head:
              Valerie Jarrett,Mark Lloyd,Cass Sunstein,David Axelrod,Van Jones

              And For the first time in history the United States government is siding with Marxist leaders Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro and Evo Morales against the pro-democratic Honduran President Micheletti.

              The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court along with the military ousted Leftist President Manuel Zelaya from power after his illegal moves to secure his presidential post as a lifetime position. The Honduran government appointed Roberto Micheletti president until the planned elections in November.


            • right off the top of your head? are you on drugs? none of those people are “surrounding” obama at all. they work in the government and are vocal. guess what, we have white supremacists working in the government right now too, they’re just not feeling as empowered as these guys are.

              and no? we’re not “siding” with marxist leaders, again, that’s just made up shit. you might as well be talking about how bush new 9-11 was going to happen, Kennedy was shot from a grassy knoll or the moon landing was faked. we’re still putting just the same amount of pressure on those people and countries, we’re just not being dicks about it. Are you suggesting that we should side with the people that ejected the democratically elected president of a ally country? President Micheletti is just a puppet head, dancing to the tune of the military powers that put him in his position.

              tl;dr : lern to read you sound stupid


            • They ejected him because he was illegally trying to secure his post as a lifetime position making himself a dictator.

              A puppet head?

              Micheletti was temporarily appointed until the November elections

              And it’s intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that you have no clue as to who the people I mentioned are.

              Valerie B. Jarrett is Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President and the New York Times describes her as the “Ultimate” Obama insider and one of the president’s most influential advisers.

              I suggest you familiarize yourself on the subject before posting your comments;you just make yourself look really dumb


            • I have no clue? are you serious?

              Senior adviser? do you have any idea how many of those there are?

              I suggest you shut the fuck up before I smack you with a tuna. you sound stupid when you spout out retarded bullshit that no one but the most stupidly devoted right winger retard would agree with.

              Micheletti was temporarily appointed until the November elections by the military of that country that wants someone in place so they can put their own man in.

              Are you so ignorant of history?


            • Are you sitting in your chair with your hands cupped over your singing “lalalalalalala I can’t hear you” and then scanning my posts to pick out the buzz words to reply to?

              Just tryin to educate you to the facts;but I see you reject reality and substitute your own.

              Can you even dress yourself in the morning?


            • not only do I dress myself, I own my own company.

              what do you do?


            • You are a table. Your argument is invalid.


            • Call him a newfag, ebayer! lulz will follow!


            • You have your own company huh?

              It must not be profitable since you’re asking for money on your website.

              What do I do?
              I retired from a government job.
              So hurry up and be more successful and pay more taxes.I need a cost of living increase.


        • GM got a billion dollars and they still failed and filed for bankruptcy.
          The only winners in that debacle was the Union and GM.The creditors and investors got screwed.


          • well, the unions, GM, the US government, the US citizens, investors and creditors all won out on that one. How you think the investors would feel about a company that’s dead and has no collateral? how do you think the creditors would deal with that? 50% of nothing is still nothing.


            • General Motors under UAW domination directed by inept Government bureaucracy is the perfect metaphor for Mussolini-style Fascism. A mini-dictatorship of the proletariat. More coming in the Trojan Horses of contrived “crises” (e.g.; Global Warming; Cap & Trade Enviromentalism; Health Care Reform) “demanding” more government by fiat (e.g.;1000-page Congressional “porkulus” bills voted into law without being read by anyone but affecting everyone). Who was it that said “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste”? (Rahm Emanual. Obama’s Chief of Staff). We have a Fascist revolution by Crisis Management. Socialism is everybody equally miserable. Fascism is socialism with whips.


            • you have odd definitions my man. I’d hate to live in your world where the one of the nation’s largest employers is permitted to just disappear over night.


        • No, the banking crash was engineered? Do people freaking READ anymore? Have you never heard of crashing markets intentionally for a financial takeover? It’s what the Rothschilds did in England first by lying about who won against Napoleon in the war at the time (price plummet and takeover). Furthermore, the Federal Reserve is not federal, and there are no reserves! It’s a bank owned privately, and NO ONE knows who all the owners are. Now, I would like for you to go READ about it before you say anything else.


      • Its the same people making the same arguments. Conservative Christians who think all change is communism.

        Also, check the Constitution for Article I, section 8. Defense and general welfare. 10th amendment is not the be all end all.


    2. Your H1N1 comment is a nice red herring. Basic health care is available through emergency rooms. If you’re talking about affordable health care that’s a far different beast, and one which requires more than insurance reform, but also tort reform and SHOULD be backed by anyone with half a brain.

      You vastly misunderstand the role of government…it is NOT to prop up failing businesses, but to use it’s bankruptcy courts to allow the selling of viable portions of those failed businesses after they file. We should NEVER have seen this administration telling the CEO of GM to resign. Government has no business in Business when it can’t even run itself properly.


      • Oops, missed the “reply button”!

        One other thing though, in your third paragraph, you seem to be equating racists with people that oppose government run health care. Please clarify or just admit you REALLY don’t have an argument.


      • I think what Tiki meant was this: While a great deal of the protesters of health care reform are indeed truly opposed to something that Rush Limbaugh said is bad or are actually serving their liberal wacko lord by calling gay jews nazis, a great majority of them are, at the heart of it, protesting any move a black president makes. Now, I’m not one of those “if you don’t kneel before the mighty barack, you are racist” people, because that sort of logical failure belongs to Republicans (Mr. Bush Jr. :”You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists”), but around my campus last semptember I heard a lot of “No N*****RS in the white house, not now, not never!” and now, all of a sudden, it’s “I’m not racist, I just don’t like Obama.” Yeah. Sure. After he was sworn in, I’m sure all that racism just disappeared.


      • Tort reform won’t save money. In states that have had tort reform but not insurance reform still see rates increase at ridiculous speeds. All it does is further improve profits for insurance companies and penalize severely injured people that are young and will require a lifetime of expensive care. Rate increases are tied to drops in the stock market, where insurance companies invest your payments, not to fines levied by courts.


      • 1) I’m not talking about just affordable health care. You’re comment that “basic health care is available through emergencry rooms” is an indication that you have no clue what you’re talking about. You think people reneging on their bills is a good thing? Who do you think pays for that? I do through my taxes. You do too if you pay taxes. I would rather have a system in place that we take these situations into consideration. We already know that some people will not be able to pay for their health care, why not account for that on a nation level?

        THE ONLY ROLE of the government is to protect the country. Saving the economic framework that we all enjoy is part of that protection. You act as if it’s the CEO of a local fleamarket that was asking for money, and not the CEO of on eof the largest companies in the country responsible for more jobs than any other company around the US. What’s the use of an out of business GM? You get thousands of unemployed people, millions of square feet of dead factories, bankrupt finance companies and snowballs from hell.

        So what kind of government are you for? You seem to be decidedly undemocratic, would you say that you’re more of a anarchist or a libertarian? I want a government that’s done exactly what this one has done for the economy, both Bush and Obama.


    3. You Americans and your fear of communism. You so funny!!


      • Well only in America can they confuse Fashism, Socialism and Commumism…
        But the bigger point is that it’s not Capitalism…
        Not that the average joe really understands that either…


        • I think there are people out there who honestly think that the current system for health care somehow resembles a free market in the same way that buying a toothbrush at either Walmart or Walgreens is free market. Healthcare is already amazingly regulated by the government, insurance companies, the AMA, and hospitals themselves. It’s not exactly the libertarian ideal currently. Healthcare reform will just change what the regulation looks like.


    4. I think the point is rather simple…
      Arrogance and Ignorance goes hand in hand…and it repeats.


    5. No. It’s his white half I can’t stand…


    6. Y’all are going nuts over nothing. The picture above is about the change from NCSSC to NASCAR. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€


    7. Race Mixing is Communism

      Letting other races into your country, letting them become citizens, free to sit around and sponge welfare is Democracy

      No inferior races allowed is Nationalism

      guess which is better


    8. Guess who receives 75% of welfare in America.

      The correct answer is white women with two children. Therefore, not only are Caucasians the ones sitting around sponging off welfare, but white men aren’t even man enough to take care of their babies, and white women are so dumb, they have two kids outside of wedlock. So your notion of ‘inferior races’ is total bullshit, because we whites are about as dumb and lazy as they come.

      You are a coffee table, sir.


    9. i just moved into a new suburb that has practically no black in it, and the change was astounding
      pretty much no crime, almost no litter, absolutely no graffiti
      seriously, when something as basic as a public bathroom is in perfect condition, something is different

      proof that a lack of black does have have positive effects


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