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Stairway to Heaven
Daredevil – opening theme (Anastasia Soina violin)
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Halo 4 Frozen Master Chief with Cryotube Deluxe Figure
~>180 deg from my house
Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War
Aurora Australis Over the Bellingshausen Sea, Ellsworth Land Region, Antarctica
Flight of The Bumblebee VS The Imperial March (Star Wars) – Piano Mashup
Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea
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The Steampunk World’s Fair 2015
White Audi R8
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Battle Angel
DIE Damn You DIE
bruce campbell is the devil
Moscow at night
State of Decay
g ijoe – every character ever
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Future Cars
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Too Many Monitors?
kite surfing with humpback whale below by Michael Swaine
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