Best Beer?

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What is the best beer?


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    Tina, tits or gtfo


    hands down the best beer ever is yinpu. quality only costs 3 bucks for a 6 pack.

    Alec Dalek

    Beer = Beer. All that matters is the Alcoholic content level. Faxe, now there’s a good beer.


    That is… wow.

    Here’s an interesting fact for you – only shit beer should be served ice cold. That way you can’t taste how bad it is. I stopped putting mugs in the freezer at 19, when I realized that beer =! beer, and that there is a larger variety and quality of beers out there than even wine.


    You MUST be drunk because wtf is equal-to sign factorial?


    It means “does not equal”


    Stupid maths degree.


    While this is true of American Macrobrews like Budlight, there are other high quality beers best served at cold temperatures, such as Kolsch. Meanwhile…best beer ever is a tough call: I enjoy the hoppiness of Bell’s Two Hearted, the creamy sweetness of Tiger Stout, and there’s nothing quite like a Fat Tire. One of my favorite beer drinking experiences was downing several liters of Lowenbrau at Oktoberfest last year. It was definitely the freshest tasting beer I’d ever had and it left no hangover!


    Fat Tire is excellent. I’ll have to try these others based solely on the fact that you like Fat Tire. Fat Tire is kind of like this weird little piece of heaven that doesn’t quite feel right, but you’re okay with it. What the fuck am I talking about?


    One of the nicer beers I’ve had was Monty Pythons Holy grail. I think it was around $4 per pint.


    I will vouch for this man’s authority. After all, he IS drunk.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re a fucking loser.

    I wonder if that Faxe fellow you just addressed agrees?

    Go back to school. Like…grade 3 I think. That’s about where you’re at fag got, homophobe, hypocrite, doucherag.

    Alec Dalek

    Thanks for tracking down all my comments and thoughtfully wasting all your spare time leaving mindless replies. You’re my biggest fan!


    SHINERBOCK, motherfuckers

    also, Tucher when I’m in a citrus-y mood


    Shiner is decent…but nowhere near the best Bock out there.


    Newcastle, ftw.

    Additionally, heineken does suck balls.

    Luke Magnifico

    A maßkrug of Augustiner brau, anyone?


    Augistiner? Nein, danke. Ich will aber gern ein Freiburger trinken.


    Its the easiest one to find in Texas. I’m also partial to their hefenweizen. I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong.


    That was supposed to be


    Fat Tire is amazing. I also enjoy Leinenkugel’s.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Concur that Fat Tire is the best, widely distributed, commercial beer in America. But there are about a dozen local microbrew pubs in Seattle and Portland that make Fat Tire seem like piss by comparison. For example, Big Time Brewery’s Atlas Ale is an amber that kills Fat Tire. And nothing beats an Imperial Stout by the fireplace on a winter night.


    I’d highly recommend Lost Coast Brewery. Their Downtown Brown and Sharkbite (name may be off) are beyond delicious. They operate out of a little town called Eureka, CA in the state of Jefferson.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I think your thinking of Great White, but both great beers. Sharkbite is an IPA from Portland, IIRC, but I don’t remember being that impressed by it.


    Yeah, local is always the best way to go. Unique flavor, freshness isn’t lost in storage and shipment. Here in Minneapolis we have an up and coming brewery called Surly, they brew a hell of a beer. I actually brew my own beer, which is more fun, cheaper, tastes better (usually), and is often healthier than any commercial beer. And it’s not even that hard to do!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Asahi is my favorite beer.

    Richard’s White is good too.


    I died a little inside earlier when someone said all beer is the same. Such a sad state of affairs…

    Best beer? Depends what you like. I’m not a huge fan of the caramel and roasted malt flavors typically found in darker beers. I prefer lagers, pale ales, imperial pale ales, hefeweizens, and belgian style triples/quads.

    Apparently the Westvleteren 12 is one of the best beers in the world.

    Brewed in southern Belgium at one of the worlds only true Abbey breweries and isn’t shipped anywhere else in the world. It can only be purchased at the Abbey or at a select few local Belgian establishments. I tried to plan a trip here the last time I was in Europe but it is quite out of the way and you must set up an appointment ahead of time to pick up any of the beer.


    IIRC, Belgian beers usually win any and all beer contests. They’ve got a lot of monasteries w/ secret ingredients and brewing techniques.


    If monasteries and secrets make good beer, I would hope there’s ninjas making beer in Japan.


    that picture is hilarious.

    i drink beer mainly for three reasons –
    1. mmmm i’d really like a tasty tasty TASTY beer. i’ll have a dark erdinger, or a kilkenny, or something normally too malty.
    2. its time to get silly bitches!
    3. mm, its sunny, theres bbq’d food, or a nice steak, and i want a cold drink that will ebriate me only slightly.

    for 2 and 3, i have tried alot of imported stuff, american, mexican, whatever, and those are nearly always total shit, like someone decided to brew something and halfway thru decided against it. Czek (sp?) beer is GOOD for this, if you want a light drink. However, all over, i am actually very happy with nearly all the beer made in Norway (where i live), anything that says “fatøl” on it kicks the shit out of imported beer, as an all round drink.


    My favorite beer is 50, but I also like Olde English. The memories make it good, not the taste.


    You have memories of drinking Olde English? I didn’t know that was possible.


    Paaabst Blue Ribbon


    landshark lager all the way


    Arrogant Bastard Imperial Stout
    Long Trail Imperial Porter
    Harpoon Levithan Double IPA and Baltic Porter

    and the Wee Heavy brewed at the Vermont Pub and Brewery in Burlington, VT.



    The only beer I have ever liked is chelada with but light.

    That and smirnoff ice.

    Other than that, beer tastes like piss water to me.


    I dig me some Arrogant Bastard, but no matter how hard I try I can’t be good enough for this beer 🙁

    Oh, and Flying Dog In-heat Wheat Hefeweizen. Actually, pretty much anything from Flying Dog, the fresher the better.


    How many times do I have to say what my favorite beers are…

    Beer > Water


    Widmir Hefeweizen.


    I agree about Surly’s, their darkness or coffee bender are fab. And as for UK beers, the badger champion or golden glory rate very highly.


    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Innis & Gunn yet.


    Früh, it’s a Kölsch beer. I brought a couple of cases home from Köln Germany. I’m out now and can’t find it in the states, back to Germany I go.

    Catherine Longfellow

    Guinness, Fat Tire, Shiner Bock, Modello Negro and Pilsner Urquell are among my favorites. But I like trying new beers at places like:

    😀 If anyone knows of another good brewery/variety beer stop in NYC let me know. They don’t have a Saucer up here yet.


    The best beer? Not fucking Heineken, that’s for fucking sure. In the U.S., Heineken is the import beer of choice for people who don’t know shit about beer. It’s for people who normally drink Bud Light when they want to splurge. The best beer in the world is St. Peter’s English Ale.


    Here in Nederland (Holland) & Europe – Heineken is considered by most every one here exactly what Papst Blue Ribbon would be considered in the US.

    I and my colleagues were simply keeling over with laughter. It’s an oxymoron to ask, “What the best tasting beer …” and showing an image of Heineken. That would be like asking “What’s the best tasting US beer … ” and showing an image of Papst.

    Around here Heineken literally translates from Nederlands (Dutch) to mean “horse piss”. Never serve a European a Heineken to prove you have culture and know your beers … it’s an insult and you don’t.

    My vote goes with any top Belgium beer.

    T.G. Fisher

    Because of their inferior bottling Heineken can turn into skunk piss at the speed of ultraviolet light. What is the best beer? Beer is like nookie. Even the average stuff is much, much better than none. It’s just that, with beer or nookie, some is much better than others. Dinkel Anker Dunkel. Wurzburger Dunkel. Mackeson Triple Stout. Any beer from an Oregon micro brewery. Beamish Irish Stout. And Tommy Knocker Butt Head from Idaho Springs, Colorado.

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