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Saw the first 30 minutes on break. It started today so I got to watch some of it while the people who waited 9 hours to watch it did, only I barely waited 20 minutes through the previews. Looks like a promising movie. And hopefully I get the posted that was in the halls. I signed up for it and they give them out to employees. I didn\’t see anybody else sign up for it. It\’s the first image in this post. Second poster would be cool to have. 4th picture is a gun from the movie.

A nice page with probably all of the pictures www.badtaste.it/badposter/district-9/?picture_id=1739

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    27 Responses to District 9 Images

    1. OK movie. Some plot holes and some things to make you think. There are some problems with the aliens but definitely go see it.


    2. Better than average movie that is well written, directed, acted and features beautifully done CGI. A very touching story with kick ass alien weapons too! The movie picks up the pace fast after the first 30. I may even go see it again. Although there are tons of great movies coming out.

      Casemods works at the cinema and he didn’t choose the theatrical poster or see the movie before the general public. You really do fail at life.

      And that is the lightning bolt alien gun.


      • Only managers get to test run the movies surfer boy. And I worked when it came out.

        God get a life. You’re pathetic, making yourself feel better by putting others down.

        Look at yourself. 10 years in a surf shop and you still only make $10 an hour. Keep in mind this is just my temporary job. More than I can say for you surfer boy.


        • I can’t believe I’m acknowledging such filth.

          I hope you realize that your continuous rants towards me clearly shows a low-life characteristic in the sense that, if I am in fact this “failure at life”, you are not only less then me for going below my level and making fun of it, but also in the sense that you are making fun of someone who needs help and can’t control yourself enough to ignore my posts.


        • Their is more to a job than what you get payed. Yeah, we all know your real job is selling meth. Oh yes, I plan to work retail all my life… Casemods you really are a simple fool.


        • Ooooh, gettin’ feisty now.


    3. I’ll wait for the DVD on this one.


    4. needed another 30 minutes of movie at the end and maybe another 30 at the beginning explaining more about the aliens and why they came to Earth in the first place, lots of plot wholes though, some really really bad, others can be seen past for the sake of the story, I won’t give anything away, but yeah it’s worth seeing this Alien Nation remake.


      • I have only seen up to the part where they make the guy shoot the guns (you know what I mean).

        I’ve seen it on break twice, today I tried to get my meal brake about 30 minutes after it started (15-20 minutes of previews)

        The first part intrigues me. Where did it come from and why is it there? I’m not sure if that will be cleared up if I watch the entire thing so let me know.


        • no, no it never is, they never explain why they came, where they come from, anything at all about their culture or society, none of it, it’s like a giant elephant in the room that they just avoid.


          • That will really annoy me. At least w/ Alien Nation, that was explained well enough to keep the plot moving forward and keep us caring about the characters. I still enjoy Alien Nation when I catch it on TV even now; and the TV series was pretty good as well.


          • Maybe because it’s a paper-thin comment on Apartheid?

            You think south africa, pre-liberation, was all detailed about X!osa ruling class life?


    5. Run, do not walk to see this movie.

      Yes it is a ‘message’ movie
      But it’s a summer action message movie.

      Sure it has plot holes.
      But it’s a summer action science fiction movie.

      Automatic weapons, powered armor suits, Nigerians, splatter-iffic alien weapons.. 98% pure win.
      Only neeeded boobies and zombies for ultimate win.

      Go now, we’ll wait here for you to get back.


    6. cmon guys. youre all dissapointed cause of the plotholes? its all gonna be cleared up in the sequel! theres obviously going to be one…. in three years. so understanding their culture, and why the way they are, why theyre there everything like that.. its gonna be cleared up in the next movie thats coming out in 3 years. like kiltedforbes said, turn off your geek brain and dont overthink anything.


    7. I’m not sure what to expect considering it’s a 30 million dollar puppy that Peter Jackson came across, adopted and made it a show dog. He says it’s “The summer movie” (not too difficult to do when compared with Mummy 5 aka GIjoe.) King Kong was a visual feast so I hope Jackson brought his Sony suite with him.


    8. I’ll wait and rent a blu ray of whatever director’s cut they have planned.

      But no, I will never appreciate or like a movie that requires me to “turn off my brain” to totally enjoy it. That’s just… stupid. It makes as much sense as someone telling me, “this food is really great if you plug your nose, but otherwise it’s just good.”


      • He said turn off your geek brain, not your whole brain. This film is oozing with substance and a very telling story about how humans treat other humans through the treatment of well aliens. Definitely not your generic dumb Hollywood film.


        • A difference of degree only.

          No offense Puu, but you haven’t said anything to make me want to see it any more than I did when I first heard of it. Movies about how humans treat other humans, that cost several millions of dollars to make, and lasts about 2 hours, seems to me rather… i dunno what the word I’m looking for here is… not hypocritical, but… shallow? no, um, superficial? no that’s not it… hmm.. I’ll have to get back to you when I think of it.


          • Going into watching this movie, three of my friends (notoriously harsh critics, although one of them like Daredevil AND Elektra, so WTF?) called me and told me how awful it is. I couldn’t believe because of how well its doing, and how good the preview looks, all of that.

            I fucking loved it. I didn’t turn off my geek brain, they didn’t need to explain why the aliens were there. You figure it out why the ship is stuck there by the end of the movie. You don’t figure out why the aliens came to Earth, but I don’t think it fucking matters.

            To those complaining about plot issues: The plot holes I noticed really did not fucking matter.


            • And then I saw those three friends to drop off some posters and I was all, “FUCK YOU GUYS, that movie was good,” and they were all, “I didn’t like the story,” and I was all, “what about it?” and they was all, “the things that happened in it.” Fuckers ain’t got shit.


          • The word I was looking for was insincere. I think. Doesn’t matter.

            I don’t much care to go to the cinema for any kind of movie, regardless of how good it might be. We’ve got a really kick ass home theater set up, that can comfortably accommodate a dozen people, so there is no point in wasting $15 to be surrounded by a throng of retardi and waste another $10 for shite popcorn and watered down soda, when a little bit of patience yields me an often better version of the movie, for a fraction of the price, in a comfortable and nude setting, where I can drink alcohol and smoke spliffs freely as well.


      • If I wanted to use my brain I would do something useful with my life.

        When you’re all growed up and have ‘sponsibilities you’ll realize that sometimes entertainment should be entertaining, and that sitting on the couch watching a fucking movie doesn’t make you fucking aristotle times a million.


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